Manage resources and build processes

Plan and keep track of manufacturing activities

  • Automatically create manufacturing planning based on manufacturing activities, efficiency, and timetable of the resources joining in the manufacturing activities.

  • Visualize customizable detailed manufacturing schedule in Gantt chart.

Record actual material consumption for each stage, order, compare it with the planned norm and calculate the actual cost based on consumables on each stage. 

Keep track of manufacturing activity duration, evaluate the efficiency of resources, help optimize the manufacturing plan and process.


Cost analyzing report for work orders based on consumables and manufacturing cost based on actual manufacturing time of each resource.

Integrate with other apps (human resources, accounting, purchase, sales, inventory, etc.) to help fulfill manufacturing plan according to the information of each resource managed in the system.

Build and optimize inventory planning

  • Plan your inventory: capture the on-hand number, forecast the demand on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

  • Integrate with the supply chain, auto-create working orders, maneuver your inventory, or purchase orders to fulfill the planned inventory.


Real-time and comprehensive reports

Production management becomes more optimized with an intuitive, multi-dimensional and flexible reporting system. All information about production process and performance is fully and instantaneously aggregated, enabling faster and more accurate decision-making. 


Available at anytime, anywhere, on mobile devices




Fully integrated with other Viindoo applications



Manage appliances and maintenance schedule to  track production progress.



Automatically create POs to buy raw materials based on minimum stock data.



Reinforce supply orders when necessary to meet the progress requirement.   



Timely manage your revenue, cost and profit with the absolute precision.   

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