Little Known Drawback of AI - Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence brings a lot of great uses for people at work and in daily life. However, the drawbacks of AI are also a concern for many people. Let’s explore this issue with Viindoo in the article below.

High cost

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence are enormous in today's modern life. However, creating artificial intelligence requires a large investment in personnel, machinery, and supporting equipment. In addition, the cost of repairing or maintaining these machines and equipment is not small.

In addition, machine programs need to be updated regularly to optimize working capacity and respond to the rapidly changing environment today. This will also require a large expense.

Artificial Intelligence requires a high cost of implementation

Increased unemployment rate

Many studies show that one of the drawbacks of AI is increasing the risk of unemployment. In recent years, unskilled labor positions have been gradually replaced by machines and automation.

In addition, AI is developing stronger and stronger, capable of self-analyzing data and recommending decisions, which hinders the future of replacing humans. This drawback of artificial intelligence affects people, which can lead to large-scale unemployment, thereby leading to increased poverty as well as social evils.

Humanize tools and machines

No matter how naturally Alexa, Cortana, Bixby, Google Assistant, or Siri speak to us, a machine is always a machine. Humanizing machines might close the gap between humans and machines, creating emotional dependence for us, which in turn leads to long-term psychological problems for people in the future.

Humanization of machines will gradually come to the problems of human psychology

Humanization of machines will gradually come to the problems of human psychology

Lack of flexibility

Smart technology or Artificial Intelligence robots and artificial intelligence are all human products. However, the downside of artificial intelligence is that when we are too dependent on modern machines and equipment, our learning, creativity, and decision-making skills will be eroded

Only humans can hear, see and feel the vibration of life. The most important thing is that humans surpass robots or devices with AI technology with emotions. Therefore, we need to utilize our intuition, and be more dynamic and creative so as not to be dominated by artificial intelligence.

The limitation of artificial intelligence is that there is no flexibility

The limitation of artificial intelligence is that there is no flexibility

Risk of data leakage

Applications of artificial intelligence will maximize the processing of data. By using pre-programmed algorithms, artificial intelligence has the ability to optimize and streamline data processing processes, especially for large data with many characteristics

However, this also comes with potential drawbacks of AI, which is data leakage, attack, and theft. Therefore, when applying AI artificial intelligence, we need to consistently have a transparent processing stage, ensuring security in each information processing process.

Risks of security and data leakage is among drawbacks of AI

Risks of security and data leakage is among drawbacks of AI

Security risks

Recent reports forecast that artificial intelligence can cause a lot of security problems. This is considered one of the drawbacks of AI on a national scale, as artificial intelligence can be used for military purposes or to attack on social platforms.

Artificial intelligence also accidentally becomes the "ideal" attack point for hackers. With the rapid spread and coverage, and the lack of attention on network security in some countries, the development of AI without control can be a threaten to security.

Social control and suppression

Artificial intelligence AI can search, filter, and analyze data many times faster and more efficiently. Therefore, individuals, organizations, or authoritarian governments can take advantage of this to control, monitor people and deprive them of freedom to a certain extent.

Undeniably, in this article, Viindoo has shown that AI has brought us many positive benefits. However, each individual in particular and humanity in general still have to be alert to the drawbacks of artificial intelligence.
Little Known Drawback of AI - Artificial Intelligence
Viindoo Technology Joint Stock Company, Van Anh Nguyen June 19, 2022

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