Top 9 Effective Cashier Software For Today’s Businesses

Cashier software is a great choice to support managers and restaurant owners with loss restrictions or decrease in revenue. With Viindoo business management software, let's learn the best software in this article! 

What is cashier software? 

Cashier software is a tool that supports and optimizes tasks such as automatic payments, printing invoices for customers, etc. To do that, the software has the ability to integrate with billing software such as scanners, printers, etc. As a result, the payment at the POS counter will be faster and more professional, avoiding unnecessary errors and controlling the business situation of the store.

Suno - Extremely convenient mini supermarket cashier software

Cashier management software is indispensable in today's time

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Benefits of using cashier software 

Cashiers now do not need to manually check the number of orders or calculate the amount to be paid thanks to the software that helps to simplify the sales process through a few steps. Then, the software will automatically calculate the total amount as well as print the invoice in detail.

Automated cashiers, minimizing errors ​

Cashiers now do not need to manually check the number of orders or calculate the amount to be paid thanks to the software that helps to simplify the sales process through a few steps. Then, the software will automatically calculate the total amount as well as print the invoice in detail.

Software to help reduce errors

Software to help reduce errors 

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Calculating invoices on promotions more flexible

When stores have promotions and discounts, the software will automatically deduct the amount or percentage of the promotion. Customers will receive a discount or discount invoice according to the code that has been used. 

In addition, the software helps to store customer purchase information clearly. Thanks to that, the store could arrange promotions and gratitude programs for loyal customers when they visit the store regularly. 

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Shorten waiting time

At peak times, grocery stores, restaurants, supermarkets, cafes often see customers waiting for payment and the staff could not work at full capacity. 

Cashier software is an effective assistant to help stores shorten the payment time for customers to only about 10 seconds. Managers will not have to worry much about calculations, and the process of printing invoices for customers also becomes faster. As a result, the store will reduce overload, and customers will no longer have to wait for payment.

Revenue aggregation feature

The software will automatically update the revenue, profit and loss of the store, restaurant, supermarket, and cafe instead of having staff to calculate it manually or record it in books and excel. Based on these data, the manager can easily grasp the business situation of the store, thereby planning a more detailed sales strategy.

Diversify payment methods

With ever-evolving technology, cashier software supports flexible payment methods - not only in the traditional form, but also in form of QR code, transfer, swipe card, etc. Thanks to that, the software can meet all demands of customers.

Suno - Extremely convenient mini supermarket cashier software

Payment feature by scanning QR code

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Top 9 best cashier software today 

Below is a list of 9 cashier software for supermarkets, restaurants, and cafes today:

Viindoo POS

Viindoo POS software  is a comprehensive combination of cashier management and effective store chain management. Viindoo POS can support stores to improve service quality, shorten checkout time and increase operational productivity thanks to outstanding advantages such as:

  • Cashier management at multiple points of sale or at other stores at the same time on one device.
  • Data synchronization on price policy, sales, customer information thanks to the ability to link with Sales accounting software, warehouse management and customer care, etc in the all-in-all business management software Viindoo. Thanks to that, the store can instantly update the Price Lists, Promotions, Discounts. Support running multiple price lists for a product in parallel (Wholesale, retail...).  
  • Time and efficiency optimize for cashier work with simple, easy-to-use operations. Print invoices instantly with just one click.
  • Supported payments with various methods such as cash, bank transfer, deduction of bonus points, etc. 
  • Easy connection with supporting devices such as scanners, print barcodes, electronic scales, automatic safes, etc on many devices (PC, Laptop, Ipad, POS Monitor, etc.).
  • And many more outstanding features waiting for customers to discover with Viindoo POS.
Sapo - Platform for sales and management

Viindoo POS - the optimal software for stores, supermarkets, etc.

All-In-One Retail Software Solution


Tightly Manage Every Aspect of Your Store Chain on a Single Platform!

