9 Effective KPI Software Should Be Used

KPI Software is a tool to support management. It helps evaluate work performance based on specific indicators. Compared to the "right hand of the operator", what are the special features of KPI tracking software? Is there any good KPI software on the market today? Let's find out KPIs and a list of the best software suppliers through the article below with Viindoo.

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Should KPI software be used?

KPI Software is built to measure the work performance of individuals and organizations based on quantifiable indicators. KPI reporting software meets the requirements of transparency and accuracy in this process. It helps increase the performance of each employee in particular and the whole enterprise in general.

When replacing people to work, KPI software is able to summarize detailed data completely and scientifically. In addition, this tool also supports managers to complete tasks with outstanding features as follows:

  • Determine the target system for each department or position.
  • Develop specific KPI targets for each title and position.
  • Monitor work progress and maintain activities to achieve KPI goals.
  • Evaluate results based on previously established goals.

Besides the outstanding advantages mentioned above, the KPI reporting software still has limitations in the process of use as follows:

  • Employees will not be able to determine what to do and how to work effectively if the goal is far from “Specific” criteria.
  • Employees will be lost and unmotivated when “Measurable” criteria are not used to build metrics.
  • Employee sentiment is also affected if KPIs don't follow “Achievable” and “Realistic” criteria.

However, in general, KPI tracking software will optimize the management process and save a lot of time and costs. Enterprises can look for software that can minimize the above limitations, for example, KPI software combined with OKRs, employee assessment system, etc.

Using KPI software makes management more effective and accurate

Using KPI software makes management more effective and accurate

8 most effective KPI software today

To help businesses have a more intuitive look, the article will list 8 KPI software currently rated best. Below is a quick comparison of software based on important parameters.

Build and manage KPIs​
Integrate with other software
Pros and cons
KPI-OKR ViindooBuild and manage KPIs easilyVisual reporting system, automatic report designFree integration with other modules such as accounting, human resources management, etc.Yes- Pros:
+ Simple interface, user-friendly
+ Free integration with other management modules of Viindoo.
+ Integrate with OKRs for effective goal-building and management.
KPI CoffeeHROwn process according to business
Intuitive, diverse report templatesPayroll software- Pros:
+ Highly customizable, flexible, and suitable for many businesses
+ Open system, ability to connect with much other software
+ Multi-level rating
+ Rich set of criteria

- Cons:
+ Monotonous interface
+ Unpopular
KPI DOMOIntuitive, diverseGG Sheet and many more resourcesYes- Pros:
+ Works well on smartphones
+ Easy to filter and search
+ Various and intuitive report images

- Cons:
+ Interface is not friendly
+ Difficult for new users
+ Not fully optimized in Vietnam
KPI HROnlineBasic KPI ProcessNot available yetNot linked to calculate salary- Pros:
+ Friendly interface
+ Complete basic KPI process

- Cons:
+ Unattractive interface
+ Only for one individual to self-assess, not suitable for a multi-level evaluation process
+ No management report yet
+ Not linked to calculate salary
KPI DigiiDiverse set of indicatorsYesNo- Pros:
+ Various stats
+ Visual management reports
+ Transparent and clear interface

- Cons:
+ Basic features, not yet in-depth on KPI evaluation
KPI SimpleYesYes- Pros:
+ Allow free trial
+ Friendly interface

- Cons:
+ Not yet optimized to fit the Vietnamese market
KPI TancaLimited set of criteriaKPI score, salary calculation system- Pros:
+ Quantify and measure KPI accurately by day
+ Short implementation time
+ Runs on many different platforms and devices
+ Link with bonus and salary calculation software

- Cons:
+ The set of KPI calculation rules is too basic
KPI HandyExcel and other softwareYes- Pros
+ Fast data processing speed
+ Friendly interface

- Cons
+ Only usable on mobile devices
+ The cost of using is quite high compared to the common ground

Through the above section, managers have got an overview of some KPI software popular today. To choose suitable and effective KPI reporting software, businesses can track detailed content about the above software.

