What is a paperless office? Benefits and effective ways to build

Great stories are As the fourth industrial revolution booms and spreads to all fields, the "paperless office" - transforming the traditional workplace into a digital environment under the electronic office model, is becoming more and more popular. Refer to this article by Viindoo to learn more about this term.

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What is the “paperless office”?

Paperless Office (also known as Electronic Office 4.0) is a fully integrated ecosystem of applications to serve the needs of information exchange, work processing, internal administration, document management, etc. 

The paperless office model emerged in parallel with business digital transformation, which has been an important shift from the traditional paper-dominant management method to online management by electronic means.

The workflow will be optimized and unified

Paperless office contributes to promoting the fast and comprehensive business digitization process.

5 benefits of a paperless office for businesses

Cost savings

Instead of spending a lot of money on tons of paper to store information, businesses can invest in modern information storage technologies. These storage technologies are both affordable and time-saving, supporting employees when looking up the necessary information. ​

According to Mckinsey Global, 70% of businesses in the United States are using electronic forms and implementing process automation and .. This change has saved businesses more than 120 billion USD in annual administrative and office costs.

With the paperless office model, businesses can save a lot of operating costs

With the paperless office model, businesses can save a lot of operating costs.

Workflow automation

An employee spends 30-40% of everyday working time processing documents and administrative procedures. A paperless office will free employees from this repetitive work, because all processes are automated.

At the same time, with the application of software, the tasks are assigned and monitored completely on the system, minimizing errors and lack of information. Managers can also update and retrieve reports in real time to make timely decisions.

The workflow will be optimized and unified

The workflow will be optimized and unified.

Information security

According to a survey by McKinsey Global, 56% of managers believe information theft only happens when businesses use paper documents. When data is stored using multi-level access rights and high security, hacking becomes much more difficult.

When storing these documents on a computer system, businesses can install security programs to protect information. The most common security is to set a password, and set access rights, and only designated devices or employees are allowed to open and use documents.

With just a few simple setup steps, operating costs from 126,000 VND/user/month, businesses can build a paperless office according to the size and demand with Viindoo Solution.

Besides, a paperless office also helps to minimize the loss of information due to documents loss, and wear-and-tear over time.

Workspace optimization

Storing documents into an electronic system helps businesses save a lot of space that is reserved for bulky file cabinets. The layout of the office will affect the motivation and inspiration of employees. Because eliminating these file cabinets will help businesses optimize space and give employees the best working environment.

Easy data exchange and transfer

With increasingly modern technology, documents can now be saved in digital form with software formats such as text, docx, pdf, etc. With the internet, document files can be sent in just a few seconds, thereby saving a lot of time compared to manual transport.

In addition, the formatting software also comes with functions that support text editing such as suggestions, leave comments, etc. This makes the process of exchanging ideas and editing documents become easier, more transparent and convenient.

Optimizing data storage and transfer with a paperless office model

Optimizing data storage and transfer with a paperless office model.

Steps to build an effective paperless office for businesses

Digitizing information and documents of businesses

Businesses should classify and digitize information and documents in groups and categories such as

  • Documents, personal notes: organize different types of personal papers and documents.
  • Customers, partners information: Classify and manage synchronized contacts of customers and partners. 
  • Human Resources Information: Store and digitize labor contracts, employee records (personal information, degrees, health records, etc.) 
  • Important company documents such as Contracts, company charters, certificates, etc.

As a result, businesses eliminate the whole burden of unnecessary physical archives, cut down on storage costs, as well as avoid delays and bottlenecks in tracking documents and retrieving information.

To completely transform into a paperless office, businesses can start with investing in a document and information management system for all employees in the company. Choosing the right system for your size and specificity requires businesses to understand concepts such as cloud storage service or SaaS trends, etc.

Digitizing business operating processes

The next step to the paperless office is to digitize the operation and working process. All business operations such as Sales, Supply Chain management, Manufacturing management, Accounting & Finance, etc must be standardized with technology platforms. This eliminates manual tasks, speeds up the processing duration for requests, proposals, and approvals, and boosts workplace efficiency. Therefore, businesses can gradually achieve the paperless office model.

Accompanying businesses to catch up with the digital transformation process, Viindoo Business Administration Software was born to help businesses manage and circulate information according to the paperless electronic office model. 

Viindoo solution provides an ecosystem that helps all business activities and processes to be digitized quickly and comprehensively.

With just a few simple setup steps, operating costs from 126,000 VND/user/month, businesses can build a paperless office according to the size and demand with Viindoo Solution.

Digitizing business operating processes​

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In this article, Viindoo introduced the benefits of the paperless office as well as how to build this model effectively. If businesses need more information about paperless office solutions, contact Viindoo via the hotline at 0225 730 9838 for detailed advice!

What is a paperless office? Benefits and effective ways to build
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