(No.: VIIN.SOF.PRO.011020)

On the basis of:

Article 1: Definition, Scope and Audience

  1. "Provider" or "Viindoo": Is Viindoo Technology Joint Stock Company; was legally established and operated under the Business Registration Certificate No. 0201994665 issued by Haiphong Department of Planning and Investment; located at 6th Floor, Taiyo Building, No.97 Bach Dang, Ha Ly Ward, Hong Bang District, Haiphong, Vietnam; is the legal entity that owns the website

  2. “Viindoo Product”: Are the products and services offered by Viindoo in a paid or free form listed at

  3. “Viindoo Software”: Is All-in-one Enterprise Management Solutions, which is offered, accessed and used via web browser or mobile application over the Internet in the form of SaaS (Software as a Service), paid according to usage time and computing resources allocated through a website with an Internet address  https://viindoo.comViindoo Software Phần mềm Viindoo is a collection of multiple Viindoo Products.

  4. “Customer”: is the individual or legal entity using Viindoo Products.

  5. This Viindoo Agreement For The Provision Of Services (hereby known as “Agreement”) is considered a Contract between Customer and Viindoo, applicable when Customer uses Viindoo Products.

  6. Technical terms:

    1. Second-level domain: Is a domain in the form of, provided by Viindoo to Customer during the use of Viindoo Software and revoked when Customer stops using Viindoo Software associated with this domain name, in which, “company” is the name selected by the Customer when registering a subscription to Viindoo Software.

    2. Separate domain: is the domain owned by the Customer, linked to the Viindoo Software, making it possible for the Customer and their partners to use the Viindoo Software through this domain. 

For example, instead of having to access and use the Viindoo Software through the domain, the Customer can access and use the Viindoo Software through, in which is Customer's domain.

  1. Maximum storage space: Is the maximum total capacity in Gigabytes (GB) that the Customer is allowed to use, corresponding to the Viindoo Products that the Customer has selected.

  2. Maximum number of accounts: Provided that Customer uses Viindoo Software, the maximum account is the maximum number of internal user accounts created in Viindoo Software to which Customer has subscribed. 

  3. Transmission security: Is the encrypting of information security by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) method for all information transmitted from and to the Customer's Viindoo Software via the Internet. 

  4. Administrator Account: Is the account that has the ultimate authority in the Customer's Viindoo Software system and is given to the Customer when the Customer starts using the Viindoo Software.

  5. Standard Modules: Are built-in modules in Viindoo Software which can be installed inside Viindoo Software by Customer.

  6. Customization Modules: Are modules that are not built-in to Viindoo Software.

  1. Payment terms:

    1. Actual Payment Date: The first day of a Billing Month.

    2. First Actual Billing Date: The first day of the first Billing Month.

    3. Theoretical payment date: Assuming, the first actual payment date is 5/20/2020, the theoretical payment date will be the 20th of every month.

    4. Next Theoretical Payment Date: The nearest future theoretical payment date.

Assuming the Theoretical Payment Date is the 20th of every month, currently May 16, 2020, the next Theoretical Payment Date is May 20, 2020. Assuming the current date is May 21, 2020, the next theoretical payment date is June 20, 2020.

  1. By using Viindoo Software, Customer agrees to all terms and conditions in this Agreement.

  2. Viindoo can amend this Agreement at any time. For Customers using the Viindoo Software, Viindoo is responsible for notifying these changes at least 14 (fourteen) days prior to the time of application (effective date).

  3. Customer fully has the right to unilaterally stop using the Viindoo Software if they do not agree with the changes in the new Agreement.

Article 2: Modes of service supply

Viindoo, through our website, provides Customer with Viindoo Software and the Viindoo Products selected by Customer as described at, including:

  1. Customer is provided with a second-level domain as described in Article 1, clause 6(a) of this Agreement to access their Viindoo Software.

  2. In the event that the Customer uses the Customer's own Domain Name to access Viindoo, Viindoo will assist with technical issues so that the Customer can successfully access and use the Viindoo Software using their domain.

  3. Customer is provided with a Storage Space corresponding to the Product selected by the Customer.

  4. Customers are provided with an Administrator Account in their Viindoo Software.

Article 3: Payment

  1. Depending on circumstances, Viindoo supports one or more of the following payment methods:

    1. Online payment using a third-party payment gateway integrated on The list of approved payment cards depends on the selected payment channel.

