What are teamwork skills? Roles and improvement methods

What is teamwork skill? What role does this skill play for the team, the business, and the individual? How to improve teamwork skills? Viindoo is going to highlight the answers in the following article. Take a look now to learn more about the skills needed for teamwork.

What are teamwork skills?

Teamwork is a set of interrelated competencies in supporting individuals when working in teams. By this way, each individual is able to improve their own capacity and escalate their working performance. In addition, team members also need to combine these individual skills with the spirit of cooperation to work with the team to accomplish common goals.

What are teamwork skills?

Teamwork skill

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The role of teamwork skills

Teamwork skills play an crucial role for businesses, teams and organizations. Specifically:

  • For Businesses

    • Increasing work efficiency: Team members share and support each other in work. Thanks to that, the jobs are completed quickly and bring the best results.

    • Bonding employees with leaders: Employees and leaders will understand each other's difficulties in work. Since then, the supporting and helping each other will be deployed between without any hesitation.

    • Choosing the best option: An effective teamwork will make decisions and options that best suit for the actual situation.

    • Improving discipline: A disciplined work team makes members have a high sense of responsibility at work.

  • For the team

    • Improving members' communication skills thanks to the team, they have chance to open up and become more confident. In addition, individuals do not have to work alone, so discipline and responsibility are also highly appreciated.

    • Applying teamwork skills to the organization helps to exploit creative ideas, thereby making more accurate strategies or decisions.

  • For individuals

When members work in groups, each individual will develop more skills. Working in groups provides employees the opportunity to practice listening more and helping each member confidently express their own opinions. At the same time, teamwork skills also assist individuals in improving their capacity and having a greater sense of responsibility at work.

teamwork skills

Each individual plays an important role when doing the teamwork

Necessary skills when teamwork

Here are the necessary skills when doing teamwork that employees should have:

  • Communication skills: Communication is one of the basic skills helping connect members with each other. However, each individual needs to be more subtle in how to lead and express the content so that the members better understand the problem being presented.
  • Conflict resolution skills: This skill also plays an important role because in the process of working in groups, arguments will inevitably occur among members. Therefore, members should not avoid conflicts but must resolve them immediately so as not to affect the work.
  • Time management skills: When participating in a teamwork, each member needs to arrange his or her time appropriately to participate in joint meetings. Moreover, each individual needs to manage the duration to complete the work so as not to affect the effectiveness of the team.
  • Thinking and critical thinking skills: This is a skill to support in the process of proving ideas and strategies of each employee. In addition, during the discussion, individuals can also inappropriate ideas or defend suitable ideas.
  • Negotiating and persuading skill: This is a extremely necessary skill when HR wants to convince team members to believe in their ideas and decisions.
  • Decision-making skills: This skill plays an important role in teamwork, especially as a team leader. After providing opinions and ideas, the members will decide to choose the best ideas. However, all members must consider carefully because these decisions will affect the overall working results of the group.
  • Organizational and planning skills: Members need to deploy and allocate tasks, and reasonable time ensuring the work is not behind the schedule.
  • Leadership and cooperation skills: This skill is crucial for the team leader because this will be the person who will make all the final decisions in the debates in the group.
Communication skills

Communication skills are an important component to help members connect with each other

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Solutions to improve teamwork skills

Set common goals and missions

When participating in group work, each person has to put work goals above personal goals. If any individual has a tremendous "ego", constantly putting personal goals above the core target, it will easily lead to conflicts and arguments in the team. Therefore, team leaders need to come up with specific strategies and ambition for all members to contribute and complete.

Set common aspirations

Set common aspirations

Open communication

Most teams often have conflicts and disagreement from communication situations. In order to minimize these barriers, members need to speak out their minds or comment on the differences and deviations of the other to solve problems rather than keep quiet.

Members need open communication

Members need open communication

The communication process also affects the belief that members possess with each other. Therefore, each individual in the group needs to be more open and express their ideas; their thoughts to the others.

Defining responsibilities for each individual

If you want to successfully achieve the group's targets, each member needs to define his or her responsibilities. The team leader will play the role of dividing them in accordance with the capacity of each person. Then, the tasks is ensured to be completed on time.

Recognition and reward

Regularly recognizing and rewarding will help increase the performance of team members. Besides, it also makes individuals feel that their dedication is more meaningful to the organization and motivates them to work harder.

Recognizing and rewarding team members

Recognizing and rewarding team members

Quickly resolve conflicts

There will be no bonding between members when conflicts occur within the team, wasting time as well as reducing work efficiency. In order to dissolve arguments in the group, members must tackle the problem from the beginning. Moreover, members can apply methods such as talking clearly or finding ways for a peaceful atmostphere… to handle all the conflicts.

Quickly resolve conflicts

Need to resolve quickly when conflicts arise

Work balance

Team leaders or leaders need to divide the tasks of each member in a way that is fair and consistent member's ability and position. The team leader also needs to consider dividing the responsibility equally among members, without favoring any individual. Furthermore, the team leader ensures that the members do not feel they are being exploited.

Always on time

Being on time for meetings is essential to showing a sense of responsibility. Punctuality is not only reflected in the time, but also the completion progress to ensure the work progress.

Always on time

Always on time to show teamwork

Limiting Negativity

Negativity greatly affects the working spirit of each individual or the entire team. Therefore, each member should not let conflicts or any personal feelings affect the team's spirit.

Leader is always strong and steady

The team leader is the key position that makes all the final decisions for one team. Moreover, the team leader is the representative to mediate the issues during group work. Therefore, in order for people to trust, the team leader needs to be strong and firmly enough to lead the others.

Respect each other

Individuals in a group should always respect each other. This is also considered a teamwork rule that each person should pay attention to reduce conflicts or disagreements. In addition, team members should also praise and encourage other members to motivate them to work effectively.

Respect each other

The members always listen and contribute new ideas

Through the above article, Viindoo has explained what teamwork skill is and what these skills meaning for businesses or individuals. Hopefully, these information will help businesses find effective teamwork methods.

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What are teamwork skills? Roles and improvement methods
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