Top 5 global, phenomenal, AI-based utilizations

Applications of artificial intelligence have become a global trend and brought enormous revenue sources for tech giants. In Industry 4.0, Vietnam is not an exception to this large-scale digital transformation. This article will clarify AI-based utilizations that are changing our lives.

AI-based app trend

Industry 4.0 with the trend of applying AI achievements to human life is revolutionizing the world. The difference that AI brings to us is so massive that it is considered a breakthrough in science and technology.

In the past, the application of AI was limited. As a result, human operations, production, and research activities were hindered in many aspects. Nowadays, with the contribution of the automation system, AI has asserted its importance in large-scale production worldwide.

Applications of AI can be easily spotted everywhere such as smartphone virtual assistants, namely Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa, or Google's Assistant.

Moreover, Google's Deepmind Health project in healthcare allows artificial intelligence​ to analyze medical records, and assist doctors in diagnosing, thereby minimizing waiting time and simplifying procedures for patients. Thus, from now on, people's lives will become more convenient with the support of artificial intelligence.

Top 5 AI-based utilizations

AI in Marketing


Application of AI Marketing

About 20 years ago, finding a product without its exact name in online stores was a nightmare, but now AI can accurately suggest relevant products. A typical example of an application that utilizes AI is Netflix.

Specifically, Netflix focuses on collecting data of user behavior. Not only do they use the data for content creation activities to produce more attractive programs but also analyze, explore new aspects, and apply them to their marketing campaigns.

Thereby, marketing automation campaigns through email, push notifications, video ads, etc., deliver personalized messages to each audience, attracting people to extend subscription trials and increase the interaction of paid users. 

In addition, the user experience on the application is personalized according to each person’s preferences. For instance, the platform recommends content that matches the user’s taste or suggests shorter programs for late-night viewers. Movie poster images on each account will be displayed variably because they are relevant to each specific user’s habit.

It is undeniable that AI with the ability to "see through" customers have been making a great contribution to marketing campaigns.

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AI in Banking 

It is obvious that AI is now a part of the banking system. AI is utilized for providing customer service, and timely detecting suspected transactions and credit card frauds, then quickly issuing warnings to the bank.

MasterCard or RBS Worldpay Corporation has been using Deep Learning to prevent fraudulent transactions and suspected card numbers for years, which has saved them millions annually. AI can analyze the behavior of transactions, and track card usage and the most recent access to enhance security for the banking system.  

AI in Finance

AI is used in Finance to accurately forecast future market trends. A range of companies in financial services can provide AI with market volatility indexes and then receive analysis results in a short time. Thanks to that, they arrive at better investment decisions.

Machines will learn from experiences in the past and predict future trends to assist users to make transactions and improve stock trading performance, maximizing profits for businesses.

AI in Agriculture


AI in Agriculture

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For future food security, utilization of the labor force requires special attention. AI helps farmers with sustainable production when resources are gradually depleted.

Robotic automation has been initially applied with the aim of supporting farmers to harvest and protect crops from harmful environmental effects. Moreover, AI can predict the weather or even climate change phenomena as well as pest activity to issue prompt warnings to people.  

One example is Blue River Technology which has developed See & Spray - a robot that uses vision technology to detect insects so that farmers can spray pesticides on accurate cotton plants.


Applications of AI in modern life

AI in Space Exploration

To explore space, NASA as well as powerful countries such as the US, Russia, and China must process a huge amount of data that is even beyond human capabilities. However, it is no longer a problem with the assistance of AI and Machine Learning.

Astronomers have done a good job of using artificial intelligence robot to filter the data that has been recorded by Kepler for several years, to make the right decisions in exploring the galaxy.

The above article has given the information about Applications of artificial intelligence. Viindoo hopes this article is useful.

Top 5 global, phenomenal, AI-based utilizations
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