Top 10 best School management systems

School management software is a solution used to quickly and easily control issues within a school. However, there are currently many management software options that make it difficult for users to choose. Understanding customer psychology, through the following article, Viindoo will introduce the mostenterprise management software for school management for you to consider.

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Viindoo management software with 


SMAS Viettel


Mona eLMS





- Ayotree Standard: 250.000 VNĐ/Month

- Ayotree Premium: 1.120.000 VNĐ/Month

​- Ayotree Franchise: 3.904.000 VNĐ/Month





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Why should we use school management software?

Using school management software brings many benefits to students, teachers, and administrators thanks to its intelligent features. Compared to traditional management methods, this system can help you save time in controlling issues within the school. Additionally, implementing courses or events, planning activities also becomes easier and more flexible.

Thanks to the use of management software in this school education, geographical distances or language barriers are also eliminated. Overhead costs, travel, management,... are significantly reduced. This software also supports managers to supplement additional documents anytime, anywhere, and closely monitor the activities in the school.

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School management software brings many benefits

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Not only that, the school management software also supports reporting and tracking activities. Tasks such as note-taking, reporting, and statistics are also done automatically. Thanks to this, managers can grasp detailed information about each employee in the school.

Another outstanding advantage of this system is that people are allowed to interact with each other. Everyone can share information, data, videos, images, ... or even communicate directly with the teachers. In addition, the school management software also has many other remarkable features such as:

  • This software can easily update information simultaneously, allowing users to know the tuition fees of students in each class, each group, and specific subjects.

  • Efficiently combine with  attendance software 
  • The software also quickly generates reports, allowing users to easily track tuition fees, academic progress, and receive notifications via email or SMS.
  • The software will print tuition fee receipts according to a common module and will not cause any time loss in typing or printing.

  • The software has high security features and can automatically update data to ensure safer storage.

  • Software also helps save costs on hiring management staff.

  • Based on each customer's requirements, each software is programmed separately.

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​TOP 10 best school management software currently

​Viindoo management software

Viindoo management software with digital transformation software application allows users to organize, build, manage, and digitize training activities in schools on a cloud computing platform. This software helps users systematize lesson content by region. This helps readers easily grasp information within the school system.

The Viindoo school management software also allows users to upload documents in multiple formats, which can attract the attention of learners. You can also use the software to collaborate, exchange ideas to create perfect courses.

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​Viindoo provides many features to support school management work more efficiently.

In addition, Viindoo software also integrates a survey application that allows building a question bank, test knowledge in each course. The evaluation criteria and badges are also designed to record the achievements of each student. In addition, this software also has many other outstanding advantages that not every application can provide.

  • This software supports users in managing all activities within the school on a single platform.

  • Viindoo does not provide a separate solution for each organization. Instead, this software is developed for all educational organizations of different scales with suitable investment costs.

  • This software can set up flexible email notifications, automatically sending alerts to all relevant individuals regarding course information.

  • With just an internet connection, users can access the software anytime, anywhere, in any situation without the need to download it to their device.

  • The software also provides users with multidimensional activity reports, making school management easier.

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Efficient education management software SMAS Viettel

SMAS is a solution for management in the education sector of the Military Industry Telecommunications Group Viettel, designed for Departments of Education and Training, as well as schools at all levels. This software has the ability to support schools in managing student records to assess academic results, conduct evaluations of behavior, and rank achievements.

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Management system in SMAS Viettel school

SMAS school management software is the top choice of schools today. To do this, SMAS possesses outstanding advantages that few other software can do. Specifically:

  • This software is built based on cloud computing, allowing schools to conveniently manage information, meeting the demand for information integration in schools at all levels.
  • This software has a high-precision calculation system. Therefore, SMAS can help manage the Department/Office in synthesizing and quickly reporting data on the teaching situation.
  • SMAS ensures high safety and security. All school data, students, and parents are guaranteed. Security incidents are always resolved in the shortest time possible.
  • The interface of SMAS software is quite simple and easy to use. You can use this software anytime, anywhere if the device is connected to the internet.

​Mona eLMS school management application

Mona eLMS is an educational management software that supports school administration with a variety of rich and diverse features, suitable for the characteristics of the education sector in Vietnam. This software applies the latest modern technologies to manage departments and offices in schools. Mona eLMS can also assist users in handling complex and time-consuming processes. Therefore, Mona eLMS is widely used in language centers and schools today.

