How to build a code of conduct in businesses and companies

Leaders will have to build Code of conduct in business in the stage of forming the culture of each organization, based on its values ​​and standards. So let's go together Viindoo Learn how to build a code of conduct in your business!

What is a Code of Conduct?

Code of conduct in business (Codes of Conduct) is simply understood as a set of documents created to set out cultural standards. Through that, develop principles, rules, values, employee expectations, behaviors, and relationships that an organization considers essential and believes are fundamental to its success.

code of conduct in businessWhat is a Code of Conduct?

Why do businesses need to develop a code of conduct?

Building a complete code of conduct will help businesses clearly affirm their mission, core values, ​​and common rules. At the same time, ethical standards combined with the legal system with sanctioning regimes, also help to orient and manage human resources. Therefore, Code of conduct in business is the most important standard within the ethical scope of the organization.

Construction mA good code of conduct will help clarify the mission, core values, ​​and principles of an enterprise, of the company, and help orient and manage people with ethical standards and cultural values. and link them to legal documents with sanctions. Therefore, the corporate code of conduct is the most essential thing in the company's ethical framework.

code of conduct in businessWhy do businesses need to develop a code of conduct?

The main roles of the code of conduct can be mentioned as follows:

  • Compliance with the law: Ensure that all personnel and, the board of directors and the company's leaders always follow and follow the principles. If not, there must be a valid reason for not doing so.
  • Bridge between employees: Unify rules and standards to avoid conflicts when there are arguments between issues. The defined codes of conduct are also partly to connect the members of the company together, making it easier for everyone to integrate. At the same time, arouse employee loyalty to the company.
  • Comply with the provisions of the law: Minimize wrongdoing, especially corrupt behavior in enterprises.
  • Brand face: Code of conduct in business It's like an affirmation of the company's brand. At the same time, it is also a commitment to standards and ethical compliance.

What should the code of conduct in an enterprise contain?

To be able to form a code of conduct is not a simple task. Because they require a high level of understanding of the culture, core values, ... of the business. Here are some of the basic things that should be included in the code:

  • A commitment to corporate integrity from top management.
  • The reason why organizations develop a code of conduct.
  • Vision, goals, and business development orientation.
  • Business principles of the enterprise.
  • The acts that are allowed and not allowed to be performed in the company.
  • Solutions when in difficult circumstances, risk, or corruption.
  • Ways and processes to get support when you need it.
  • Forms of commendation and reward for good observance and forms of punishment for violations.

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How to build a code of conduct culture in the business

Let's do it. Here are 8 steps to create a suitable and complete set of cultural codes of conduct for your business.

  • Examine claims about the organization's mission, values, and direction.
  • Learn about the cultural norms of rival businesses, similar in operation and scale.
  • Review existing policies and regulations, which have been implemented in the past.
  • There is consensus among all levels of leadership and departmental managers who are directly affected by the code of conduct.
  • Draft a draft of the code of conduct and disseminate it to members of the organization for comments. Then, prior to legal review, it should be re-edited to make it easy to read and understand.
  • Divide the task of monitoring, receiving, and resolving complaints; Investigate cases and provide remedial solutions and sanctions when necessary.
  • Organize an event to develop the cultural code of conduct and answer questions and desires of employees in the organization. In addition, educate people on how to use it and the potential problems that may occur.
  • Observe and survey members of the business to evaluate and review the effectiveness of the code. Can be flexibly changed to suit reality and can maintain long-term rules.
Code of conduct in businessHow to build a code of conduct culture in the business

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6 codes of conduct in business

Code of conduct with the company

The code of conduct with the company usually contains provisions for:

  • Culture of communication and exchange.
  • Dress requirements.
  • Ceremonies of meetings, talks, and signings.
  • The right way to introduce, introduce yourself.
  • How to use personal business cards.
  • Clear policy on reward and sanction for employees.

Code of cultural conduct with colleagues

Code of cultural conduct in the enterprise between members is always a prerequisite factor causing conflict in an organization. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the following code of conduct between colleagues:

  • Behave with standards, listen, and accept the opinions of colleagues. At the same time, he also knows how to contribute ideas in the spirit of goodwill with the aim of jointly developing the organization.
  • Work together with courtesy and fun.
  • Trust, respect, and enthusiasm for cooperation and attachment.
code of conduct in businessCode of cultural conduct with colleagues

Code of conduct with leaders

In any organization, there is a need for a leader, leading to developing the company. Therefore, how to behave in a standard way is also something to be noted.

  • Attitude polite, serious, know how to be moderate when communicating and dealing with leaders.
  • Seriously perform assigned tasks to be able to complete them on time.
  • Can directly contribute ideas, and raise expectations with leaders.
  • Respect and be responsible for protecting and preserving the reputation and face of the organization.
code of conduct in business
Code of cultural conduct at work

Code of Conduct with Customers

Customer care is now an extremely important factor to be able to retain customers. Therefore, when establishing a cultural code of conduct with customers, it is necessary to pay attention to the following factors:

  • A perfect, consistent service; can meet the needs and create comfort for customers.
  • Customer care is paramount.
  • Keep an eye on customers to understand their psychology when using the service.

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Code of cultural conduct at work

In terms of work, the code of conduct will include content related to the responsibility and discipline of individuals:

  • Rules on plagiarism, stealing gray matter.
  • Responsibility when using principles of preserving public property.
  • Regulations on confidentiality of information.
  • Some regulations on operation, enforcement, and security at work.
  • How to behave when going to work.

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Code of Conduct for Government and Economy

In general terms, this set of rules usually includes:

  • Responsibility to society.
  • Principles of conduct for the national economy.

Depending on the lines of business, the items in this code of conduct may include:

  • Rules of conduct for specific departments.
  • Principles of conduct with officials of ministries and branches

Code of conduct in business should be built by business owners right from the first days of business operation. An enterprise can only truly operate effectively and sustainably when there is a strict and scientific code of conduct that is followed by its employees, to prevent the risks that may be faced without it. common standards. Hopes that this article of Viindoo could help businesses in building a code of conduct.


A code of conduct should be reviewed periodically, ideally on an annual basis, to ensure it remains relevant and aligned with evolving business practices, legal requirements, and ethical standards.

The responsibility for enforcing the code of conduct typically lies with multiple parties, including management, human resources, compliance officers, and employees themselves. It requires a collective effort to ensure adherence to the code and address any violations or misconduct appropriately.

If an employee violates the code of conduct, the consequences can vary depending on the severity of the violation and organizational policies. It may result in disciplinary actions such as warnings, reprimands, suspension, or termination of employment. The specific actions taken will depend on the circumstances and the organization's established procedures for addressing code of conduct violations.

Yes, a code of conduct can be used as evidence in legal proceedings to establish an organization's standards and expectations regarding conduct, though its admissibility and weight may depend on jurisdiction and specific circumstances of the case. Legal advice is recommended in such situations.

How to build a code of conduct in businesses and companies
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