Japanese working style: 10+ styles that you should learn

Japanese working style is famous for promoting discipline and responsibility in the office. That is the reason why the country of cherry blossoms once led the world's economic growth rate. Refer to the article below by Viindoo about the Japanese working style.


Japanese are famous for their being on time in both daily life and work. The reason is that the Japanese attach great importance to their reputation, so they always voluntarily arrive on time or even earlier than the appointment time. In addition, the Japanese also believe that arriving early will show their respect for the other party.

Being on time or arriving earlier than scheduled for work or a meeting will make your partner feel respected. In addition, this also helps us have time to stabilize our spirits, prepare everything carefully as well as increase work performance.

Japanese working style

The Japanese attach great importance to punctuality. 

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"Going early and leaving late" is probably one of the most familiar terms to office workers in Japan. With the spirit of "Doing the work on duty, not leaving the work on time", most Japanese people always work overtime almost every day. The reason is that the Japanese obtain a greate sense of responsibility and dedication, which make them feel that hard working is the way to contribute to the company and trigger promotion.

Not only in the company, but the Japanese also take advantage of time and place to study and work. Most Japanese when on the subway read books, or work on mobiles or laptops. 

However, it is also this habit that makes Japan among top of the countries with the highest work pressure in the world. Focusing too much on work makes us neglect ourselves and family, causing negative effects on health and life. We should set ourselves a schedule for work as well as know where our limits are. 

Japanese working attitude

Overtime is common for office workers in Japan

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Japanese working style: Always respects colleagues

People in Japan always pay attention to the way they speak, behave and act toward others. When meeting a partner for the first time, they will always bow with a polite greeting before exchaning their business cards. This type of “ritual” not only helps Japanese understand each other better but also shows their respect.

Showing respect to colleagues and partners will help us gain sympathy in business negotiations or contract signing. 

Japanese working style

Japanese people always respect others.

Avoid conflicts

The Japanese working style always emphasizes the spirit of solidarity and harmonious relationships at work, so they always try to avoid conflicts with colleagues. They will try to choose the most pleasant wordings to reject or refute someone's opinion, so that the other one does not feel frustrated.

In order to do so, it is recommended to not impose our thoughts and feelings on others and always listen to their opinions. Therefore, you can stay calm and have more opportunities to adjust your words so that they don't feel upset. 

Japanese working attitude

The Japanese always avoid conflict at work. 

Prefer face-to-face meetings

At work, Japanese people often prefer meetings or direct calls instead of discussing via email or text message. This is a way to show respect and maintain a strong relationship.

Japanese working style

Japanese people often prefer meetings or face-to-face calls

Respect the silence

Silence and respect for silence are also one Japanese working style. This habit is formed from the philosophies and moral lessons from their childhood: Reading books in silence; thinking in silence; cleaning the classroom in silence; and moving in silence.

Therefore, in meetings and business negotiations, the Japanese are always silent to show their listening and respect to the speaker instead of communicating verbally.

Japanese working attitude

Silence is the golden rule in business and work of the Japanese

Pay attention to detail

Japanese people are usually meticulous, always pay attention to details. They even have rules in habits at the dining table, rules for getting in and out of the elevator, rules on the desk, etc. Therefore, mistakes are rarely met in their working process.

Paying attention to and controlling the details at work will partly show your professionalism, thereby improving the sympathy of colleagues and partners. When you apply for a job, a well-thought-out CV along with a well-informed cover letter will help you appear better in the eyes of the employer. 

Japanese working style

The Japanese always pay attention to all the smallest details. 

Be willing to say thank you and apologize

The Japanese never not hesitate to say thanks whenever receiving something and apologize when they make mistakes. Instead of avoiding responsibility, the Japanese always stand up to admit their mistakes and learn from those shortcomings. They believe that a responsible person should bow to apologize even for a small mistake.

Admitting mistakes seems to be difficult and embarrassing for many people, especially those with high egos. Many people even think that admitting mistakes will make them lose points in the eyes of others. However, being willing to admit mistakes of ours will give us more opportunities to learn and improve ourselves.

Japanese working attitude

The Japanese never hesitate to bow to express gratitude or remorse. 

Always respect seniors

The Japanese working style always give prominence to the relationship between seniors and juniors as well as the way the two sides respect each other. Seniors are the forerunners with a wealth of knowledge and experience gained through years of working. Therefore, the Japanese believe that juniors should respect and listen to advise from their predecessors to improve and hone themselves at work.

The Japanese always have a good attitude towards those who have an inquisitive attitude, so they encourage juniors to actively share personal opinions to receive explanations from seniors. 

Japanese working style

The Japanese attach great importance to the relationship and respect between seniors and juniors. 

Follow principles and discipline

In the Japanese working style, the disciplines are given top priority. People always follow the rules at work regardless of their insignificance, as they believe that following rules will help them avoid the risks of mistakes.

As a result, despite being located in a position subject to many natural disasters and dangers, Japan has steadfastly stood firm and developed as the world's third-largest economy.

Japanese working attitude

For the Japanese, the elements of discipline and discipline are given top priority.

Restrict on applying for leave

Taking a leave is a rare thing to the Japanese. The reason is that Japanese people believe that the monthly, annual holidays are enough for them to relax. In addition, the Japanese are often reluctant to let personal problems affect the performance of the whole team.

Japanese working style

The Japanese are afraid to let personal problems affect the performance of the whole team

Dress politely at work

In the working style of the Japanese, dressing politely and neatly at work shows professionalism and high discipline. In addition, when meeting partners or customers, paying attention to how you dress will help you show your respect to the other party, thereby making them sympathetic and have a good impression on the whole company.

Usually, men in Japan will wear a black vest, white shirt with tie. Women will wear a black vest, white shirt, knee-length A-line skirt, and black heels.

Japanese working attitude

Most Japanese people always wear neat clothes when going to work. 

Enhance working spirit with slogans

Chanting slogans have been associated with the life of Japanese, even at work. When coming to Japan, you can see cheerleaders wearing uniforms and banners on their forehead, shouting slogans to cheer for players in sports matches.

To the Japanese, chanting slogans help to create motivation and positive energy. Businesses can create slogans to encourage employees be more energetic.

Japanese working style

The chanting of slogans helps to create motivation to complete the work well.

Pursue work to the end

In the Japanese working style, people rarely leave work incompleted. Once they have started a passion or a job, they will always pursue it til the end. Persistence is the key to success and prove that their ability will not disappoint others’ expectations.

Japanese working style

The Japanese always pursue work until the end. 

Above are 14 Japanese working styles that can help you achieve high efficiency at work. Viindoo hopes that the content of this article helps you to absorb the good qualities of the Japanese at work and improve to become a better version of yourself.

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Japanese working style: 10+ styles that you should learn
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