Some outstanding features of Mona eLMS:

  • The software helps units declare tuition fee data easily, saving time. At the same time, the software also has the ability to securely protect this data.

  • Software also supports students in tracking their study results through the system.

  • Mona eLMS helps monitor the school fees situation, manage the health insurance payments for both students and staff.
  • The system also allows parents to fully and detailed track their child's academic results.

​School management software Eschool

This is an efficient education management software that is widely used in schools nowadays. This software supports users in managing various aspects of an educational institution such as student management, tuition fees, and facilitating the connection between the school and parents.

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Eschool - Effective school management solution

Some outstanding features:

  • Intuitive interface
  • Provides many data templates, plans, and reports
  • Classify categories clearly for reports, schedules, and topics

​Ayotree school management software

Ayotree is an efficient school management software with various features such as fee payment, attendance tracking, and management of all activities of teachers and students. This software is built on cloud computing platform so the information is securely protected.

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Effective school management solution Ayotree

This software can also support scheduling classes, events at a predetermined location. Another special feature of the software is the ability to assign permissions, allowing parents to easily access and view students' grades.

Outstanding features:

  • Automatically report and compile study schedule statistics.
  • Statistics on students' dates of birth.
  • Allows creating automatic emails to send notifications to staff, parents and students.
  • Supports creating accounts and assigning access rights to users.
  • Create an electronic transcript to track student learning progre

Educational management application EBM PRO

This is one of the educational management applications widely used in Vietnam. This software provides many useful features, making management in large-scale schools easier. With EBM PRO, all operational information is stored and notified to the administrators. This allows administrators to grasp important information.

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EBM PRO educational management software

EBM PRO is the solution for outstanding school management. This software possesses many outstanding features to help you manage school activities more easily. Specifically:

  • This software has a simply designed interface with many modern features. Thanks to that, usage becomes easy for everyone.
  • This application can be used on many different devices. So you can access the software anytime, anywhere.
  • The relatively "soft" price is a big plus point that helps the software be used more widely.

School management system vnEdu

vnEdu is a school management software developed by the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group. This software is built on a modern cloud computing platform with the ability to support school administrators in efficiently managing activities within the school. In addition, vnEdu can also help improve the quality of teaching and learning in schools while ensuring security.

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vnEdu supports effective management of school activities

Outstanding features:

  • Easily manage activities of teachers and students.
  • Manage electronic records in schools effectively.
  • Create statistics and report operating results.
  • Manage contact books, create automatic notifications to lecturers and students.

​School management software, education Faceworks

Faceworks is an effective software for managing comprehensive activities and education in schools. This software is capable of efficiently managing students, teachers, school equipment, tuition fees, etc. As a result, school management becomes quick and accurate.

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Faceworks software

Some outstanding advantages:

  • The software helps save time in calculating scores, calculating tuition or salary thanks to the highly accurate calculation system.
  • Faceworks improves the efficiency of management activities within the school.
  • The application has a friendly interface and is easy to use.
  • The software integrates card swiping machine, time attendance machine, automatic sms messages and email marketing.
  • The software allows access rights to be assigned depending on position for easy management.

Application for managing schools Easy Edu

The next school management software that we want to introduce to you is Easy Edu. This software is highly rated for its effectiveness and diverse features. All management tasks in schools and educational institutions are supported quickly and conveniently.

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Easy Edu possesses diverse features

Outstanding features:

  • User-friendly interface, easy to use.
  • The software provides specific and accurate time as required by managers.
  • Optimizing CRM and marketing helps schools increase revenue by attracting more students.
  • Support managers to synthesize and capture information while still ensuring data security.

Educational management software DTSoft

This is an efficient school management software widely used today. DTSoft is capable of supporting the management of information and data of educational institutions quickly and conveniently. Information of students, teachers is also specifically and clearly managed by the system while ensuring security.

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DTSoft educational management software

Outstanding features:

  • Effectively manage student records from admission to graduation.
  • Automatically calculate the average score by semester and classify academic performance for each subject and each class.
  • Simple interface, easy to use.
  • Summarize school activities and student learning results quickly and accurately.

After reading the content, hope that you will be able to choose a suitable school management software. If you want to learn more about the features and deployment costs of Viindoo's school management software, please contact the hotline at 02257309838 for our support.

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Top 10 best School management systems
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