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Product costing software is becoming increasingly popular in business. With various features, this software has helped companies save time and effort but still ensures efficiency and high accuracy. Let's learn about this useful software with Business management software Viindoo right away!

1. What is product costing software? 

Product costing software provides features that allow connecting information from departments in an enterprise, such as planning, deploying, material, HR, and accounting departments, etc., to automatically calculate the most optimal product cost and improve operational efficiency. This software works on technology devices such as computers or phones.

This software helps the data flow to run smoothly in production activities, the costs are detailed and brings key values ​​such as:

  • Declare the norm of product materials (BOM)
  • Summarize costs incurred in the production process, automatically forecast and control BOM
  • Planning labor costs and factory capacity, asset depreciation
  • Report the time and manpower required in production.

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2. Viindoo Manufacturing Enterprise Management Software

Viindoo Manufacturing Management Software is part of a comprehensive solution to support Manufacturing Enterprise Management with a variety of features. At the Accounting & Finance feature, the software supports product costing units based on labor costs, asset depreciation, etc.

Using Viindoo software to streamline the process, bring optimal performance in all business stages, parts are connected into a single system.

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Viindoo Manufacturing Enterprise Management Software

Viindoo Manufacturing Enterprise Management Software

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2.1. Production manager 

  • Planning and tracking production activities;
  • Build and optimize inventory plan;
  • Multidimensional and flexible reporting;

Clear and efficient production management software

Clear and efficient production management software

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2.2. Supply chain management

  • Align every aspect of a supply chain, standardizing processes with automated rules.
  • Provide businesses with an overview to promptly respond to the rapid changes of the market and improve their competitiveness.
  • Using on a single platform with integrated management features of all operations on an open system: Production, transportation, purchase and sale of goods.

Flexible, cohesive supply chain management software

Flexible, cohesive supply chain management software

2.3. Accounting & financial planning

The Accounting & Finance module in the software is capable of collecting production costs, recording consumables and stocking finished products. From there, the software supports managers to decide the exact product cost based on the above information. Besides, this subsystem also has advantages such as:

  • Bringing an overall picture of corporate finance;
  • Accounting activities in the business are automated;
  • Accounting transactions are handled in accordance with Vietnamese accounting standards;
  • Can be used in many countries around the world;
  • Instant update reports with multi-dimensional information.

Accounting software brings many benefits to businesses

Accounting software brings many benefits to businesses

2.4. Human Resource Management

  • Management of all human resource data: Human resource data such as attendance, salary, and productivity are closely linked together in human resource management software to provide the most accurate labor costs.
  • The analysis and reporting system helps human resource managers to make accurate decision, etc.

Manage all information related to personnel

Manage all information related to personnel

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3. Which industries need to apply production costing software?

Product costing software can be applied in all industries. Especially for enterprises producing many types of products, the production process has many stages and requires good quality of output products... Enterprises producing wood, corrugated iron, steel, garment, printing, etc. Electronic components or mechanical businesses should use them early.

The sooner you use this software, the faster businesses can improve their management efficiency. In addition, using software to calculate production costs also helps reduce work pressure for employees.

Product costing software is an effective tool to help businesses evaluate and effectively plan the production cost of each goods and product, thereby optimizing the cost and revenue of the business. If you have any questions regarding this software, you can contact Viindoo via hotline 02257309838 for advice.

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Product Costing Software | Viindoo
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