Types of Artificial Intelligence that are commonly used nowadays

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most spectacular inventions in human history. Let's find out with Viindoo the types of Artificial Intelligence popularly applied today in the article below. 

Popular types of Artificial Intelligence 

Today, under the development of modern industry, a series of AI is born to help replace human labor. One of the most popular types of AI is mentioned as: 

1. Reactive Artificial Intellegence  

Among types of AI, Reactive AI analyzes the best strategies of you and your opponents best strategy, hence suggesting the best solution for decision making. 

A great example of reactive AI is Deep Blue. This is an automated chess program created by IBM to determine moves and predict the opponent's next move. In this way, Deep Blue can make the most appropriate moves. 

Types of popular artificial intelligence today

Types of popular artificial intelligence today

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2. Artificial Intelligence technology with limited memory

One feature of limited memory AI is its ability to use experiences to make future decisions.

This AI technology is often used in conjunction with environmental sensors to predict possible scenarios and make the best decisions.

For example, self-driving cars are equipped with many sensors around the vehicle and at the front to calculate the distance from another car ahead. Thanks to the benefits of AI which will predict the likelihood of a collision and adjust the speed accordingly to keep the vehicle safe. 

3. Artificial intelligence Theory

This AI technology can learn and think independently and then apply what it has learned to do specific tasks.

Currently, this AI technology has not yet become a viable option. 

4. Artificial consciousness 

Among all types of AI, this AI technology can be self-aware, conscious, and human-like in behaviors. They can even express emotions and understand human emotions.

This is considered the highest development step of artificial intelligence technology, and so far, this technology has not been feasible. 

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Some of the most popular types of AI software 

With the development of modern science, a lot of artificial intelligence software has been invented to replace humans in many fields. One of the popular AI software such as: 

1. Amazon Machine Learning

Among all types of AI, Amazon Machine Learning is capable of making accurate predictions that reduce operating costs and improve customer experience.

Experiences about Amazon Machine Learning on Amazon Web Services (AWS) support the most comprehensive set of AI Artificial Intelligence deployment resources, infrastructure, and services at every stage.

At the same time, address practical business issues in any sector and confidently innovate. Joining 100,000+ customers on AWS to build, based on over 20 years of experience at Amazon.

Learn with Amazon machine learning

Learn with Amazon machine learning

2. Lobe

Lobe is one of some artificial intelligence that helps you train machine learning models with free, easy-to-use tools. Lobe has everything to bring machine learning ideas to life

Just show this artificial intelligence software example of what you want it to learn, and it will automatically train a custom machine learning model that you can publish in your application. Export your models and send them to any platform of your choice on Mac and Windows

3. Google Cloud Text-to-Speech

Similar to Lobe, Google Cloud Text-to-Speech artificial intelligence software uses Google's AI-powered API to convert text into speech. Deploy groundbreaking Google technology to create human-like voices. Based on DeepMind's speech synthesis expertise, the API delivers speeches of near-human quality.

Artificial intelligence AI in human life

Artificial intelligence AI in human life

  • Improve customer interactions with intelligent, life-like responses
  • Engage users with voice user interfaces across your devices and apps
  • Personalize your communications based on user preferences for voice and language

4. Pega Platform

Pega is artificial intelligence that eliminates business complexity

From maximizing customer value to simplifying services to improving efficiency, Pega helps leading global brands solve problems quickly and transform for the future.

Advantages of the Pega platform in business: 

  • Automatically process thousands of incoming emails using naturalistic language processing
  • Improve average duration and first call resolution
  • Integrate legacy systems, even if the API doesn't exist


AI has a significant role in today's life, especially since it can replace humans in many fields. Therefore, types of Artificial Intelligence will be greatly developed in the future and help improve people's lives. Hopefully, the information of Viindoo about popular types of artificial intelligence we share in the above article can give you solid knowledge and a better understanding of AI.

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Types of Artificial Intelligence that are commonly used nowadays
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