How to implement the 5S workplace and its benefits

The 5s workplace is considered effective for management, bringing great benefits to both managers and subordinates. What are 5S principles? Should 5S principles be implemented in the workplace? Let's find out the answer with Viindoo through the following article.

What are the 5S principles?

What is 5S? 5S is the method to organize and manage the workplace. The method originated in Japan and has now been applied in many countries worldwide, including Vietnam. 

5S stands for 5 Japanese words with the following meanings: 

  • Seiri – Sort: Select and eliminate the unnecessary for the sufficient workplace under regulations and individuals’ standard
  • Seiton – Set in order: Organize items neatly for safe and convenient use when needed.
  • Seiso – Shine: Set up a cleaning schedule so that the work area is clean, creating a comfortable and pleasant when working
  • Seiketsu – Standardize: To ensure efficiency and gradually improve 5S implementation, regular inspections and maintenance of the above 3s are essential.
  • Shitsuke – Sustain: Continuous self-motivation to practice and maintain the above standards to build autonomy and enhance discipline at work.
5s workplace

What is the definition of the 5S principles?

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Should businesses implement the 5S workplace?

5S goals in the workplace

Currently, most organizations apply the 5S workplace  to achieve the following goals:  

  • Help all employees have a sense of innovation and continuous improvement.
  • Create and maintain team spirit among employees.
  • Improve the role of administrators and managers at all levels of leadership in the organization. 
  • Improve the quality of the working environment to improve employees' work productivity. 
  • Minimize meaningless activities.
Apply 5s at the company

Goals when implementing 5S in the workplace 

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Benefits of implementing 5S workplace

Currently, numerous organizations encourage employees to implement 5S workplace because of its benefits. Here are some benefits: 

  • Help employees cultivate discipline and honesty at work.
  • Form a sense of responsibility for employees.
  • Limit the wasteful use of items, office supplies, and equipment.
  • Establish a professional and neat working environment to create comfort and increase creativity.
  • Provide a beautiful, bright, and inspiring office for employees to have a comfortable feeling when working. 
  • Implement the 5s principles in the workplace to form good habits and lifestyles for everyone.
5s workplace

Benefits of implementing 5s workplace

How to apply 5S at work

Seiri (Sort)

In the 5s principles in the workplace, Seiri (sort) is the process of removing unnecessary items and keeping a sufficient number of necessary items, following the needs and set standards. 

Thanks to the application of the Seiri, businesses, and employees will receive the following benefits:

  • Minimize unnecessary items. 
  • Save on costs for office supplies and equipment. 
  • Expand for an airier office.

Seiton (Set in order)

Seiton (Set in order) is the arrangement of items neatly for more users’ convenience. For example, placing frequently used items within reach and unnecessary items far away or in hidden corners can be useful. 

Seiton in the 5s workplace helps businesses achieve several benefits as follows:

  • Limit the loss of tools and supplies.
  • Avoid wasting time working on finding items.
  • Build a professional working environment.
5s regulations at work

The Seiton (Set in order) Method

Seiso (Shine)

The Seiso (Shine) refers to keeping the workspace clean. For effective Seiso implementation, the company should assign responsibility to individuals to clean their areas. In addition, employees should set cleaning standards for each specific item and equipment.

Here are some benefits of implementing the Seiso (Shine) in the workplace:

  • Take good care of office supplies and equipment. 
  • Create an attractive visual for the offices and factories. 
  • Provide a cleaner and airier working environment.
  • Make employees feel more comfortable when working.
5s workplace

Seiso is considered useful for work

Seiketsu (Standardize)

Seiketsu (Standardize) is the optimal principle, promoting the more thorough implementation of 5s in the workplace. This principle aims to maintain the 3S mentioned above. 

Two basic steps in implementing Seiketsu are creating standards and periodically evaluating them. Work culture will also be gradually built when applying Seiketsu. Some of the benefits that Seiketsu (Standardize) brings to businesses are:

  • Establish standardization for the first 3S.
  • Guide in detail to perfect the 5S.

Shitsuke (Sustain)

Apply 5s at the company

Seiketsu helps test and maintain the implementation of the first 3S 

The content of Shitsuke (Sustain) is training subordinates according to a certain set of standards to gradually form positive work habits. Steps to implement Shitsuke are planning, preparing documents, training, and evaluating training effectiveness. 

By implementing the Shitsuke (Sustain), the organization will gain these benefits:

  • Increase sense of responsibility for subordinates; 
  • Form self-discipline at work when applying 5S to all employees;
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The Shitsuke trains employees according to certain standards

How to apply Kaizen 5S in the office

Not only the 5S workplace but also the Kaizen 5S office is widely applied. Kaizen 5S is popular and performed in diverse ways. Prominent innovations when applying the Kaizen 5S are:

  • Eliminate: This is considered the most meaningful improvement in office operation. The “eliminate” aims to completely remove invaluable processes and unnecessary downtime to increase work efficiency 
  • Rearrange: The order of work will be appropriately reorganized to minimize loss, save more time, and provide work efficiency. 
  • Combine: This unify separated tasks into one big group of tasks. This formation will eliminate unnecessary forms and documents, save more time and stationery costs, and improve work efficiency.
  • Simplified: Kaizen 5S focuses on the simplification of regulations and principles, as well as the optimization of working processes and tools.
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Summary of Kaizen 5S innovation in the workplace

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Factors for successful implementation of 5S and Kaizen 5S

Successful implementation of the 5S workplace is the desire of any leader. Several factors that make 5S and Kaizen 5S implementation successful are: 

  • Implementation of 5S and Kaizen 5S must comply with the business’s policies, regulations, and culture.
  • Every employee from all departments must be well aware of cooperation and a sense of support in the process of applying 5S and Kaizen 5S.
  • Managers must actively support employees in terms of time, general operating costs, training costs for 5S knowledge, etc.
  • Establishing and maintaining regulations according to 5S standards is essential to gradually form a professional working culture.

The article emphasizes the importance of implementing the 5s workplace to the success of every business nowadays. Viindoo hopes that the above article has provided businesses with meaningful knowledge about the 5S principles in the workplace. 

How to implement the 5S workplace and its benefits
Viindoo Technology Joint Stock Company, Monica Nguyen December 9, 2022