What is digital transformation and digitization? Digitize to advance digital transformation

In the age of digital technology, digital transformation and digitization are two important concepts that businesses need to understand to be able to apply effectively, helping businesses grow and compete. bring benefits to businesses. So what is digital transformation and digitization? Distinguish between digital transformation and digitization? What is the relationship between digitization and digital transformation? Find out with Viindoo now!

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Statistics, production are important jobs in the production management process

Digitization is the process of converting data and information from traditional forms (such as papers, images, documents) into digital form. Digitization makes documents easier to store, access and process using computers, facilitating the use of technology and digital data in the digital transformation process. Digitization can be applied to many types of information, including text, images, audio, video, sensor data, etc. 

Digitization example: convert paper documents into PDF files, convert analog images into digital photos,...

Viindoo comprehensive application solution suiteDigitization - converting information from paper form to digital form

Digital Transformation is the process of using digital technologies to change the way an organization, business, or an area of ​​social life operates. Digital transformation is not simply the application of new technologies, but also a change in thinking, models, processes, and culture of organizations and businesses.

Digital transformation not only increases labor productivity by automating manual work, but also helps businesses operate more efficiently and enhance competitiveness. In addition, digital transformation also creates a favorable environment for innovation, helping organizations and businesses develop new products and services to meet market needs.

Example: Moving from a traditional business model to a network and data business model, such as converting a brick-and-mortar store to an online store.

Viindoo comprehensive application solution suiteViindoo comprehensive application solution suite

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Distinguish between digital transformation and digitization

Alike: Digital transformation and digitization are both the process of applying digital technology to business operations. Both aim to improve operational efficiency, growth and sustainable development of businesses.

Different: Digital transformation and digitization are often confused with each other. However, these two concepts have fundamental differences: 

Digital conversion


Concept The process of applying digital technology to all aspects of business operations

The process of converting data and information from analog to digital form

Innovate, improve business efficiency, create new values
Store, process, and analyze data more effectively
Comprehensive, including technology, processes, and people
Limited to data and information
Human factors
The human factor has not been given due importance in implementing digitalization
The human factor is the key factor that helps build and implement a successful CDS roadmap
It is a complex process, requiring a minimum of 3 to 5 years to complete.
Several months to a year, depending on information traffic, technology infrastructure and human resources capacity


- Costs can be huge, including investment costs in technology, human resource training costs, process change costs,...

- It takes a lot of time and effort to train and develop human resources to meet the requirements of digital transformation

- Facing mixed reactions when changing the culture and way of working of the business.

- Digitizing all data can encounter some difficulties, such as heterogeneous data, scattered data,...

- Technological difficulties

- Training and developing human resources to digitize data can take a lot of time and effort


- Increase operational efficiency by automating processes, improving decision making and optimizing resources

- Increase competitiveness: Digital transformation helps businesses capture new market opportunities and meet customer needs quickly and effectively

- Save operating costs, increase profits and revenue

- Enhance the ability to access and manage information effectively

- Collect and analyze data accurately and effectively, helping businesses make wise business decisions

- Digitalization helps businesses create new products and services, better meeting customer needs

Practical examples

Use CRM to manage customers, use ERP to manage production, use AI to automate processes

Scan paper documents into PDF files, convert analog images to digital photos,...

Viindoo comprehensive application solution suiteDistinguish between digital transformation and digitization

Digitalization to advance digital transformation

Digitization is the process of converting data and information from analog to digital form. This is the first step in the digital transformation process. Digitalization helps businesses store and manage data effectively, creating the foundation for other digital transformation activities.

Digital transformation is the process of applying digital technology to all activities of organizations and businesses to improve efficiency and create new value. Digital transformation includes digitization, but it doesn't stop there. Digital transformation requires businesses to change the way they operate, think and culture.

Therefore, "Digitalization to advance digital transformation" means that businesses need to digitize their data and information before they can perform digital transformation. Digitalization helps businesses prepare the data and technology foundation necessary for the digital transformation process.

