Automated and effective solutions for digital transformation in businesses

Digital transformation for business is considered an effective solution to enable businesses to solve difficulties in operation. So what are the specific benefits of applying a business digital transformation solution? What are the effective digital transformation solutions for businesses today? You will find all answers in this article about transformation consulting service.

What is digital transformation?

Digital Transformation in businesses is a process of using digital technologies directly for the operation, business, and management activities of enterprises. From there, businesses can take full advantage of their inherent advantages to generate motivation to change habits and traditional working styles, and promote business and operational efficiency. 

It can be said that digital transformation for business is becoming the leading trend in the world today. When applying digital transformation platform, businesses not only directly affect their operations but also change their thinking, culture, and working environment in a positive direction.

Business digital transformation
Business digital transformation

Benefits of digital transformation for business

One of the most obvious benefits of digital transformation is cost reduction, while at the same time businesses can approach target customers more easily. In addition, digital transformation in businesses also allows all procedures in the operation process to be completed more quickly and accurately while optimizing employee productivity.

Besides, the application of digital transformation also brings businesses great benefits as follows:

  • Optimize processes: When businesses apply digital transformation, they will directly change the operating method from traditional to automation. This approach makes it possible for the operation process to be more productive, and save time, effort, and human resources.
  • Improve employee efficiency: Not only optimizing processes, but Digital Transformation also gives employees the opportunity to interact and work with the latest equipment and software such as SaaS, IoT,... Thereby, employees are motivated as well as improve efficiency at work.
  • Digitize product: Digital transformation not only supports businesses to stay ahead of competitors in terms of advanced technology and equipment but also creates infrastructure and products.
  • Attract customers: In addition, by digitizing every stage of production, businesses collect more valuable data and analyze them better to be able to understand customer needs and market trends. From there, businesses are able to introduce a more complete product and service experience.
Benefits of digital transformation in businesses
Benefits of digital transformation in businesses

Current application of digital transformation in businesses

According to the Ministry of Information and Communication, the level of business digital transformation is divided into 6 levels as follows: 

  • Level 0 - No digital transformation: Businesses have not implemented digital transformation solutions or have but the changes are too small and do not affect the company's operational processes.
  • Level 1 - Warm up: Businesses have started using digital transformation solutions.
  • Level 2 - Getting Started: Businesses can already recognize the importance of digital transformation solutions according to different “pillars”. From there, start taking action to transform businesses in each “pillar”. To this extent, businesses can already feel the benefits of digital transformation.
  • Level 3 - Forming: At this level, the digital transformation was basically formed according to the “pillars'' corresponding to each different division. At this level, digital transformation has clearly shown benefits and efficiency. In other words, the business has become a digital business.
  • Level 4 - Advanced: At this level, the digital platform, digital data, and digital technology will bring businesses as well as customers a lot of efficiencies as well as practical values. At this stage, the enterprise has basically become a digital enterprise with several key business models based on digital data and digital platforms.
  • Level 5 - Leading: At this level, the digital transformation in businesses has reached asymptotic perfection. Enterprises have really become digital enterprises with almost all business methods and business models driven by digital data and digital platforms. Businesses can lead digital transformation and create a satellite digital business ecosystem.
Benefits of digital transformation in businesses
The reality of applying digital transformation solutions in businesses
According to a survey by the Vietnam Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, more than 80% of business leaders have a desire for digital transformation and 65% of businesses are ready to invest in digital transformation. In addition, the events caused by the COVID-19 pandemic also stimulate the carrying out of digital transformation.
In 2022, the Ministry of Planning and Investment will coordinate with the USAID LinkSME Project to support businesses in promoting digital transformation through the "Program to support businesses in digital transformation for the period 2021-2025". Within the framework of the project, a survey based on 1,300 businesses pointed out the needs of businesses for digital transformation and technology solutions, specifically: 
For businesses just starting digital transformation: 57% of businesses look for Online Marketing solutions; 53.7% of businesses have a need for Internal Work solutions followed by E-Transaction solutions (43%) and Network and data infrastructure (39.6%).
The biggest demand for businesses that are growing and need to accelerate digital transformation is a solution for Data Analytics and Smart Reporting (63.5%), Customer Management, and Management sales channel (60.7%). The remaining two solutions, including Enterprise Resource Planning System and Data Security, have a demand of 57.8% and 50.2%, respectively.

Digital transformation solutions for businesses Viindoo

Viindoo is a company specializing in providing software. Viindoo's digital transformation application will help you easily manage all business operations with only one system and platform. Viindoo's customers are quite diverse from world-class companies and corporations to startups with medium charter capital. With a team of experts with more than 10 years of experience, the company will surely bring you the most effective digital transformation solutions.
Business transformation solution Viindoo
Business transformation solution Viindoo

Advantages of Viindoo digital conversion solution:

  • Supporting business operations perfectly on digital platforms.
  • Integrate all gigs in one software. Data is centralized in a single platform, avoiding overlaps and errors.
  • Diverse reports, and analysis on many aspects of every department. The data of the report is updated in real-time.
  • Easy to use anytime, anywhere on any device with an Internet connection.
  • All members of the enterprise can use it according to the decentralized level, thereby digitizing the entire business.
  • Can be used to work and exchange directly with customers and partners outside the system.
  • Can be extended, and integrated with other software, and applications.
  • Software operating costs will be calculated according to the number of installed applications and actual users, suitable for all sizes and growth of businesses.

Ready to experience the excellence?​

Viindoo Digital Transformation Solution - Accompanying the National Digital Transformation Programme. 

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Through the above article, Viindoo has brought you all information about the benefits of applying digital transformation in businesses. Hopefully, through the above article, you will be able to choose for yourself the best digital transformation solutions for your business.

Automated and effective solutions for digital transformation in businesses
Viindoo Technology Joint Stock Company, Trần Thị Lâm Anh 9 November, 2022

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