Payment and Refund Policy

(No.: VIIN.PAY.CON.080422)


1.1. From time to time, Viindoo supports one or more payment methods as follows:

a. Cash payment

For transactions with a value of less than VND 20 million, Customers can pay directly at Viindoo headquarters during office hours from Monday to Friday (except for national holidays as prescribed by law)

b. Bank payment

  • When paying by bank transfer, You need to provide enough information in the following syntax: Full name (of legal entity/individual) + Number of Sales Order/E-Invoice. 
  • Our payment accounts include:

Beneficiary account 



Asia Commercial Bank (ACB) - Hai Phong Branch, To Hieu

Account number

  • 7689888888 (VND)
  • 7589888888 (USD)
  • 23608947 (EUR)

Swift Code


c. Online payment

  • Including forms: Payment by credit card, bank card or online payment via third-party gateways is integrated on the Website in time point bar maths. 
  • The list of accepted credit/debit cards depends on the payment channel selected by the Customer.

1.2. Please read the terms before using the payment service because the transaction may incur a service fee depending on each intermediary payment service vendor.


2.1. You agree that you will be responsible for paying taxes, customs fees, and any other legal fees for the Viindoo Service incurred during the transaction (if any).

2.2. Customer commits to comply with Viindoo's payment instructions in this Payment and Refund Policy ("Payment Policy") when registering to use and renew Viindoo Services at the Website. Viindoo cannot and will not be responsible or liable for any consequences or damages arising from Your failure to fully comply with this payment provision.

2.3. During the payment process, we recommend that customers comply with the regulations and instructions to ensure safe transactions and protect their rights. Viindoo is not responsible for Sales Orders/E-Invoices when the payment information, Viindoo's beneficiary account information, or transfer content is entered incorrectly.

2.4. We only confirm the successful payment of the customer when the bank account or the online payment system that Viindoo is using has verified the payment as successful.

2.5. Viindoo will default to issuing an Invoice based on the account information that the Customer has entered in the payment preparation step. Viindoo is exempt from any liability arising from or related to the customer's failure to enter complete and/or accurate required information.

2.6. For online payment transactions, we commit to not storing the customer's account/card number information or bank information. These pieces of information are only stored by third-party payment channels for transaction reconciliation purposes.

2.7. We do not assume any responsibility or obligation for any losses or damages that the customer may incur from entering incorrect payment information for their placed order and/or using a payment method that is not listed in Section 1 above. Viindoo reserves the right to verify the legality of the customer's use of the payment method and has the right to suspend transactions until the legality is confirmed or cancel related transactions if the legality cannot be confirmed.


3.1. The distribution applications on Viindoo Marketplace platform apply the refund policy according to Terms of Purchase

3.2. In case there is no need to use immediately or have not used up all the hours of the Viindoo Software Implementation and Consultancy Service, We will save the number of hours that the Customer have not used for a year from the date on which full payment of the service fee is made.

3.3. Viindoo does not apply the refund policy for all Viindoo Services listed in the Products and Services section on the Website for any reason, except where the law provides otherwise.