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Kiotviet: Convenient store cashier software

Kiotviet software brings extremely modern and convenient features, helping to improve work efficiency as well as the ability to calculate quickly. KiotViet has features such as: 

  • Clear and detailed statistics
  • Saving customer information for more dedicated care and advice. 
  • Friendly and intuitive interface ensures uses on many devices such as: phones, laptops, ipads, PCs,... Restaurant owners can control effective cashier tasks at all times. everywhere.
Suno - Extremely convenient mini supermarket cashier software

Kiotviet - Effective business management 

Sapo: Sales management solution, effective payment support

Sapo chain store management software is developed by Sapo Technology Joint Stock Company. The application integrates both payment and cashier functions, helping users to better manage the store business situation when used. Outstanding features of Sapo are mentioned such as: 

  • Flexible table conversion 
  • Sales management, revenue management or inventory tracking.
  • Decentralize accounts with a guaranteed level of security. 
  • Export sales reports by day, by week, by month or even by quarter to serve the needs of tracking and controlling sales revenue
Sapo - Platform for sales and management

Sapo - Platform for sales and management

Pos365: Popular sales & management platform

Pos365 launched with a simple and intuitive interface design. This is one of the POS management software that brings an enjoyable experience with useful features such as: 

  • Quick and accurate installation on any device. 
  • Information and orders will be stored on a cloud computing platform with large-capacity resources.  
  • The function of managing and saving revenue and expenditure transactions of cashiers, warehouses, and kitchens. 
  • Detailed statistics and reports on many devices, helping users to manage cashiers remotely extremely conveniently.
Suno - Extremely convenient mini supermarket cashier software

Pos365 - Great solution for sales management, effective payment support

Posapp: The most popular restaurant cashier App

It can be said that Posapp possesses extremely useful features such as the ability to manually enter coupon codes. , manage customers, employees, statistics, and billing, as well as integrate revenue and expenditure management books.

It is easy for users to use with only quick operations, saving time and costs while ensuring high management efficiency.

Dan Tri Soft Software

Posapp's versatile sales management solution

Vietbill: Free, fast billing software

Vietbill software offers a great solution for restaurants or cafes with a very simple interface. The software has features such as: 

  • Customer information management system, 
  • Statistics and reports from time to time, 
  • Automatic billing to help users perform effective and accurate cashier calculations.
Suno - Extremely convenient mini supermarket cashier software

Vietbill - Restaurant and store cashier software

Dan Tri Soft: multi-purpose sales management software

Dan Tri Soft software is cashier software with a friendly interface design, easy to use on any device. The software provides the necessary features such as making lists of goods, prices, initializing data, connecting payment voucher printers, warehouse reports, managing revenue and expenses, etc. These outstanding features is to save management steps and optimize cashier's work.

Dan Tri Soft Software

Dan Tri Soft Software

Cukcuk: Sales management solution, effective payment support

Cukcuk is a sales management solution suitable for all business models from small to restaurant chains. The software supports management anytime, anywhere, and controls the number of customers visiting as well as the productivity of employees. 

Some outstanding features of the software:

  • Easy to control when importing and exporting materials and goods.
  • Automatically set up books, record, and report revenue in real time.
  • Support cashier to calculate money quickly and accurately.
  • Allow management in the business process remotely on the phone.
  • Accurate and detailed revenue and expenditure management.
  • Can work offline even when there is a power outage or no internet connection.
Suno - Extremely convenient mini supermarket cashier software

Cukcuk software - Sales management solution

Suno: Mini supermarket cashier software

The last software to appear in this list is Suno - effective mini supermarket cashier software. With an extremely simple interface, supermarket cashier software Suno is easy to use, even for newbies. Features of Suno software such as:

  • Cash counting at the counter 
  • Management of goods in and out of inventory 
  • Sales 
  • Create smart sales promotions, etc.
Suno - Extremely convenient mini supermarket cashier software

Suno - Extremely convenient mini supermarket cashier software


Cashier software prioritizes security to protect sensitive customer information and transaction data. It employs encryption protocols, secure payment gateways, and compliance with data protection regulations to ensure customer privacy.

Yes, many cashier software solutions offer integrations with other business tools such as accounting software, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and e-commerce platforms, allowing for seamless data transfer and streamlined operations.

Yes, cashier software is available in various versions and pricing plans to accommodate businesses of different sizes. Whether you are a small retail store or a large chain, there are cashier software options that can scale with your business needs.

Each tool possesses outstanding features to suit each user's needs. Viindoo hopefully, the article shared above can help businesses/stores choose the best cashier software. Contact us via the hotline at 0225 730 9838 if your business needs more advice on business management and administration solutions!

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