Top 8 most effective and safe electronic invoice software

See now TOP 8 best electronic invoice software today. These software can work on many different platforms, so it will help businesses control sales anytime, anywhere.

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Software name

 Look up a series of invoices 

Track your dues and pay your bills online

Look up a series of invoices 

Viindoo Invoicing 

198.000 VNĐ/user/month

From: 390.000 to 30.000.000 VNĐ/package


From: 300.000 to 300.000.000 VNĐ/package


From: 100.000 to 3.000.000 VNĐ/package


From: 750.000 to 4.000.000 VNĐ/package


From: 190.000 to 3.490.000 VNĐ/package


From: 300.000 to 6.200.000 VNĐ/package


From: 326.700 to 6.380.000 VNĐ/package

Viindoo Invoicing - Electronic invoice software

Viindoo Invoicing is rated as the best invoice and payment management software today. This software allows users to choose invoice policy, and payment method in many different ways. Besides, accounting management software Viindoo Invoicing also supports quick debt reconciliation and easier payment receipt.

Viindoo Invoicing - Electronic invoice software

Viindoo Invoicing - Invoice and Payment Management Software

Some outstanding advantages that make Viindoo Invoice Software for managing invoicing used by thousands of businesses can be mentioned such as

  • Create invoices from sales or purchase orders with just one tap.
  • Automatically record debts of customers or suppliers.
  • Set up a rule to automatically notify stakeholders when an invoice is received.
  • Set tracking rules and schedule automatic recurring reminders for payments due.
  • Integrate flexibly with online payment gateways such as transfer, credit card, e-wallet, VNPAY etc.
  • Choose from line-by-line or bulk reconciliation based on the payables at the invoice and the payments recognized.
  • The reporting system is presented in the form of analysis (pivot), and chart (column, cake, line)... to help users see multidimensional and intuitive information.

Ready to experience the excellence?

Viindoo Invoicing manage invoices, payments, and liabilities automatically. Select invoice policy and different payment options. Reconcile debt and receive payments easily.

Pricing plans start at just $8/ month. Sign up for a 15-day free trial now!

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Electronic invoice software MISA MEINVOICE

MISA MEINVOICE is the electronic invoice software chosen by private businesses. This is an electronic invoice software that applies Blockchain technology to ensure safety, and security and prevents counterfeiting of invoices.

Electronic invoice software MISA MEINVOICE


Outstanding advantage

  • Support to make minutes of invoice processing right on the software and digitally sign (seller, buyer).
  • Integrate with many other popular sales accounting software.
  • Support to looking up invoices in bulk by recipient information, batch invoice for buyers
    Issue invoices anytime, anywhere on the phone.
  • Support to track debt and can pay bills online.
  • Support to approve and issue invoices anytime, anywhere on the website, phone, tablet.

Safe electronic invoice management system E-Invoice

The secure electronic invoice software E-Invoice is software created and developed by Thai Son Technology Development Co, Ltd. E-invoice software has many benefits to businesses such as optimizing the cost of issuance, shipping, printing, and deployment time, etc.

electronic invoice management system E-Invoice

Safe electronic invoice system E- Invoice

Outstanding advantage: 

  • Accountants can easy to fully declare all prescribed taxes and pay tax electronically.
  • The software connects to other software: e-invoices, electronic digital signatures, sales, etc.
  • The software automatically enters documents: invoices, sales bills, bank statements, etc.
  • There are hundreds of management reports according to the template and even designed and edited by yourself.
  • The software automatically aggregates data on tax reports, financial statements, and books.

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Electronic invoice software IHOADON

iHOADON is a product of EFY Vietnam Information Technology Joint Stock Company. This is a financial accounting solution with fully integrated features. In addition, iHOADON is designed to be very minimalistic and convenient for use.

Electronic invoice software IHOADON

IHOADON invoice management software

Outstanding advantage

  • The software fully meets the business of electronic invoices through convenient features and is very easy to use.
  • It is integrated with many management tools.
  • The interface is designed to be simple, easy to operate.
  • IHOADON software is certified with US technology copyright, so it ensures peace of mind about security, no worries about data loss, no worries about revealing personal information.
  • Types of statistical report is diverse, easy to reconcile, and manage invoices.

Electronic invoice m​anagement software EFY Vietnam

EFY Vietnam is an application developed by the information technology company EFY Vietnam. EFY provides a very effective invoice management solution that fully meets invoicing operations, is easy to integrate, and saves a variety of costs.

Electronic invoice management software EFY Vietnam

Electronic invoice software EFY Vietnam

Outstanding advantage

  • Automatically get purchase/sold invoice data to declare tax on other software
  • Support portal to issue e-invoices to customers/partners
  • Support customers to receive invoices via Email, Website, and SMS
  • Support diverse models for electronic invoice creation.

NEW-INVOICE electronic invoice management application

NEW-INVOICE is a software developed by NEW Invoice electronic invoice joint stock company. In particular, this software is highly appreciated by the Hanoi Tax Department for its quality and credibility. However, NEW-INVOICE is not widely in the market, but this software helps businesses save costs, and supports professional, smart, and flexible consulting.

NEW-INVOICE electronic invoice management application

NEW-INVOICE electronic invoice management application

Outstanding advantage

  • Support quick and convenient initialization of invoice templates with diverse forms
  • Support for the Batch invoice is very convenient, and easy, saving time and effort
  • Integrate with other popular accounting and sales software
  • Upload quickly and conveniently customers and products
  • Keep a close eye on your dues and bill payments.

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Amnote - electronic invoice software 

Amnote electronic invoice software is a software developed by NC9 Vietnam Co., Ltd. The software is a professional solution for creating and issuing e-invoices as well as managing invoices. In particular, this software is assessed by the General Department of Taxation to meet the standards for use.

Amnote - electronic invoice software

Amnote Invoice Management Too

Outstanding advantages:

  • Support to perform all invoice-related transactions via software including creating, adjusting, replacing, deleting, and discounting invoices
  • Provide designed invoice templates and customized invoice templates
  • Allow sending e-invoices to customers via Email
  • Support to find and download invoices on the customer's personal website
  • Automatically report the status of invoices monthly and quarterly
  • Guarantee high security and allow granting access rights for employees.

SInvoice - electronic invoice management software 

SInvoice is an electronic invoice software of the Viettel network operator. This software provides electronic invoice management solutions for businesses. SInvoice entirely creates, sends, receives, stores, and manages invoices electronically.

Electronic invoice management software

Electronic invoice management application SInvoice

Outstanding advantage:

  • Create Invoices directly on the interface of the software
  • Provide options for sample invoices or customized invoices
  • Offer module designed and linked to the General Department of Taxation
  • Provide a portal available for customers to look up information easily.

Criteria for choosing safe and effective electronic invoice software 

A good electronic invoice software needs to meet the following criteria:

  • Manage e-invoices in accordance with state regulations
  • Access easily, and use complete electronic invoices when needed.
  • E-invoices have legal validity in transactions and hard copies can be printed directly by printing software.
  • Stably operates, with no glitches or problems when using.
  • Provide must-have warranty policies in the course of business use.
  • Help businesses to save costs, and simplify output quickly.
  • Built on a modern technology platform with high security.
  • Trusted by many people.

The above article has summarized information about the most effective and safe electronic invoice software today. Hopefully, through the article, businesses will choose the appropriate e-invoice software. In addition, if you face challenges in the process of management in your business, please contact Viindoo via 0225 730 9838 for advice and support. 

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Top 8 most effective and safe electronic invoice software
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