    2. Payment by bank transfer.

    3. Payment by cash directly at Viindoo headquarters during office hours from Monday to Friday and Saturday morning, from 08:00 - 12:00 and 13:00 - 17:00, excluding national public holidays.

More details at Viindoo Payment Policy.

  1. Term of Payment

Customer is responsible for paying Viindoo at a time not later than the actual Payment Date specified in Article 1, Clause 7(a) with the minimum amount for one month of using the Viindoo Software.

Article 4: Rights and Obligations of Customers

  1. For the Viindoo Software that Customer has registered and activated, Customer is free to install additional Modules to suit their needs, which may include modules customized and developed by the Customer, or the Modules modified, developed, or customized by a third party, provided that Customer is legally authorized to use such module(s).

  2. Customer have access to the Forum in the Help section at to request technical support with the implementation and customization of Viindoo Software to fit their needs. Customers are also encouraged to use the Help section to share their successful experiences in implementing Viindoo Software.

  3. Customers have the right to request Viindoo to fix software errors in case errors are discovered during usage, and the costs incurred by such correction will be fully borne by Viindoo. Viindoo is not responsible for errors caused by customer misconfiguration, customer customization, or additional third-party customization modules installed by the customer.

  4. The customer has the right to request a refund in accordance with Viindoo's applicable Refund Policy.

  5. Viindoo is not responsible for customized Modules developed by Customer, and installed into Customer's Viindoo Software.
  6. The Customer has the responsibility and obligation to protect the passwords of the accounts in their Viindoo Software, especially the Administrator Account to ensure the security of the Customer's Viindoo Software.
  7. In the event that the Customer provides the Viindoo Software account password to the Viindoo Technical Support Staff, the Customer is responsible for changing the password immediately after the technical support is completed.
  8. Customer fully bears the risks and losses caused by their failure to secure the password to Viindoo Software, hence the failure to secure their customers’ data.

Article  5: Rights and Obligations of Viindoo

  1. Viindoo has the right to unilaterally suspend the provision of Viindoo Software to Customer in case of late payment.

  2. Viindoo has the right to unilaterally and permanently stop the provision of the Viindoo Software and permanently destroy all of the Customer's data to free up resources in the event that the payment is 45 (forty-five) days late. 

  3. Viindoo is obliged to protect Customer's data by all means.

  4. Viindoo is obligated to maintain the continuity and stability of the Viindoo Software by all means. The total time of service suspension must not exceed 12 (twelve) days a year and not exceed 03 (three) days a month. Unless there is a force majeure case (as specified in Article 6 of this Agreement), Viindoo are not allowed to suspend the service for any reason from Monday to Saturday.

  5. Viindoo is responsible for handling software errors reported by the Customer within no more than 48 (forty-eight) hours from the date of receiving the error notice.

  6. Under no circumstances may Viindoo disclose or provide Customer’s information to a third party without the consent of the Customer, except for the cases specified at Point 1, Section II of the Viindoo Privacy Policy.

  7. Viindoo has the right to adjust the subscription level according to the market price and publish it directly on st. In case Customer has prepaid the subscription fee for multiple periods, the subscription rate will not change during the subscription period that the Customer has paid for.

For old customers, Viindoo commits not to increase the price by more than 10% of the contract value/year.

Article  6: Force majeure

Viindoo is entitled to be exempt from liability in the following force majeure cases:

  1. Earthquakes, natural disasters, floods, fires, and wars that occur simultaneously in all geographical locations containing the servers operating the Viindoo Software and

  2. Unforeseeable situations that cause the Viindoo Software system to stop working or function incorrectly include, but are not limited to: a jailbreak attack, or during the maintenance, repair and remediation of the system.

  3. Malfunctioned and unstable Internet.

  4. A critical error that may affect one or more of the Customer's Viindoo Software systems and should be rectified as soon as possible.

Article 7: Settlement of disputes

In the event of dispute, Customer and Viindoo commit to jointly resolve it in good faith, based on constructive spirit and bilateral benefits through negotiation. If the settlement by negotiation fails to reach an agreement, the two parties agree to bring the case to the competent People's Court in Hai Phong city for settlement. All court costs will be borne by the losing party. 

Article 8: Term of validity

This agreement to provide Viindoo Software, numbered version 1.0.0, was issued on October 1, 2020, at Viindoo's Headquarters and took effect on the same day.

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