Top 10 best School management systems

School management systems can quickly, easily solve problems of schools and institutions. However, users nowadays still have difficulty in selecting a suitable school management system. In this article, Viindoo will introduce the most effective business management software for school available for you to choose from.

SystemsSupport remote management Integrated electronic contact book



Charged on number of installed apps and users

SMAS Viettel


Mona eLMS





- Ayotree Standard: 10 $/Month

- Ayotree Premium: 45$/Month

- Ayotree Franchise: 157$/Month

EBM PROCharged




Easy EduCharged


Why is the school management system recommended?

The use of school management system brings many benefits to students, teachers, and administrators. Compared to traditional management methods, this system could save time in solving problems, while making it easier, more flexible to implement courses and plan activities.

The use of school management system can limit geographical distance, language barrier, premises, travel, management costs and so on. It also supports administrators in the documentation management and the school’s operation.

School management system brings many benefits

School management system brings many benefits.

Additionally, school management system also supports automatic tracking and reporting. Therefore, leaders can always have detailed information about all operations within the school.

Another benefit of this system is that users are allowed to interact with each other, such as sharing information, data, videos, and pictures, or even talking to their instructors directly. In addition, school management system has other highlights such as:

  • Updating information instantly, allowing users to know students’ tuition fees by each class, group, and subject.
  • Combined with attendance tracking software.
  • Presenting reports quickly, which helps users easily follow tuition fees, learning progress, and notifications via email or SMS.
  • Printing tuition receipts according to a common module and saving time in typing.
  • Being highly-secured and automatically updating the data for safer storage.
  • Saving the cost of hiring management staff.
  • Being programmed separately based on customer's requirements.

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TOP 10 best school management system

Viindoo school management system

Viindoo Digital Transformation Platform allows users to organize and digitize training activities in schools on a cloud computing platform. This software helps users to systematize lectures’ content according to each area, thereby keeping users informed.

Users are allowed to upload attractive multi-format documents and exchange them to create perfect courses.

Viindoo provides a number of features for effective school management

Viindoo provides a number of features for effective school management

Additionally, Viindoo also integrates a survey software that allows building question banks for testing in each course. Criteria for evaluation and medals are also designed appropriately to recognize students’ achievements. Besides, this software possesses other distinctive advantages, such as:

  • Building, managing, and digitizing training activities on the cloud platform.
  • Being suitable for all educational institutions of different sizes with optimal investment costs.
  • Setting up notification emails and automatically sending course information to related users.
  • Being accessible anywhere, anytime, on any internet-connected devices.
  • Providing users with multi-dimensional reports, making school management easier.

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SMAS Viettel School Management System 

SMAS is one of the systems under the comprehensive solutions for education sector deployed and applied by Viettel Group for various levels. SMAS helps schools manage academic records to assess the learning rankings, conduct or emulation titles.

School management system SMAS Viettel

School management system SMAS Viettel

SMAS is the first choice of schools today and owns noticeable benefits, for example: 

  • Being built on the platform of cloud computing, which allows concentrated management of data, flexible processing, meets the demand of connection of information on schools in various levels.
  • Having a high-precision calculation system, which helps Departmental/Department managers to quickly summarize and report data on the teaching situation.
  • Having high security and confidentiality. All documents and data from students and parents are secured. Troubles are always resolved in the shortest time.
  • Having an easy and handy view, used every time, everywhere.

Mona eLMS school management system

Mona eLMS is the software to support educational management with various features, which are suitable for the characteristics of Vietnamese education and applied the most modern technologies to manage departments in school. Mona eLMS can also assist users in handling complex and time-consuming steps, so it is widely used in foreign language centers and schools today. 

Some dominant features of Mona eLMS:

  • Declaring tuition data easily and saving time, and ensuring good security of these data.
  • Supporting students to follow their academic performance through the system.
  • Monitoring the school's tuition status and managing the payment of health insurance for both students and staff.
  • Allowing parents to track students' learning results completely.

Eschool school management system 

This is a popular effective school management system now, which supports users to manage many aspects of an educational institution such as student management, tuition fees, and linking schools with parents.

Eschool - Effective school management solution

Eschool - Effective school management solution

Some outstanding features:

  • Having Friendly-used view.
  • Providing numerous data samples, plans, and reports.
  • Classifying into clear categories for reports, timetables, and topics.

Ayotree school management system

​Ayotree is a school management system with diverse features such as tuition payment, attendance, and all teachers and students activities management, and built on the cloud platform, so its information is kept safe and secure.

Ayotree effective school management solution

Ayotree effective school management solution

This software can also assist in scheduling classes and events at a defined location, and assign permissions to help parents access and view student grades easily.

Dominant features:

  • Reporting and keeping schedule statistics automatically.
  • Listing Student's date of birth.
  • Setting up emails to automatically send notifications to staff and student's parents.
  • Creating accounts and assigning access rights for users.
  • Making electronic transcripts to track student learning.

EBM PRO educational management application

This is one of the wide educational management applications in Vietnam that provides many useful features and makes large school management easier. With EBM PRO, all operational information is saved and intimated to managers who can obtain valuable information.

EBM PRO Education management system

EBM PRO Education management system

EBM PRO is an outstanding school management solution whose remarkable features help you manage school activities more easily, such as:

  • Having a user-friendly view with many modern features.
  • Being accessible anywhere, anytime, on an internet-connected device.
  • Having reasonable prices.

vnEdu School management system

vnEdu is a school management system developed by the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) and built on a modern cloud platform to support administrators in effectively managing school operations. In addition, vnEdu might improve the quality of education and training, but ensure confidentiality.

vnEdu supports effective school operations

vnEdu supports effective school operations

Striking features:

  • Managing activities of teachers and students easily.
  • Controlling electronic records in the school effectively.
  • Producing statistics and reporting performance.
  • Being in charge of contact books and giving lectures and learners automatic notifications.

Faceworks school management system, education

Faceworks is a business management software for small enterprises and school that could manage overall education activities, such as students, lecturers, equipment, tuition fees, etc., and then school management becomes fast and accurate.

Facework school management system

Facework school management system

Some significant advantages:

  • Saving time in calculating grades, tuition fees, or salaries due to a high-precision calculation system.
  • Boosting the efficiency of internal management activities.
  • Having a friendly interface.
  • Being integrated with card scanners, timekeepers, automatic messages, and email marketing.
  • Assigning flexible access rights.

Easy Edu school management application

Another school management system is Easy Edu which is highly appreciated for its diverse features, as a result, all management tasks in educational institutions are supported conveniently.

Easy Edu owns a variety of features

Easy Edu owns a variety of features

Outstanding features:

  • Having a friendly-used interface.
  • Providing accurate time as required by managers.
  • Optimizing CRM, and marketing to increase revenue by attracting more students.
  • Collecting information but ensuring data safety.

DTSoft education management system

DTSoft could organize information about educational institutions quickly and conveniently because the information of students and lecturers is managed specifically, but maintain its confidentiality.

DTSoft education management system

DTSoft education management system

Typical features:

  • Organizing student records effectively from enrollment to graduation.
  • Calculating automatically average scores by semester and ranking academic performance by each subject and class.
  • Having a simple interface that is easy to use.
  • Gathering school operations, and learning results quickly and accurately.

Hopefully, you will choose suitable school management systems after reading the mentioned content. If you want to learn more about the features and the cost of implementing Viindoo, please contact the hotline at 02257309838 for our support.

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Top 10 best School management systems
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