Simple digitization, move forward with comprehensive digital transformation with Viindoo

Viindoo is a technology company, applying digital transformation in high quality businesses. With more than 15 years of experience, Viindoo has successfully implemented hundreds of digital transformation projects for businesses in many different fields, from manufacturing, retail, services to education, import-export, etc. .

Viindoo has achieved many awards and achievements in the field of digital transformation, including:

  • Top 100 Vietnamese IT Enterprises in 2022
  • Top 10 Sao Khue Awards 2022
  • Top 10 Vietnam Digital Transformation Awards 2022
  • "Excellent digital technology product" award from the Ministry of Information and Communications in 2022 
Viindoo comprehensive application solution suiteViindoo received the prestigious Sao Khue award in 2022

Digital transformation is an inevitable trend in the current context, when digital technology develops strongly and has a profound impact on all aspects of social life. However, this is a complex process and requires a lot of resources, both in terms of finance, human resources and technology. Understanding these difficulties, Viindoo has developed solutions Application of digital transformation in businesses, easy to use, suitable for the needs of small and medium businesses such as: Viindoo E-Office, Viindoo HRM,...

Viindoo E-Office - "paperless" office operating system:

  • All data is digitized and stored for easy retrieval and comparison, ensuring transparency.
  • Automate office workflows, helping to improve operational efficiency.
  • Paperless approval.
  • Online document management
  • Enable employees to participate in discussions and contribute ideas through a secure internal platform. 
Viindoo E-officeViindoo E-office

Viindoo HRM: is a comprehensive human resources management solution, helping businesses effectively manage human resources activities, from recruitment, training, evaluation, to timekeeping, salary calculation,...

  • Comprehensive integration: Recruitment management, employees, skills framework, performance management, eLearning, compensation,... on a single platform.
  • Automate HR processes
  • Store and manage personnel information effectively 
Viindoo EmployeesViindoo Employees

Comprehensive digital transformation is an inevitable trend that any business is aiming for. So, Comprehensive suite of application solutions Viindoo is an effective tool to help businesses comprehensively digitally transform, thereby adapting and developing in the digital environment.

Viindoo Business Administration Solution is a comprehensive software system that meets all needs, including many different management modules and applications:

  • Accounting & finance applications: Accounting, Invoicing, Budget, Expense, Employee Advance, Loan Manager
  • Ứng dụng bán hàng: CRM, Sales, Point of Sales, Promotion, e-Commerce, Appointments, Loyalty Program, Rental
  • Ứng dụng nhân sự: Recruitment, Employee, Payroll, Overtime, HR Meals, Time-Off , Attendance, HR Skills Framework
  • Supply chain & manufacturing applications: Purchase, Inventory, Manufacturing, Maintenance, Repair, Warranty, Quality, Fleet, Foreign Trade
  • Ứng dụng Website & Marketing: Website Builder, Live chat, Blogs, Forum Forum, Social Marketing, Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, Events, e-Learning, Survey
  • Operational applications: Discuss, Contacts, Notes, Calendar, Project, OKR, Helpdesk, Timesheet, Dashboard​

These subsystems are linked together, synchronize data and provide a consistent experience for users. This helps businesses effectively manage their operations on a unified platform. Using a comprehensive suite of application solutions, organizations have the ability to automate processes while optimizing strategic decisions based on timely data and information. 

Viindoo comprehensive application solution suiteViindoo comprehensive application solution suite

The above is All information about concepts, distinctions, and relationships between digital transformation and digitization but Viindoo shared. Hopefully through this article, readers will have a clear understanding of digital transformation and digitization so they can apply it effectively. If businesses need more information about the Viindoo Comprehensive Management Solution Suite, do not hesitate to contact us via hotline 0225 730 9838 for detailed advice.

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Jun Nguyen November 22, 2023