What is the work process and How to effectively build it?

An effective work process brings benefits to both employees and teams. How can businesses build a standard and professional work process that brings high performance? Viindoo clarifies the above issue in this article.

What is the work process?

Work process refers to regulations and methods to carry out work according to a certain standard and sequence. Businesses can continuously change work processes until they find an appropriate process to apply. Common work processes in businesses include customer management, operation management, production management, etc.

What is the work process

What is the work process

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Benefits of building an effective workflow

The professional work process of businesses helps the work among departments be smooth, thus, businesses can achieve the highest efficiency. In more detail, Viindoo provides the benefits of a standard workflow to businesses below.

  • Smooth the enterprise apparatus and improve coordination among individuals and departments within the business.
  • Improve working efficiency and help quickly detect and solve arising problems.
  • Eliminate unimportant working steps and reduce clutter in working stages, thereby saving time and human resources for businesses.
  • Help the work to happen continuously and on schedule.
  • Create convenience, limit risks during the working process, and help evaluate the level of job completion.
work process of businesses

The proper workflow creates harmony among members

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Guidelines for building the work process of businesses

Every business wants a complete work process to improve working performance. However, how to build a work process? How to be reasonable and achieve the most effectiveness? To find the answer, businesses can refer to the information provided by Viindoo below.

Step 1 - Define work goals

Businesses need to define the goals of their work to build a rational workflow. These goals can come from the need for renewal of working standards, re-establishment of the enterprise structure, or requirements of leadership and the market.

work process

Define goals to build the workflow

In addition, defining goals helps businesses determine methods, time, and resource allocation to finish work. Businesses also have to define the scope of the work process to limit the content of work to be done.

Step 2 - Determine the number of steps in each work

The number of steps to perform the work more or less depends on the nature of each work. There will be from 8 to 12 steps to perform the work on average. Businesses can apply the formula 5W-1H-5M to determine the suitable number of steps.

Formula 5W-1H-5M includes: 

  • What? The work content of a process after being agreed upon.
  • Why? Goals and job requirements of each member or team in the company.
  • When? Task start and end times.
  • Where? Location of the task.
  • Who? People related to the work.
  • How? Method of performing the task.

5M includes the following elements:

  • Man: Human resources with adequate qualifications, skills, etc.
  • Money: Costs spent to implement the project, the number of disbursements, etc.
  • Material: Standard of materials and supply system.
  • Machine: Machines, equipment, technology, etc. 
  • Method: Clear work methods.
work process

Model 5W-1H-5M

Step 3 - Determine the number of people performing the work

Businesses determine the number of people and requirements for qualifications depending on the type of work and the difficulty level of that work. Besides, business leaders need to carefully consider the adequate amount of human resources to finish that work.

work process of businesses

Ensure adequate personnel to get the job done

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Step 4 - Inspect the current work process

Inspection of the current work process allows businesses to detect the existing problems in the working apparatus. Therefore, managers can have solutions to improve the work process.

work process

Inspection of workflow is very important

Criteria to evaluate and control work quality include:

  • How is the workload ?
  • Which are suitable implementation methods and supporting tools?
  • What is the project content and focus of the work?

When determining the inspection method, businesses need to clarify the following factors:

  • What is the order and content to perform the inspection?
  • Are the qualifications and skills of the examiner satisfactory?
  • How frequently is the inspection?
  • What are the important things to inspect?

Step 5 - Evaluate the completion level of the content​

After conducting an inspection of the work process, examiners need to evaluate the completion level of each content. There should be a measure to evaluate the level of completion of the performed content. In case of arising problems, businesses can also quickly provide timely solutions.

What is the work process?

Evaluate completion level to come up with suitable solutions

Businesses need to process trial production, in-process inspection, and finally recalculation of the feasibility of the work process closely in good order. The contents for inspection are usually the steps taken, frequency, tools, human resources, etc.

Step 6 - Describe the steps of the work

This is the time when leaders and superiors give their team members a guide on what to do. Depending on the type and volume of work as well as the level of individuals, the description of steps to perform work may vary. However, the ultimate goal is to give people a specific view of the work.

Build work processes for departments

Business leaders should describe the details of the work to the members

Step 7 - Complete the instructions and attached documents

Finally, business leaders need to complete the documents and instructions for the work process. They also need to make sure everyone understands the guidelines, definitions, and terms in the working process.

work process

Prepare documents to avoid omissions for work

All documents and forms should be attached together to help employees avoid omissions and confusion when doing work. A work process that is attached with detailed documentation will bring higher work efficiency.

Work process control with Viindoo Project

Businesses can completely build processes and control work efficiency manually. However, management support software can help businesses simplify the work process with high efficiency. With Viindoo Project, businesses can easily build work processes and exercise control efficiently.

build work process

The report interface of the Viindoo Project

Viindoo Project is helpful with features allowing convenient project management. Accordingly, the level of work completion of members will be continuously updated. This helps avoid delays and slow working progress of employees.

In addition, Viindoo Project also supports businesses in standardizing the work process. The operations to perform the work will become simpler and follow a certain process. Therefore, users will be able to quickly update the latest relevant news and get the job done.

The Viindoo software values users with outstanding features such as:

  • Provide a modern interface with intuitive data displayed like kanban, time schedule and Gantt chart allowing users to quickly grasp information.
  • Offer smart work mode with many attractive features such as sending messages and documents, creating automatic calendars, and working online anytime and anywhere.
  • Function forecasting and notifying users. This helps better allocation of time and human resources, as well as allows close tracking of working progress.
  • Provide a detailed reporting system with diverse report templates. Thanks to that, users can quickly make the most complete and scientific reports.
  • Allows users to connect with other support software such as Viindoo Sales, Viindoo CRM, Viindoo invoicing, etc.

With useful features, Viindoo Project brings customers optimal solutions in business management and the development of effective work processes.


To conclude, businesses with a suitable work process can increase efficiency and eliminate many unnecessary work steps. Viindoo hopes that with the information contained in the article, businesses can get an overview of the steps of an effective workflow.

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What is the work process and How to effectively build it?
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