What is Horenso? Standard application and 3 practice scenarios

What is Horenso? How to build Horenso effectively? Let's learn with Viindoo all the information of the Horenso method and how to apply this rule in business!

1. What is the HORENSO method?

Horenso is a typical method of communication in the process of teamwork from Japan. The name of this method is a combination of 3 acronyms: Hokoko - report, Renraku - contact, and Sodan - discuss. In Japanese culture, once a problem occurs, employees usually report and update the situation to management. From there, they will receive comments and suggestions from their superiors to solve problems and increase work efficiency.


Horenso - effective communication method

For the purpose of ensuring the understanding of information in the organization, the Horenso method has been trusted to apply and is one of the ways to effectively manage work. This rule was developed into a method of business communication that focuses on interaction with the goal of minimizing information ambiguity and eliminating misunderstandings caused by unclear communication.

Therefore, to answer the question of what is Horenso, businesses only need to understand that the main principle of this model is to report to superiors, regularly contact colleagues and subordinates, discuss and ask for help from managers’ opinion before taking any action.

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2. How to apply HORENSO in business

After figuring out the answer to the question of what is Horenso, the next thing businesses care about is how to apply this principle. Here are ways to apply the Horenso in your business.

2.1 Hokoru: Report

In this model, Hokoru is the performance report for the administrator. Proactively reporting on progress and problems is essential for any project. Some notes for businesses during this period are as follows.

  • Reporting time: The best time for reporting is right after the assigned work has been completed. In addition, for long-term projects, enterprises need to set up regulations on progress reporting throughout the implementation process.
  • Good reporting method: It is necessary to ensure complete and accurate reporting. In addition, the style of the report should also be polite and respectful to the reader.
  • Bad reporting method: A bad report is an inaccurate report which gives little information and tends to report good news first. In addition, the report has a disrespectful and ineffective style.
What is HORENSO - Hokoru

Hokoru - the step of reporting to superiors

2.2 RENRAKU: Contact

In the Horenso method, Renraku - Communication is always the hardest to evaluate and the utmost care must be taken in this process. Below is the differences between the two types of contact.

  • Good communication method: It is necessary to distinguish the purpose of communication to make appropriate decisions. 

    • For simple or urgent matters, you can contact the managers directly or use the phone  to talk it out.

    • If you are not strict in terms of time but need to contact many people, the form can be exchanged via email.

    • For things related to quality improvement or learning, writing is the optimal way of communication.

  • Bad communication method: Communication is lengthy but out of focus or unrelated to the job. In addition, the communication without considering the time is also what needs to be noticed and minimized.
HORENSO method - renraku

Renraku - stay in touch with colleagues and superiors

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2.3 SODAN: Discussion

Finally, discussion is the most important and crucial step for members to solve work effectively and fairly. During the discussion, each person will have different opinions or strengths, through which the meeting will be effective and there will be an opportunity to solve the problems. Some classifications in the discussion process, specifically as follows.

  • Good discussion method: A large number of employees can lead to many different personalities and styles. It is necessary to take note of opinions and limit conflicts. In particular, the discussion should have a clear purpose and need to ensure that all employees follow the rules set by the group/enterprise.
  • Bad discussion method: Not many people have the same opinions and personalities. The discussion did not come to an agreement, but ideas are mostly rejected without being listened to carefully. Finally, what makes the discussion method so bad is that the purpose is not clear and the members each do it the same way despite the decision.
What is HORENSO - Sodan

Sodan - a step to discuss to come up with a solution

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3. Why should businesses apply the HORENSO method?

Today, the Horenso method of communication is not only widely used in the Japanese market but also applied in many other parts of the world. The reason is because many managers think that if employees have problems at work, they do not report it to their superiors. This will make employees not know how to solve it, leading to mistakes at work.

What is Horenso - why you should use this method

Why businesses should apply the Horenso rule

In addition, the use of the Horenso method in the working process will help the relationship between the boss and the employees closer. Besides, the relationship between employees will be harmonious and together will complete the work excellently. In particular, Horenso is not only applied at work but also can be used in real-life communication because this is a method that helps to increase efficiency in group communication.

4. Examples of HORENSO

After fully understanding the concept, why and how to apply, here are examples to practice using the Horenso method.

4.1 Scenario 1

Scenario: Due to the morning traffic, you arrive at work 10 minutes late.

Option A:

Not contact the company to notify you about being 10 minutes late, then come to work and still say hello and complete the work as usual.

Option B:

Contact the company as soon as you feel you may be late. The content of the call needs to notify the delay time, the reason for the delay. After arriving at the company, you need to report to your superiors that you have arrived at the workplace.

First, option A doesn't follow the "Communication" rule in Horenso. So why decide to choose option B, here are some reasons:

  • The first is because in the work contract there is always a commitment to working time, leaving and returning on time. Therefore, it is necessary to notify superiors about being late.
  • In addition, the communication in sequence is very important. If you don't choose option B, being late because of traffic jams will sometimes be missed because your superiors have a lot of work to do.
  • Finally, this option will also help you and relevant people such as colleagues who need group meetings, partners to be more proactive in time.

4.2 Scenario 2

Scenario: You are sick and want to take time off.

According to Horenso's rule, you need to do the following:

  • Report: Need to report illness and send leave request to superiors.
  • Communication: Even though you are sick, you still need to keep in touch with colleagues and superiors to capture and hand over the work.
  • Discussion: What you need to do when you are sick is to hand over and discuss with your colleagues so that they can grasp and perform the part of the work that needs to be done. In addition, after the illness is over, you can also ask for advice if you have not yet caught up with the work.
Apply the Horenso method in both work and life

Apply the Horenso method in both work and life

4.3 Scenario 3

Situation: You have a new idea for a marketing strategy.

The process you need to apply is as follows:

  • Report: Report new ideas to superiors for consideration, advice and wait for a decision to be included in the meeting.
  • Communication: It is necessary to keep in touch and receive suggestions and support from as many people to develop ideas and implement plans as possible.
  • Discussion: New ideas should be assessed from different points of views and angles. Therefore, if you want your ideas to be perfected and have many new aspects, you need to have group discussions with your colleagues or superiors.
Apply Horenso

Apply Horenso's rule when having a new idea

This article by Viindoo has answered the question of what Horenso is and provides much needed information about the rules of business communication. Understanding and applying this method takes a lot of knowledge and time to develop into the operation of the organization. 

What is Horenso? Standard application and 3 practice scenarios
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