What is talent pool? The source of the talent pool and how to build it effectively

What is talent pool? What benefits does a talent pool bring to businesses? How can employers find and build a Talent pool? The answer to the above question will be in the following article of Viindoo.

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What is talent pool?

Basically, Talent pool is understood as a database that includes a group of potential candidates suitable for positions that businesses are lacking or have urgent recruitment needs. Those candidates can be young people who have just graduated from school, are looking for a job, or are still working at other businesses. 

Thanks to the Talent pool system, businesses can actively find suitable candidates on the list. This is a recruitment solution in the new era thanks to the benefits of reducing costs and recruitment time, avoiding shortage of human resources.

Businesses need to source candidates and dump candidates into pools

Talent pool includes talented candidates that businesses know.

Currently, each business owns a Talent pool program including many pools for classification. Each candidate will include one or more different pools. So what is a candidate pool? Viindoo will share some key criteria to build Talent pools in the following content:

  • By location: With a pool of candidates living in provinces,... this approach is suitable if the business owns many branches and they are short of human resources. 
  • By position: For the pool of candidates for Marketing, Human Resources, and Sales, etc. then this approach will be suitable to find people who can fill vacancies.
  • By capacity: For leadership, connection or communication pools, this approach will be suitable to find personnel who can thoroughly solve the problems that businesses are facing. Usually, these pools will help managers better manage employees within the company instead of having to recruit a new candidate. 
  • From time to time: Pools of candidates for Intern, Part-time, and Full-time positions.

It can be said that businesses can freely choose the criteria to build Talent pools in accordance with their requirements and recruitment strategy.

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Benefits when building a Talent pool

When building a Talent pool, this system will help businesses save a lot of time as well as recruitment costs, specifically as follows: 

Talent pool stores a Potential employees store

Thanks to the Talent pool, businesses can search for potential candidates easily. In addition, managers can also easily store information about old candidates for the next recruitment.

In addition, thanks to the Talent pool, managers only need to conduct evaluation of potential candidates immediately without having to spend time and money to carry out the recruitment process.

Enterprises need to establish the criteria to create a suitable Talent pool

The benefit of Talent pool is that it saves time and costs in recruiting.

Talent pool systematizes candidate data

Thanks to the Talent pool program, all candidate data will be systematized scientifically. As a result, businesses will be able to easily search, screen and send marketing emails to a series of potential candidates in the process of promoting and nurturing the right human resources for the business.

Sources for building and synthesizing Talent pool

So now, where can you find Talent pool resources? Let's find out with Viindoo specifically through the following content:

Old candidates 

Old candidates are those who have reached the final interview but were eliminated because there are still some shortcomings. Thus, it can be seen that they are still potential candidates that businesses can recruit in the next round.

Viindoo HRM is a tool to support businesses in building Talent pool

In the next recruitment round, the old candidates should be given more opportunities 
by the managers.


Currently, a lot of newspapers explore the topic of successful young people, students, students, and businesses can actively capture and search for information about these talents.

Enterprises need to establish the criteria to create a suitable Talent pool

Businesses can find potential candidates through the press.

Internship Program

As can be seen, the current internship programs gather a lot of potential students. Before becoming apprentice candidates, they had to go through many difficult exams.

So, even though these candidates have not had the opportunity to become full-time employees, they still have unlimited potential and potential for future growth. This is a young human resource that businesses should keep an eye on.

what is talent pool

Internship programs have potential factors.

Internal sources

In the list of internal talent candidates, enterprises should identify the employees. potential employees for advancement within the organization. These are employees who have a significant improvement in qualifications, qualifications, or experience, and are likely to qualify for higher positions in the near future.

Viindoo HRM is a tool to support businesses in building Talent pool

Internally, businesses should identify employees with promotion potential.

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Online resumes

Prestigious job search websites such as Careerbuilder, Vietnamworks, Careerlink, etc. will help employers find potential candidates through the "connect" feature. connection" is very convenient.

In addition, employers can also search for potential candidates through their online profiles on many reputable applications today. Screening and evaluating candidates will be relatively easy as profiles on this platform are fully public.

what is talent pool

Enterprises can search for personnel through the online application.