KPI-OKR Viindoo software

Viindoo OKR - The most popular key results-based management software today. OKR is equipped with a high transparency feature, which simplifies the management process. From there, the administrator can operate and closely control the previous process and orientation.

Vindoo OKR - Objectives and key results management software

Vindoo OKR - Objectives and key results management software


  • Enhance business performance with the ability to help businesses set objectives and key results within specific timeframes.
  • Drive employee efforts to achieve the goals.
  • Support to arrange work scientifically, flexibly, and in descending order of importance.
  • Track two-way progress between administrators and employees transparently.
  • Increase the interaction and connection of members.
  • Control work progress easily.
  • Promote increased work efficiency through operating and connecting employees.
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KPI tracking software DOMO is at the top in Softwareadvice with a good reputation. KPI Domo impresses with its ability to analyze and synthesize data in the form of graphic charts in a short time.


  • Ability to aggregate and connect diverse data sources.
  • Connect to Google Sheets.
  • Provide and analyze data on the basis of reports.

Software price: For long-term use with full features, administrators need to contact to receive a quote through the brand's website. Before that, businesses can test a free trial of KPI DOMO.

KPI DOMO is trusted by many corporations

KPI DOMO is trusted by many corporations

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KPI Tanca

Model for rental software (SaaS) - Tanca, built by Green Mobile Application JSC. The software brings effective human resource management and KPI management solutions. When using Tanca, businesses can improve work efficiency, cutting costs by up to 60%. Currently, more than 300 small and medium enterprises in Vietnam are using and satisfied with KPI Tanca.

Tanca is the KPI software trusted by small and medium enterprises in Vietnam

Tanca is the KPI software trusted by small and medium enterprises in Vietnam


  • Quantify and measure data by day, week, and month.
  • Deploy easily
  • Can be used on multiple platforms, devices, anytime, anywhere.
  • Link to payroll software, bonus.
  • This brand has a team of technical support and professional advice.

Software price: Currently, the brand is providing two packages: On Cloud and On-premise. To learn more about each package, please contact directly via the Website for support.

KPI Handy

Handy KPI is developed on mobile devices to simplify and facilitate enterprises' monitoring and management process. This is also a great difference between this brand compared to most products on the market today.

Handy KPI is fully developed on mobile

Handy KPI is fully developed on mobile


  • Run on smartphone only.
  • Collect and deliver KPIs to your team in seconds.
  • Link and allow Excel file uploads.
  • Analyze the change of indicators by day, month, and year.
  • Allows connection with existing software of the enterprise.

Software price: Customers can try the product for free within 30 days. Then, the usage cost is calculated based on the number of accounts in the business. For details, the administrator needs to contact the supplier directly.

KPI ClicData

ClicData is KPI tracking software for small and medium businesses. With this software, businesses will be supported to manage history, convert, and merge data automatically. When using ClicData, users can freely adjust the dashboard and generate reports as they want thanks to the diverse drag-and-drop options.


  • Ability to integrate with third-party applications such as Hubspot, Salesforce, SugarCRM, etc.
  • Provide mobile applications, suitable for all existing operating systems.
  • Automated report generation, scheduling, alerts, and notifications.
  • Manage and extract data in various forms and allow quick exchange via Email.
  • Automatically update KPIs.

Software price: Users can experience it first through a free trial and subscribe to it by month or year. ClicData currently owns 4 account packages, suitable for many different businesses.

KPI ClicData is currently not optimized in Vietnam

KPI ClicData is currently not optimized in Vietnam

KPI HROnline

KPI HROnline is highly appreciated by users for its efficiency and cost of use. This KPI reporting software allows monitoring of different areas, projects, and business activities. These data will be automatically saved and updated on the cloud platform, helping to increase the control efficiency of the administrator.

KPI HROnline is highly appreciated for its efficiency and cost of use

KPI HROnline is highly appreciated for its efficiency and cost of use


  • Set single KPI and multi KPI.
  • Create evaluation tables for each department and position.
  • Finalize the evaluation and summarize the KPI table.

