What is a sales associate? The secret of success

What is a sales associate? This model has been chosen and widely applied in online businesses on various platforms, effectively contributing to revenue growth. So, what are the advantages and how to be an affiliate sales online, let's find out in this Viindoo post

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What is a sales associate?

A sales associate is an individual who cooperates with organizations to promote and promote their products to reach a wide range of customers on many different platforms: Facebook, Zalo, Shopee, Lazada, Tiki, etc. They serve as intermediaries who strengthen the bond between suppliers and consumers.

what is a sales associate

What is a sales associate?

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Benefits of implementing a sales associate

Why is a sales associate considered a trend that helps enterprises increase business efficiency on digital platforms?

For enterprises

In business, a strong brand presence is an important business strategy for creating brand awareness, especially when e-commerce trends growing nowadays.

To achieve this, businesses must plan to enhance brand credibility. This requires an excellent, meticulous, and expensive brand marketing campaign, which is a headache that almost every business must deal with.

Therefore, one of the solutions, and effective sales methods applied by many businesses is to recruit online sales affiliates.

The Affiliate program can be understood as a form of free advertising. Each affiliate has about 20–50 connections. When they promote products directly or on social media sites, they can reach up to 20–50 potential customers.

Furthermore, the enterprise's HR problems—such as recruitment, payment, and C&B—will be resolved to save money. 

what is a sales associate

Benefits of implementing Affiliate sales online for businesses.

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For a sales associate

what is a sales associate

No worry about capital issues

Affiliates introduce and promote the products of the business to as many customers as possible. With each successful order, affiliates receive commissions.

Affiliates do not have to invest any money to join Affiliate Program. As a result, this allows people to hone and promote their sales skills while also connecting with a specific group of customers.

Total freedom of time

An affiliate in affiliate sales online is similar to an investor who invests in a certain product. Instead of a budget, they spend their time and become completely in control of this investment.

Affiliates can work at any time, be it during lunch break or in the evening. Besides, product information such as pictures, detailed descriptions, or introductory videos is all prepared by the company. 

The associate must be able to use the given sales kit to post content, convey product information to customers, and eventually close orders.

what is a sales associate
what is a sales associate

Low Risk, High Reward

With the mindset of not being constrained, the risks that an affiliate may face will be significantly reduced. However, to minimize potential loss, affiliates should carefully choose the organizations and products of affiliate programs. Due to the prevalence of fraud and multi-level marketing nowadays, affiliates must exercise extreme caution.

If affiliates can find the golden mean between both aspects, their job is to simply focus on how to sell in order to maximize business profits.

The to-dos of a sales associate

An Affiliate sales online need to do a lot of work to complete the set goals and sales. Here are some things to do for affiliate sales online:

  • Write compelling content to invite customers to buy products.
  • Answer all questions or complaints from customers.
  • Close orders and transfer information to the delivery department.
  • Post product information and images on social networking sites.
  • Respond to customer messages or comments.
  • Find out specific information about the product being sold.
  • Find out more effective sales methods and channels to increase the closing rate.
Viindoo Sales

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Viindoo sales associate Model

Simple and effective affiliate management process

With the Viindoo sales associate, managing the list of affiliates becomes extremely convenient and easy. An affiliate will be assigned a code that is automatically generated by the system.

As a result, all information about affiliates will be available via this line of code, resulting in a unified search that makes it simple for managers to manage people.

what is a sales associate

Affiliate Management: Viindoo Affiliate

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Optimized commission rule management 

When a company implements an Affiliate program, one of the most important factors that directly affect revenue is the commission rule.

Viindoo sales associate provides a tool for creating a commission rule based on two criteria: price before discount and price after discount.

Furthermore, the system enables you to apply one or more rules to the same affiliate code, providing flexibility and impetus to active members.

what is a sales associate

Affiliate Commission Rules - Viindoo Affiliate

Exclusivity for associate – Transparency and Fairness

Each member has an account with the affiliate code to access the system and manage their own revenue. Here, affiliates can view associated links with their code and commissions received, create offers for commission payments, and view paid invoices. Members can then be proactive with their own revenue, bringing transparency and peace of mind. 

Viindoo sales associate supports quick payment of commissions for affiliates with the business flow: affiliates first create a commission payment request from Portal accounts > Managers approve the commission payment request of each affiliate > Company completes payments and creates invoices.

what is a sales associate

Portal for Affiliates - Viindoo Affiliate

Integration with Sales module: Reflect and differentiate revenue sources from each associate

When integrating with the sales module, each affiliate will create and use a referral link to promote the product. Customers from that link will then buy and close the order, and the system will base on that link with the affiliate code to generate revenue statistics.

From here, the manager will have an overview of the activities of the affiliates with whom their business is affiliated, as well as the ability to distinguish which affiliate's source of sales revenue comes from. From there, they will be able to devise reasonable commission and sales policies for each member in order to maximize business profits.

what is a sales associate

Sales order with code Affiliate - Viindoo sales associate


Sales associates serve as the initial face of a retail brand, responsible for effectively conveying essential product information, engaging in friendly greetings, and excelling in casual conversations. Thus, developing strong verbal communication skills is crucial. Additionally, active listening plays a pivotal role in efficiently assisting customers beyond mere verbal interaction.

A sales associate is an individual employed in a retail environment, tasked with the responsibility of selling products and services to customers. On the other hand, a retail associate is someone employed in a retail setting, with responsibilities that include restocking shelves, aiding customers, and managing inventory.

Is sales associate the same as sales person?

Working collectively, both the sales representative and the sales associate serve as the face of the company to customers. However, the sales representative solely focuses on sales, whereas the sales associate takes on the role of a sales consultant. In simpler terms, the salesperson is accountable for selling one or more products or services to customers.

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What is a sales associate? The secret of success
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