9 Most Effective and Professional Asset Management Software Latest

Nowadays, asset management software is an effective solution that helps businesses manage assets, allowing minimizing loss in storage and use. In this article, Viindoo will summarize the top 9 best software for asset and equipment management for businesses.

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Viindoo Accounting - the Asset Management and Equipment Maintenance Software

Viindoo Accounting is the leading asset management app these days. This software is equipped with modern technological features, providing businesses with maximum support in asset management.

  • Support recording diverse depreciation methods based on user requirements such as straight-line, double declining balance, etc.
  • Allow automatic generating accounting entries for each depreciation period based on different management activities of asset depreciation.
  • Allow users to choose many forms of periodic depreciation based on criteria of depreciation types and treatments, depreciation methods, estimated useful life, etc.
  • Integrated with Viindoo Inventory to support businesses to perform other related financial operations including asset assessment, asset warehousing, asset destruction, asset liquidation, etc.
Assess asset depreciation with Viindoo Accounting software

Assess asset depreciation with Viindoo Accounting software

Businesses can conveniently manage and control equipment and fixed assets using the software. Here are several outstanding features of the Viindoo Accounting software: 

  • Digitize asset information on one platform: All information is updated to the software, then classified, and scientifically recorded by groups, departments, time of purchase, etc.
  • Get updates on asset maintenance: The intuitive view of Calendar, Pivot, Kanban, etc. supports easy tracking and following every stage of maintenance activities.
  • Retrieve information with ease: Users can quickly search and report on the time of purchase, import status, usage process, users, assignees, etc.
  • Support better communication: The software allows users to communicate internally under property records and create email notifications about important timed notes.

Faceworks asset management app

Faceworks asset management software allows flexible access with functions supporting management activities, information lookup, operation logs, and maintenance plans. Some outstanding features of Faceworks software are:

  • Manage assets by categories such as a unit of measure, asset classification, asset grouping, production unit, user division, etc.
  • Manage separated assets in detail and allow updating asset information including the actual quantity, the number of assets increasing or decreasing, etc.
  • Control the condition of assets to calculate costs, depreciation, actual value, etc.
  • Manage inventory, track historical data on import and export, and provide property grant proposal templates.
Faceworks professional asset management software

Faceworks professional asset management software

Bravo asset management software

Bravo asset management app is suitable for engineering, electromechanical, factory, office, transportation, etc. This software helps businesses track and manage records, equipment, and assets to timely plan maintenance.

Dominant features are:

  • Register/Declare details on production year, manufacturer, equipment specifications, and fixed assets.
  • Declare the consumption level of equipment and help forecast the quantity to be purchased for appropriate maintenance planning.
  • Manage and update usage, repair, history, and handover information to relevant departments.
  • Update and store damage inspection records, making it easy to track and plan repair, maintenance, replacement, or outsourcing.
  • Record and keep all necessary papers and reports for equipment and other assets management.
Bravo asset management app

Bravo asset management app

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HiNET professional asset management software

HiNET is the top-used IT asset management software that optimally supports equipment management in the business. With the software, companies can use and manage assets and supplies well, making investment and procurement efficient and accurate.

Outstanding features are:

  • Manage total assets and equipment of the business, assign assets to specific units or users, get updates on historical usage, etc.
  • Input asset data into the system scientifically and group them based on a variety of criteria such as inventory assets, liquidated assets, assets in use, assets under warranty, etc.
  • Manage and control properties of assets with the property declaration by groups feature.
HiNET asset management software

HiNET asset management software

MISA AMIS asset management software

MISA AMIS software allows businesses to manage all assets optimally to increase efficiency and save management and maintenance costs. Outstanding features:

  • Update details of historical usage of assets including allocation, depreciation, repair, transfer, etc.
  • Support centralized setup of asset databases including status, location, management unit, specifications, warranty information, etc.
  • Support easy lookup for asset information such as asset quantity, specifications, usage status, warranty and maintenance status, etc.
  • Warn appropriate asset maintenance time, helping to minimize asset-related problems such as unexpected repair time, unexpected breakdowns, additional costs incurred, etc.
MISA AMIS asset management software

MISA AMIS asset management software

gAMSPro property management app

Powered by GSOFT, gAMSPro free asset management software provides businesses with a total material management solution. Using the software, businesses can easily operate asset management activities, handle related problems, and assess performance and investment efficiency on one technology platform.

Dominant features:

  • Gather all assets and equipment information with ease.
  • Update asset information including export status, historical usage, withdrawal of assets, asset transfer, etc.
  • Track fixed asset depreciation for repair and maintenance assets planning.
  • Other outstanding features include asset label printing, asset liquidation management, and daily bookkeeping of assets.
gAMSPro asset management software

gAMSPro asset management software

IZISolution software

IZISolution software includes ERPVIET asset management system. The software provides businesses with full features for equipment management including automated processing, equipment status updating, tracking workload, managing costs for equipment maintenance, etc.

Valuable features:

  • ERPVIET asset management software provides features for asset decentralization and asset portfolio management.
  • Users can easily plan asset procurement, allocation, and transfer.
  • The software supports managing asset withdrawal, printing reports for administration, and managing dashboards and configurations.
  • ERPVIET helps record information about assets including asset separation, asset quantity, depreciation and liquidation, rotation history, maintenance history, technical specifications, etc.
IZISolution with ERPVIET asset management software

IZISolution with ERPVIET asset management software

Sinnova software

Sinnova asset management software helps businesses solve difficulties in equipment and asset management processes. The software operates on the cloud computing platform, allowing quick access anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Amazing features:

  • Record and manage asset information integrated with barcode printing equipment.
  • Track the historical usage of each asset: allocations, transfers, depreciation, adjustments, repairs, losses, inventory parameters, recommendations and approvals for liquidation, etc.
  • This digital asset management software supports the transfer of assets and asset-related information between internal and external departments. Asset information transferred can include asset information and the performance of employees, departments, and organizations.
Sinnova asset management app

Sinnova asset management app

GSOFT property management software

GSOFT is one of the most effective asset management solutions these days. The software greatly supports businesses for asset procurement, management, and liquidation. Many businesses can optimize their operations when adopting the software. 

Outstanding features:

  • Assist businesses in warehousing and controlling all assets and equipment information.
  • Allow businesses to update the export status, use, and new purchases.
  • Support asset transfers and withdrawals, calculations of fixed asset depreciation, and repair and maintenance updates.
  • Some other useful features of this asset management software are printing property labels and accounting papers.
GSOFT property management software

GSOFT property management software

The above article has provided businesses with useful information about the most effective and professional asset management software recently. For more advice on a suitable asset management app, please contact Viindoo at the hotline number 0225 730 9838.

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9 Most Effective and Professional Asset Management Software Latest
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