3 effective probationary employee evaluation samples for employers

Board evaluation of probationary staff is the type of form used to evaluate new employees after they have completed their probationary period. In order to select suitable and professional personnel, enterprises need to set clear criteria when evaluating. In the following, Viindoo will provide 3 simple review samples for your reference!

Sample evaluation of probationary results for managers

You need to prepare a detailed form well so that the personnel evaluation and recognition process goes smoothly and effectively. Viindoo would like to share with you 3 samples of employee evaluation after probation, you can refer to and set up an evaluation form for yourself.

evaluation of probationary staffSample evaluation of probation results
evaluation of probationary staffProbation assessment form
evaluation of probationary staffSample evaluation of probation results

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Why is it necessary to evaluate probationary employees?

The evaluation of personnel after the probationary process helps companies get the most comprehensive view of new employees. This is also part of the process of listening to direct comments from managers or colleagues around them to be able to see more objectively.

In addition, the assessment of the probationary process can help employers confirm the capacity, experience, and skills of employees in practice. Not only that, but it will also be easier for businesses to arrange the employee's job position accordingly, thereby quickly making a decision on whether to accept that employee or not.

Moreover, the probationary process also helps employees learn about the real environment and demonstrate their capabilities, determining how long they can stay with that business.

evaluation of probationary staffWhy evaluate probationary staff?

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Criteria for comment and evaluation after probation


The first element in the criteria for evaluating personnel after the probationary process is professional knowledge. This is the key to helping businesses understand the existing thinking capacity of candidates. At the same time, the close monitoring and honest assessment of competency framework of the employee during the probationary period will let you know the accuracy of the information contained in the personnel file.

evaluation of probationary staffSkills are an important evaluation criterion when trying a job


Skill criteria include many factors such as problem-solving ability, communication, behavior, negotiation, presentation, etc. Each job will require flexible and appropriate solving skills. Employees need to understand that and master, and constantly improve themselves to be ready to face problems at work.

There are two important skills businesses need to evaluate employees:

  • Teamwork skills: Track how employees communicate and find ways to connect with colleagues on the same team, employees enthusiastically contribute ideas to build, provide solutions and control the progress how is the job.
  • The ability to complete work on time: This is an extremely important criterion for an employee. The assessment of their ability to complete work on time shows their time management skills, work, and attitude at work.


Attitude is always an important factor when evaluating employees, and is a key factor in determining whether an employee is accepted or not. Some aspects of assessing a probationary employee's attitude include:

  • Respectful attitude, and standards with leaders and colleagues.
  • Cooperative attitude, helping each other in daily work and even in times of difficulties and obstacles.
  • Individual responsibility for all work related to the organization.
  • Discipline of the probationer.

Effective and accurate probationary employee evaluation solution

To be able to evaluate the most accurate and suitable probationary personnel, it is necessary to have effective support tools. If you are looking for an effective and accurate probationary employee evaluation solution, then Viindoo is an ideal suggestion for you.

evaluation after probationEffective and accurate employee evaluation solution

Viindoo human resource management software has the feature of monitoring work performance from which to make analysis, synthesis, and evaluation reports very effectively and accurately in real-time. This is a special feature and is highly appreciated by businesses from small to large. In addition, the application also integrates all in one: OKR, Employee, Recruitment, Skills Framework, Course, Payroll... used on a single platform.

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Here are the things to keep in mind when evaluation of probationary staff that Viindoo wants to share with you. Hopefully, after following this article, businesses can grasp the important content and start making specific plans to improve the quality of the probationary employee evaluation process.


A probation evaluation form is a document used to assess an employee's performance during their probationary period. It includes criteria and feedback to determine if the employee meets expectations and should continue with regular employment.

The length of the probationary period varies depending on the organization's policies. It can range from a few weeks to several months.

How often should the probation evaluation form be used? 

The frequency of using the probation evaluation form can vary depending on organizational policies and the duration of the probationary period. Typically, it is used at specific intervals during the probationary period, such as at the halfway point and near the end. 

This allows for regular assessments of the employee's progress, feedback, and decision-making regarding their continued employment.

3 effective probationary employee evaluation samples for employers
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