Software price: This unit provides users with many account packages with different features and cost packages, suitable for many sizes and types of businesses.


SimpleKPI - KPI software uses a cloud platform, designed for businesses of all sizes and industries. The software provides all the necessary KPI management tools with a simple and user-friendly interface.


  • Generate formulas and calculations automatically.
  • Equipped with a diverse set of KPI libraries and allows for new creation.
  • Powerful, multi-dimensional reporting system.
  • Ability to track individual KPIs of each department.
SimpleKPI is not yet popular in Vietnam due to low optimization by market

SimpleKPI is not yet popular in Vietnam due to low optimization by market

Software price: With $99/month, businesses can use the software without limitation on the number of users or reports. To "test" the features, customers can experience before the free trial version.

Scoro software

Scoro is rated as one of the best KPI reporting software today. With a friendly interface, Scoro is easy to use and integrated with many useful tools. Managers can easily monitor and track KPIs with Scoro.

Scoro is a popular KPI software today

Scoro is a popular KPI software today


  • Enables integration with existing enterprise software to synchronize data.
  • Comprehensive monitoring of project performance, budget, forecast, and sales, etc.
  • Enables tracking of all KPIs with highly customizable dashboards.
  • Limit access to information for each individual audience.

Software Price: Scoro's Pro is $63/user/month.

Software Acheckin

ACheckin is a mobile application for start-ups. When using the application, users can adjust the KPIs of projects scientifically. In addition to setting and monitoring KPIs, the system is integrated with many unique features such as management, task reminders, objective evaluation, etc. Specifically, some outstanding features of ACheckin may be mentioned as

  • Human resources management including smart timekeeping and day management.
  • Act as the internal communication channel of the enterprise.
  • Management of information systems and project list statistics.
  • Facilities management, etc.

Software price: To view the detailed application usage price list, users can directly contactACheckin for assistance. Besides, ACheckin also supports users to experience the features first through the free trial version.

ACheckin is a mobile KPI calculation application for startups
ACheckin is a mobile KPI calculation application for startups

KPI software selection criteria

Here are some criteria managers should pay attention to when choosing KPI reporting software.

  • Prioritize SaaS software: If you intend to expand the use of software when there is growth, businesses should choose the above type of software. Because this type of software is customizable and flexible. From there, businesses can create a way to manage human resources according to their own characteristics.
  • Good security: This feature helps to ensure the safety of the company's internal data. Businesses should sign up for a trial before paying to evaluate this feature.
  • Suppliers have an enthusiastic support team: This is especially necessary for businesses that do not have their own IT team. When there is a problem or a need to upgrade the software, the supplier will support the business depending on the level of agreement between the two parties.
  • Functional management capabilities and more: KPI is a tool to collect information from software and business operation management systems. The data will be calculated and displayed as the results of the KPIs in the specified format or in a consolidated report.
  • Friendly interface, simple, easy to use: The software should own a beautiful, flexible, logical interface.
  • Designed to suit different types of businesses.
  • Supports a variety of different input methods and allows decentralization.
  • Optimization of deployment time.

Enterprises should choose high-security KPI software


Yes, many KPI software solutions offer customization options, allowing businesses to define and track KPIs that are relevant to their industry, department, or specific objectives.

Yes, KPI software can benefit businesses of all sizes, including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It helps them monitor performance, identify growth opportunities, and make informed decisions.

Yes, many KPI software solutions offer integration capabilities with other business systems such as CRM, ERP, and project management tools, allowing seamless data synchronization.

Is KPI software user-friendly for non-technical users?

Yes, many KPI software solutions are designed with user-friendly interfaces and intuitive dashboards, making it accessible and easy to use for non-technical users.

Here is all the information about KPI software and famous software providers today. Hopefully, the article has given administrators useful knowledge, helping businesses choose the right software. In addition, readers do not forget to read useful news from Viindoo.

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9 Effective KPI Software Should Be Used
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