Gen Z employees set out new management problems

Typical characteristics of Gen Z employees are preventing businesses from reaching and engaging this target workforce. Effective Gen Z HR management is the key to helping businesses attract, retain and maximize the potential of this young, dynamic and creative generation. What are the most outstanding characteristics of Gen Z employees? How should businesses "pamper" this generation of human resources?

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Gen Z employees are born ready for the Digital Age

Born and raised along with the information explosion, Gen Z is considered a new technology generation. The Covid-19 pandemic has partly proven this statement, as up to 80% of Gen Z employees are said to believe they can maintain their work efficiency while working remotely. This is also the group with the most effective rate of remote working (57%).

These numbers urge businesses to adopt a different mindset to attract and retain Gen Z employees. Businesses now need the right processes and technology to satisfy the remote working demands of gen Z employees, while ensuring network security requirements.

Applying technology in traditional ways with separate software is certainly not the solution to this problem. Using multiple separate software, businesses must face the disconnection among software, but also the employees themselves waste effort and time switching between software.

This is where businesses need comprehensive software platforms like Viindoo All-In-One Enterprise Management (Viindoo Solution). Viindoo Solution is built from more than 930 applications, such as Human Resources, Accounting, Purchasing, Sa​les, Inventory and supply, Manufacturing, Project Management​​​, CRM, and so on. Hence, Viindoo Solution can satisfy extensive business operations in an enterprise.

Gen Z employees - Viindoo solution modular structure
Notably, Viindoo Solution is built based on a modular structure. Businesses can flexibly install applications that are suitable for different stages of development.
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Gen Z employees want to develop comprehensive skills frameworks

Instead of simply following disciplines and developing one sole expertise, Gen Z employees now want to possess the necessary skill sets to take on different positions and jobs. PwC Vietnam’s Digital Readiness Survey report shows that 72% of Vietnamese Gen Z employees want to learn digital skills. 

The report also highlights that Gen Z emphasizes the development of transferable skills to "convert" themselves between different jobs.

In fact, this demand is legitimate and appropriate for this era. Mr. Thanh-Chau Quach, PwC Vietnam Human Resources leader, said: “In today's volatile world, no job is completely irreplaceable. The advice for Gen Z employees is to start thinking of themselves as an asset packed with skills and abilities, rather than just associating themselves with a defined role or profession.”

Faced with this demand, business leaders need to recruit, manage and train Gen Z talents based on skills frameworks instead of qualifications. The first step is to build a comprehensive skill framework, competency framework for every position and level in the company.

This lays a basis for businesses to recruit the right talents for the right jobs. Also, the skills frameworks serve as a guideline for employee training, management, and evaluation.

Gen Z employees
Employees, regardless of generation, should feel confident and motivated. A clear skill framework can “bond” them with the business.

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Gen Z employees want to be empowered at work

One of Gen Z employees' biggest distinctions from previous generations is their desire to take charge and feel valued at work.

A report by ThoughtExchange shows that the most important factors affecting Gen Z employees at work are feeling valued, participating in decision-making, and being empowered.

Therefore, businesses need to change how to manage employees. Instead of assigning detailed tasks in a hands-on manner, managers should empower their employees.

Consequently, companies need more effective management tools, which support leaders in empowering their employees while keeping track of the overall work progress and quality. 

Gen Z employees - Viindoo Solution’s multi-dimensional reporting system
Viindoo Solution’s multi-dimensional reporting system helps leaders monitor work progress in detail, as well as detect and solve problems promptly without minor supervision.

To solve this problem, Viindoo Solution’s data system allows managers to share information with employees in accordance with their levels and access rights. As a result, the employees can access important information, which is the basis for effective decision-making.

The Viindoo system also stores the entire history of discussions, and modifications on all tasks and documents, allowing managers to post-check when needed.

Personalities and work motivations differ between generations. They are important data sources for business leaders to enact appropriate management methods and improve employee engagement. For the tech-savvy Gen Z employees, companies have no choice but to accelerate digital transformation to meet their needs. Viindoo also considers it a vital requirement for enterprises to survive and develop in the current digital era.

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"They are not afraid to challenge the status quo and bring new ideas to the table. They also value authenticity and transparency and expect companies to be socially responsible and ethical.” The ResumeBuilder research comes during a dark time for Gen Z who are just setting out in their careers.

Managing Gen Z in the workplace means embracing a company culture where everyone's contributions and voices are valued. You can show appreciation for your employees by prioritizing diversity and inclusion, fair pay, mental health, employee feedback, and a welcoming onboarding process.

According to respondents, the reason they feel Gen Z is difficult to work with is because they lack technological skills, effort and motivation. But those shortcomings hint to deeper, more convoluted issues that date back to the pandemic.

Indeed, Gen Z is the generation most motivated by building relationships—these young professionals highly value the connections they make at work.

How do you manage Generation Z employees?

  • Encourage Innovation And Work-Life Balance. 
  • Lead By Example. 
  • Understand Their Needs. 
  • Provide Growth Opportunities. 
  • Leverage Gen-Z's Desire For Change.
  • Focus On The Individual.
  • Be Open To Learning From Them. 
  • Walk The Culture Talk.
Gen Z employees set out new management problems
Viindoo Technology Joint Stock Company, Trần Thị Lâm Anh May 23, 2022