7 Examples Of Artificial Intelligence Proving the Unlimited Potential Of Science And Technology

In the 4.0 era, it is such a simple task to name several examples of Artificial intelligence applications. According to Gartner statistics in 2019, the use of AI has increased by 270% since 2015, promising an exciting new life experience.

Here are some particular examples of artificial intelligence in popular fields that you should know about.

1. Artificial intelligence in financial and banking 

Nowadays, fraud is always a concern for businesses operating in the financial - banking field. In fact, a small mistake is enough to cause a bank's money for being lost massively

artificial intelligence in financial and banking

Artificial intelligence in financial and banking

Therefore, to minimize errors and fraud, banks have applied Machine Learning - a subfield of AI intelligence.

Banks conduct real-time behavioral profiling, hence scams can be early detected and prevented before they happen.

Specifically, Machine Learning technology is involved in outlier detection and alert triggers for the bank.

2. Artificial Intelligence in Transportation - map setting

Currently, the transportation and logistics industry is gradually gaining popularity and developing strongly, showing great growth potential in the Vietnamese market.

However, the road transportation industry always faces obstacles in terms of weather, routes, and traffic density that affect the progress of transporting goods to the destination as scheduled.

That is the time when AI is applied to help more efficient transportation of goods .

An AI program has been applied to help drivers find the most suitable route to travel.

The technology of artificial intelligence is updated in real-time to suggest which route to avoid or to save money and time for drivers.

3. AI in e-commerce - a tool to promote purchases

AI plays an important role in the rapid development of the e-commerce industry.

Artificial intelligence provides a tool for personalized recommendations based on the analysis of customers' previous purchase behavior and their current search.

Then, the AI will set up and make accurate suggestions about related products to stimulate shopping based on the understanding of your needs.

Algorithms target several potential customers on a 3rd party site to optimize revenue for businesses.

4. AI in Education - inspirational AI robot

The COVID pandemic is the time when we witness the most application of artificial intelligence in education systems.

It is literally considered a digital revolution for the education industry when a series of software with AI integration is put into teaching.

AI in education is used to assist in grading as well as suggesting the most effective teaching methods.

Application of artificial intelligence in teaching

Application of artificial intelligence in teaching

Tri Nhan - the first inspirational AI teaching assistant robot in Vietnam has been officially launched.

The presence of artificial intelligence in teaching has made lessons more intuitive, refreshing, and attractive than traditional whiteboard methods.

AI also can analyze and examine learners' real-time learning experiences to come up with sensible solutions.

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5. AI in Medical healthcare - surgical robot

Medical healthcare is a field with countless examples of artificial intelligence. There is the appearance of smart hospitals and surgeries which are supported by AI robots.

The machine is integrated with artificial intelligence as an effective assistant to help doctors determine the right position as well as provide the most intuitive data about the patient in real-time.

The application of the AI robotic arm helps medical stations accurately and quickly handle incisions for both simple and complex cases.

6. AI in Games - Impressive Video Games

The game industry is one of the most prominent examples of artificial intelligence applications. This field actually applied AI very early on to generate random levels that players can choose from.

Another leap forward in artificial intelligence in gaming is OpenAI5 powered by the OpenAI company owned by Elon Musk.

This technology has beaten actual pro-level Dota2 players. Moreover, in a strategic game requiring player experiences, where you have to make decisions constantly, the intelligence of the AI ​​wins over the actual player.

As a result, this is a huge achievement for artificial intelligence.

7. AI in Security and surveillance systems

Currently, there are many conflicts regarding the installation of large-scale surveillance security systems.

However, we cannot reject the benefits of artificial intelligence such as face and object recognition for information management, security control, and crime prevention.

More simply, AI is used for employee daily time tracking or facial recognition in order to get inside building, house, etc. With this modern technology, people do not need to check thousands of cameras to search for necessary data. Using Artificial intelligence will give you an almost perfect result.

In the future, perhaps security camera data sources will be monitored by AI, not humans.

Above are 7 particular examples of artificial intelligence in different fields that are extremely familiar to each of us. AI is gradually playing an important and indispensable role for humans that operate all normal life activities.Visit Viindoo to regularly update the latest information on artificial intelligence AI.

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7 Examples Of Artificial Intelligence Proving the Unlimited Potential Of Science And Technology
Viindoo Technology Joint Stock Company, Amber Nguyen May 23, 2022