Distinguish the top 3 SaaS trends for Enterprise Management Systems

What are the most popular SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) trends today? How to distinguish those SaaS trends? What's so special about each trend? Let's learn with Viindoo about these trends through the article below!

What is SaaS?
What is SaaS?

SaaS - Software as a Service is not a new model in Vietnam today. Most of us are familiar with SaaS trends through models of Netflix, Spotify, Google Drive, etc. Even more "massive" software such as Business Administration Software is popularly deployed under the SaaS model. Here are 3 SaaS trends that are commonly used in the market today:

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Horizontal SaaS trends

Horizontal SaaS means SaaS for a wide range of users in a specific profession, regardless of their industriesIn other words, this type of SaaS software helps users specifically handle tasks of a specific division or department in a business, such as accounting, manufacturing, human resources management, etc. Typical examples of Horizontal SaaS software includes:

  • HRM Solution
  • SCM Solution
  • Marketing
  • E-Office

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Vertical SaaS trends

Vertical SaaS software is an all-in-one solution aimed at solving the problems of businesses in specific industries, such as manufacturing enterprises, retail enterprises, hospitality enterprises, etc.

Vertical SaaS softwares are "tailored" for different industries and fields. Typically, there are ERP software for manufacturing enterprises , ERP for commercial service enterprises, ERP for retail businesses, etc.

Comparison between vertical and horizontal SaaS:

Vertical SaaS
Horizontal SaaS

Provides solutions to industry-specific problems.

A common solution can be applied to the majority of businesses in all industries.

Often comes with a variety of customization capabilities to best suit the specifics of the industry / business.
Usually does not require customization, easy to apply and use right away.

Micro SaaS trends

Recently, one of the most relatively prominent SaaS trends is Micro SaaS - SaaS software for "niche" markets, which only solves a certain problem of businesses. The concept of Micro SaaS is often confused with Vertical SaaS due to the same solution to enterprise-specific business/industry problems.

However, the difference of Micro SaaS lies in the solution scale: Micro SaaS only solves the problem of a single business, and can be used / applied easily by one person or a small group of personnel. As a result, Micro SaaS is also often less expensive and easier to deploy than other solutions.

An important feature of Micro SaaS

An important feature of Micro SaaS is the ability to combine and expand to become an all-in-one solution. This is also the most prominent difference between Micro SaaS and separate softwares today.

An example of Micro SaaS is "member" softwares in Viindoo All-In-One Enterprise Management Software, such as

  • Sales management software - Viindoo Sales
  • Purchase management software - Viindoo Purchases
  • Customer Relationship Management - CRM Viindoo

These softwares individually can meet the specific needs of businesses. However, they still have the ability to combine, expand and closely link to form Viindoo All-In-One Enterprise Management Solution.

How to choose the right SaaS trend for your business​

Choosing the right SaaS model will largely depend on the management needs of businesses now and in the future. 

  • What needs to be managed and resolved?
  • Are they specific and need a lot of customization?
  • What is the plan to develop the scale and apply technology of the business in the future?

In general, no matter which SaaS model to choose, businesses need to keep in mind two important things:

  • It is necessary to have a plan to deploy and apply technology in the long run, in accordance with the business expansion.

  • The solution should be able to integrate, connect, and expand to meet the growth of your business.

SaaS trends for businesses to choose

SaaS trends for businesses to choose.

Thus, the above article has helped businesses answer the concepts of vertical SaaS, horizontal SaaS, Micro SaaS models, SaaS trends as well as how to choose the right model. If businesses still have questions and need advice on digital transformation solutions, business administration and SaaS applications, please contact Viindoo via hotline 0225 730 9838 for detailed answers!

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Distinguish the top 3 SaaS trends for Enterprise Management Systems
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