How to start digital transformation? What is the best practice to deploy?

How to start digital transformation? Is it really easy for businesses to go digital and what is the best practice to implement it? In this article, Viindoo wants to help businesses answer these questions with the informative sharing of CCO Nguyen Thi Lien - a digital transformation consulting expert so that you can have a firm grounding to come up with the right decision for your business.

Does digital transformation empower businesses?

One thing is for sure, the digital transformation process will change the entire organization, from people to the way businesses operate. Digital transformation in business helps create an entire ecosystem connecting partners, customers, suppliers, manufacturers, satellite units, and employees. Each party contributes to the effective exploitation of existing resources of the enterprise.

The revolution of digital transformation helps a cumbersome and labor-intensive system of a company transform into a more streamlined one, allowing the business to operate more smoothly and efficiently. Moreover, the operation of the supply chain is always guaranteed, even during peak times, epidemics, holidays, etc.

Benefit of digital transformation is enables businesses to fully automate. Even without human intervention, the system is still capable of smooth operation. This allows businesses to find opportunities to access new markets, thereby innovating deployment strategies.

Digital transformation is a vital solution to help small and medium businesses survive, but there is no specific formula that can be applied to all.

how to start digital transformation

Does digital transformation actually help businesses transform?

How to start digital transformation

To answer the question “how to start digital transformation”, Viindoo believes that digital transformation not only starts with the advanced machine and technology system but also has to digitally transform both people’s minds. In other words, digital transformation starts with digital thinking and digital people:

Transform in thinking

To prepare for the commencement of digital transformation, leaders need to answer 3 main questions:

  • Why does their business need to digitally transform?
  • What are the benefits of digital transformation?
  • For a successful digital transformation, what must businesses change?

Awareness is of paramount importance. Leaders must understand the urgency of digital transformation, and what tools their organization currently has to be ready for digital transformation before they can embark on this process.

digital transformation

How to start digital transformation?

From many years of experience in consulting business digital transformation for businesses, we have learned that digital transformation originates from 2 core factors:

  1. First, it is necessary to ensure a smooth flow of information and processes to connect all departments and staff in a homogenous system.
  2. Next, it is necessary to collect and build a stable database source to combine with the above process and information flow, thereby building a system that can store and operate on its own.

At this stage, human effort and intervention should be minimized. New technologies will bring major changes, but at the same time, they allow us to explore a larger and more potential market.

Digital transformation for small and medium businesses in Vietnam can be classified into the following two groups: The first group has started digital transformation, but those processes are not standardized. The second group has digitally innovated by adopting technology in the production process.

Digital transformation should follows an oriented, synchronous, and holistic model, going from core values, then developing into an ecosystem; not only applying technology to the process but also digitally transforming the thinking and perception of personnel.

Many businesses today only focus on lean production processes and timely distribution to save costs and time but ignore investment in technology. It is the preference to hire workers instead of Digital Transformation that has delayed digitalization.

how to start digital transformation

Change your mind

Invest in “Digital People”

The biggest difficulty of digital transformation is the "fear" of change from employees. Controlling this concern is one of the important factors to achieve sustainable Digital Transformation. After all, no matter how modern technology is, it is created to serve humans.

Digital transformation without the human factor is no different from "being in the cloud". Changing habits and breaking employees’ fear is the key to the success of the digital transformation.

Besides technology, businesses need to invest in talents. Maximizing the intelligence of the staff and optimizing the operating system based on the application of science and technology should be conducted simultaneously.

All thoughts, behaviors, and needs of a “digital person” should take data and technology into consideration. Business owners must understand people and social movements through the technology platform to see opportunities, risks, and trends to take the lead.

digital transformation

Digital transformation starts with digital people

Ways to successful digital transformation

Build a flexible information technology environment

Applying the right technology to enhance your digital strategy is fundamental in today's business environment.

However, according to a survey, 45% of executives believe that their business lacks all the necessary technologies to execute a digital transformation strategy. Fortunately, all businesses recognize the need to deploy flexible systems. In fact, 86% of businesses believe that cloud technology is important to their digital transformation goals.

Cloud computing (Software as a Service - SaaS) allows businesses to operate quickly, dynamically, and flexibly. This technology enables them to test new projects with less risk and cost to fulfill customer needs faster.

Therefore, SaaS is a flexible and suitable information technology environment for businesses to start digital transformation.

how to start digital transformation

The importance of cloud computing for digital transformation

Optimize the operating process

An effective operating process is an essential factor for a successful digital transformation. Businesses need to make the best use of organizational resources and find ways to utilize old resources.

Besides, the flexible application of technology ensures that all departments in the business effectively and optimally work together. As a result, the business management of the administrator can also be easier and more flexible.

digital transformation

Optimizing the operating process

Build a digital business platform

A digital business platform will connect business processes and enterprise infrastructure by logically sorting things out. These factors will complement the enterprise's technological capacity to facilitate the digitalization process.

how to start digital transformation

Building a digital business platform

Use comprehensive digital transformation solutions

Honored to receive the Sao Khue Award 2022 for Excellent Products - Solutions of Vietnam's software and IT industry, Digital Transformation Solutions of Viindoo is one of the comprehensive and reliable services. Our solution supports businesses in the entire process of digital transformation.

Businesses can be completely assured when using our solution because:

  • With more than 10 years of experience in applying Technology in Business Management, we have all the resources to help you achieve success in digital transformation.
  • The consulting team will guide the development vision based on the application of technology.
  • We support setting goals by stages and giving business leaders a clear, realistic, and achievable direction.
  • Together with business leaders, Viindoo makes a detailed plan for each step and the overall technology development. Therefore, rather than spending too much investment at once, businesses can have affordable budget plan at each phrase.
  • Viindoo has implemented many large and small digital transformation projects, ensuring maximum success rate and low risks for businesses.
  • A team of consultants with in-depth knowledge of Management and Technology can accompany businesses in the profession of each department.
  • The principle of development is customer-centricity and scalability. This supports further development of the business.
how to start digital transformation

Digital Transformation with Viindoo

Through this article, hopefully, businesses have found the answer to the question "How to start digital transformation?” and good ideas for the upcoming transformation. If businesses need more advice on digital transformation solutions, please contact Viindoo via the hotline at 0225 730 9838!

How to start digital transformation? What is the best practice to deploy?
Jun Nguyen February 28, 2023