What is project schedule management software? 6 steps for business management

Project schedule management software is one of the most important jobs that require a lot of management skills. Hence the question of how does the project management process work, which software can effectively manage the project schedule effectively? Please refer to the following article of Viindoo for the most detailed and accurate answer!

What is project schedule management software?

Project schedule management is the process of tracking all project activities to ensure that tasks are completed on time. The progress management process includes all activities such as: planning project progress, tracking progress, comparing plans, adjusting tasks, managing project risks, etc. These jobs are all for the goal of ensuring the project is completed on schedule.

Project schedule management

Project schedule management concept

Project progress management scope of work

Project schedule management scope of work includes activities:

  • Identifying critical work: Outline the activities needed to get the project running.
  • Providing work order: Identify related jobs and provide appropriate sequence of activities.
  • Estimating resources to perform the work: Estimate the resources such as people, finance, materials, and machines needed to carry out the project.
  • Estimating time to perform the work: Give a specific schedule for each job.
  • Developing a progress monitoring plan: Give detailed analysis of activities, in order to come up with a specific plan to monitor progress.
  • Controlling project progress: Control the project implementation process and make necessary changes to the project to be completed according to plan.
Project progress management scope of work

Project progress management scope of work

Process of project schedule management 

The following is a project schedule management process including 6 steps to help businesses manage effectively. 

Step 1: Identify the tasks

When implementing the project, the managers need to give the specific work of the project to their employees. Along with that is a schedule of work assignment according to the overall timeline. Then, the tasks need to be broken down into smaller tasks and have a specific schedule for each activity.

Define project tasks project schedule management software

Define project tasks

Step 2: Arrange project activities

In order for the project to be carried out smoothly, the managers need to arrange the work properly. If you do this well, the project implementation process will be much easier. Managers need to arrange activities so that they are closely related to each other and support each other in the implementation process.

Sort project activities by priority

Sort project activities by priority

Step 3: Evaluate the required resources

In order for the planned activities to be carried out as required, the managers need to evaluate the resources. In this step, the managers will estimate the resources required for each activity, including people, machines, equipment, finance, etc.

Assess the resources needed for the project

Assess the resources needed for the project

Step 4: Evaluate the time it takes to implement the project

After arranging and evaluating resources, it is very important to plan the project timeline. In this step, the administrators will give specific timelines for each task. Here are 4 ways for the manager to accurately estimate the time:

  • Consulting experts: This can help your business save time to learn, hence speeding up work.
  • Comparing with similar projects: Learning from previous projects helps to avoid mistakes.
  • Estimating parametric: This is one of the estimation tools in project management offered by PMI.
  • 3-point rating: This is a very effective uptime assessment method. The managers only need to give a completion time in 3 directions of pessimistic, optimistic and feasible. The formula for the rating is (pessimistic time + 4x positive time + positive time) / 6.
Plan a specific time of work

Plan a specific time of work

Step 5: Build progress

Next, the managers will develop a project roadmap. This roadmap covers all activities and the completion time of each task. There are several methods to assist the administrators in this step, such as the Critical Path Method that helps to shorten the schedule, the if-then scenarios, the Critical Chain Methods (CCM).

Develop the implementation roadmap for the project

Develop the implementation roadmap for the project

Step 6: Monitor, manage time and project progress

Finally, this is the step where managers need to keep a close eye on the progress of the project. Controlling all activities, deadlines, comparing and introducing changes are necessary for the project to be completed on schedule.

Monitor project progress

Monitor project progress

Effective project schedule management software

Currently, on the market, there are many effective project schedule management software, helping businesses minimize risks, costs and time in the implementation process. Here are some very popular software:

Viindoo Project

This is one of the effective project schedule management software trusted by many businesses. Viindoo Project helps to plan work, projects and track progress accurately and timely. Here are some outstanding advantages of Viindoo Project:

  • Following the progress ton control the working process.
  • Offering modern user interface.
  • Working collaboratively with transparent information.
  • Forecasting needs and resources.
  • Offering an overview and instant reporting system.
  • Fully integrating with other Viindoo Applications such as sales, CRM, time attendance, invoice management.
Viindoo Project project schedule management software

Viindoo Project

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Project progress management using Excel

Project progress management in Excel is one of the most popular project management tools today. The management method in Excel is quite simple and easy for everyone. This is a completely free tool, but outdated compared to other software.

Project Management with MS Excel

Project Management with MS Excel

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is software to help manage project time and schedule. When using Microsoft Project, businesses often combine with accounting software to jointly manage progress and financial planning. In addition, Microsoft Project is well suited for managing complex, data-rich projects.

Microsoft Project Management Software​

Microsoft Project Management Software


MyCollab is one of the effective project schedule management software. In addition, MyCollab also helps administrators keep track of schedule and deadlines for job completion. This software also has the function of sharing information in the form of CSV, Excel, PDF.

Project Management Software MyCollab

Project Management Software MyCollab

Experience in time and project management

In addition to the support of software, the management of time and project progress needs the flexibility and experience of the managers. Here are a few tips to help you make project management more effective:

Understand the principles of the project management process

The work and activities of the project are based on the rules. Therefore, managers need to know the rules in their project management process. When problems arise, they can make changes to solve the problem, but are still required to follow the rules. This ensures that the implementation process is error-free.

In the process of setting up a project management plan, there will be tasks that need support from customers and partners. Therefore, the project managers should have a meeting to discuss the problem to be solved, and anticipate the arising cases with the parties. This helps to unify views as well as control the work progress better.

Rules to keep projects on schedule

Rules to keep projects on schedule

Apply Agile methodology

Agile methods are increasingly favored thanks to its flexibility. Agile also solves inherent problems that other software cannot solve. Here are a few advantages of Agile methodology in project schedule management:

  • Effective project management.
  • Clear specification for time and milestones for each job.
  • Tasks organized according to priority in a scientific way.
  • Discussions organized in case of any problem arises.
Agile methodology in project management

Agile methodology in project management

Monitor the project flexibly

During the project implementation, the impact of arising factors is inevitable. Therefore, you must always be proactive and flexible in all situations as well as know how to control the path of the project in a reasonable way. It is essential to stay on track with the original plan. However, when problems arise, you need to proactively find a way to solve them.

Flexibility in management brings efficiency

Flexibility in management brings efficiency

Effective project schedule management is one of the most difficult and stressful jobs. Therefore, managers need to cultivate themselves, understand the knowledge and experience in management. Hopefully, through the article, Viindoo has helped administrators have more useful information to apply to their business in the most reasonable way.

What is project schedule management software? 6 steps for business management
Viindoo Technology Joint Stock Company, Monica Nguyen 3 December, 2022

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