Media campaigns

Besides, the media campaigns on social networks and the company website are also an important means to build Talent pool. The media campaigns will advertise the organization and build the organizational culture consistently. 

Not stopping there, the homepage of businesses' job search websites should include an invitation for candidates to upload their resumes and join the pool of potential candidates - Talent pool.

Enterprises need to establish the criteria to create a suitable Talent pool

Communication campaign is an important means to build Talent pool.

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How Do You Build & Maintain Talent Pools?

To be able to build and manage a Talent pool , you will have to go through 4 steps as follows: 

Determine the business operation strategy of the business

In According to Korn Ferry's survey, only 39% of employers always follow the business strategy they have set. Therefore, businesses need to decide on a business strategy to make a suitable recruitment plan. 

It can be seen that a Talent pool that does not properly complete the business strategies that the business has set will consume a lot of time and costs. The recruiting personnel not in line with the business strategy will not bring much benefit to the development of the business.

Viindoo HRM is a tool to support businesses in building Talent pool

Enterprises need to determine the first business strategy.

Determine criteria for setting up Talent pool

After deciding on the business strategy that the business will pursue, managers need to set up to build a Talent pool Fit. For example, if a business wants to expand its business to Ho Chi Minh City, the manager needs to set up a Talent pool list of candidates living here.

Only when the Talent pool is built with the right-qualified criteria according to the business strategy and human resources standards, the system is valid.

Enterprises need to establish the criteria to create a suitable Talent pool

Enterprises need to establish the criteria to create a suitable Talent pool.

Create a source of candidates

Finally, after the above two steps, the enterprise will own many sources of qualified candidates to pour into the Talents. pool, specifically as follows:

  • Candidates who leave contact information in the enterprise's recruitment programs;
  • Former candidates have failed in previous recruitment rounds of the enterprise;
  • The employees who are old or still working at the enterprise have the opportunity to advance or be suitable for another position;
  • The trainees are practicing at the enterprise.
Businesses need to source candidates and dump candidates into pools

Businesses need to source candidates and dump candidates into pools.

Categorize candidates

After managers have divided candidates into Talent pools, they can tag and rank each person in the appropriate category. This is to ensure that all information pouring into Talent pool is organized in the most scientific and methodical way. 

For example, when looking for highly educated personnel, managers can easily filter candidates who have master's degrees, or doctorate degrees, etc. to contact in the next recruitment round.

what is talent pool

Enterprises classify candidates according to each criterion

Building Talent pool with Recruitment Software

Currently, one of the simplest and most optimal recruitment software for Talent pool is Viindoo HRM. This software is fully integrated with preminent features on a single platform.

Viindoo HRM is a tool to support businesses in building Talent pool

Viindoo HRM is a tool to support businesses in building Talent pool

Viindoo HRM includes the "Talent Recruitment" module that makes collecting and storing potential candidates simpler and easier than ever. time out.

Viindoo introduces to businesses some useful features of Viindoo HRM solution through the following content:

  • Talent recruitment: The software makes the recruitment process more professional and accurate. In addition, the application also automatically categorizes candidates with suitable positions.
  • Personnel information management: Evaluate and store all employee information for each position, build and manage candidate sources.
  • Optimal performance management: Gamification app encourages employees to increase work productivity while managing and improving employees' useful working hours.
  • Training and developing human resources: Build and plan training for each employee based on qualifications and position in the company.
what is talent pool

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What is another word for talent pool?

Talent pool could be called by the Candidate pool. A talent pool is a collection of potential candidates for future job openings.

A talent pipeline comprises candidates who have already been assessed as suitable for a specific role, while a talent pool encompasses a larger pool of candidates who have not yet undergone thorough evaluation for inclusion in the talent pipeline.

In reality, each of us possesses a multitude of skills and exhibits unique talents. We can categorize these skills into three types: functional, self-management, and special knowledge. Functional skills refer to innate abilities or talents that we inherit and further cultivate through experience and education.

The above is the information that Viindoo has summarized about what is Talent pool and an effective talent pool building process. If businesses need to learn more about effective recruitment and human resource management solutions, please contact Viindoo via hotline 0225 730 9838 for detailed advice!

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What is talent pool? The source of the talent pool and how to build it effectively
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