Warranty and Technical Support

      (No.: VIIN.WTS.POL.080423) 


      1.1. Scope of Warranty

      a) We commit to providing a warranty for any technical errors or issues that the Viindoo System that you are using encounters due to programming errors from Viindoo.

      b) The Customer will not be eligible for the warranty when one of the following cases occurs:

        • Errors caused by the Customer intentionally installing additional subsystems not developed by Viindoo and not yet assessed by us;
        • Errors caused by the Customer operating the Viindoo System incorrectly.

      1.2. Warranty period

      a) We commit to providing a free warranty for Viindoo Software within 90 days from the date you activate the Viindoo System.

      b) A version of Viindoo Software has a lifecycle of 3 years from the release date, therefore, you will be supported with features throughout this lifecycle.


      2.1. Limited support
      Viindoo is not responsible for answering any inquiries or complaints from third parties related to the use of the Viindoo System. Viindoo is also not responsible for answering any inquiries or complaints related to services provided by third parties that the Customer is using.

      2.2. Maintain stable operation
      We are responsible for ensuring the technical conditions for customers to use the Viindoo System stably 24/7, except for regular maintenance, upgrades, and troubleshooting of Viindoo Software. Maintenance and upgrades will be prioritized at night and we will send advance notification of the maintenance schedule to you via email.

      2.3. Security incident response

      a) Security incidents with the Viindoo system include, but are not limited to:

        • Data on the Viindoo System is lost or changed without apparent cause;
        • The Viindoo System is accessed illegally or is suspected of being attacked by hackers;
        • The Viindoo System operates unstably outside of maintenance and upgrade periods.

      b) We are responsible for investigating, processing, and restoring the operation of the Viindoo System. You should cooperate and support us in the investigation process to identify the causes and take prompt remedial measures.

      2.4. Support for data recovery of Viindoo System

      a) Viindoo System is automatically backed up periodically according to the package that the Customer has registered to use. In case your data is lost due to Viindoo's error, we are responsible for supporting you in restoring the data to the nearest time that Viindoo's automatic data backup system has saved.

      b) Depending on the amount of data stored on the current Viindoo System, we will make every effort to complete the data recovery for you as soon as possible.


      3.1. Response time for support requests

      a) When receiving support requests from Customers, Viindoo is responsible for checking and responding within the following timeframes: 

        • Security and information security incidents, errors causing Viindoo System to stop or customers unable to perform business operations: 24 hours
        • Other errors and incidents: 48 hours

      b) In case the error or problem cannot be resolved within the above-mentioned timeframe, Viindoo will explain along with a proposed plan and estimated implementation time. Accordingly, you can choose to follow Viindoo's proposal or hire a third party to resolve the issue, and the cost will be borne by Viindoo based on the error, the problem is completely and validly resolved with invoices and actual documents. However, Viindoo will be exempted from liability for the quality of the third party's resolution.

      c) In case of an error or issue that is not covered by the warranty, Viindoo will send an email notification and provide a clear explanation to the Customer within 24 hours of receiving the request.

      3.2. Support method

      a) In the process of using Viindoo Services, for support, you can contact us via:

        • Email:  or
        • [Recommended] Create a support request hereDetailed instructions.
        • [Release soon] Create a support request right on your current Viindoo System.

      b) For other methods of support requests, Viindoo does not offer free support. 

      c) For support requests that are outside the scope of Viindoo System operations, we will discuss with the Customer to come to an agreement on how to proceed according to the actual needs that arise.

      3.3. Security after the support process

      a) Viindoo's technical staff strives to apply necessary measures to protect and respect your privacy to the fullest extent possible and only accesses the files and settings necessary to check and resolve issues that your Viindoo System is encountering.

      b) Viindoo's technical staff may suggest using your account to access the Viindoo System or request that you create a support account with authorized access to the documentation related to the issue you need assistance with. After the support process is completed, you need to change your password or store the support account to secure your account information and the Viindoo System. We will not be responsible for any issues that may arise if you do not change your password.