What is Slack? Tips for using Slack simply and effectively

What is Slack? What features does this software have that stand out from other online chat platforms? In the article below, Viindoo Enterprise Software will provide information you need to know about Slack and how to apply this tool to business operations. Read on now for more details.

What is Slack software?

Slack is online messaging and teamwork software used internally by businesses. The Slack application has the function of creating an online platform, thereby, individuals in the organization can easily communicate and connect with each other. The software will support users to send text messages and share reports, documents, image files, etc. quickly and easily.

What is Slack
Slack is a popular online messaging software.

You must have heard of the concept of Internet Relay Chat (IRC). It can be said that IRC and Slack have similar functions. Businesses can build chat rooms according to groups and departments in the organization. The functions will be customized as stated by the needs of the user.

Slack App Features

Slack is favored by many businesses because of the great features it brings. Thanks to this tool, communication activities in the organization will take place more smoothly and coherently. In addition, information between departments will also be transmitted quickly, ensuring work progress.

What is Slack app features
The application has many great features.

Some of the special features of Slack include the following:

  • Automatic reminder: For busy office workers, this is a handy function. Slack allows users to set specific times for each task. When the deadline, the reminder software will issue a notification. This will ensure tasks are solved in sequence, achieving high performance.
  • Message pinning: When businesses have important information to pass on, the app supports message pinning to make sure that notifications are accessible to all team members.
  • Theme: The application will have a purple default theme. However, users can completely change the color of the conversation to create something new. In addition, this feature will distinguish workgroups from each other, facilitating search.
  • Edit message: If the user provides incorrect information, unfortunately, do not worry too much. Slack allows editing messages even after they have been sent. Businesses need to click on the cog and directly edit the original content.
  • Link with other storage applications: Slack software allows data storage up to 5GB, equivalent to 10,000 messages. The application also supports saving documents on other platforms such as Google DrivDrive, Dropbox, GitHub, etc. This feature will meet the maximum information storage needs of businesses.
  • Emoji: Icons in Slack will make conversations more fun and comfortable. Users can entirely create their unique emojis.
  • Team directory: Slack will provide users with complete information about the title and locations of other teammates in the group.

Simple and easy way to use Slack

After having a basic understanding of what Slack is, businesses also need to know how to use this software in their organization's activities. Slack's features are all incredibly intuitive and easy to understand. Users can completely create their own chat channel without spending much time.

Summary of basic commands in Slack

The commands in the Slack application will help a lot in the business process. Capturing each command as well as its function and use will make the operation of the software go more smoothly. Here is a list of the most prominent commands in Slack:

  • @channel: Channel is also known as "discussion rooms" on Slack. This command will group members by different departments and jobs. Users can send messages to everyone in the channel by typing @channel and then adding the message content. However, consider the privacy of information when using this command. Sometimes, not all members of the group are involved in the message being sent.
  • @username: This command is used to tag a certain member of the group. For example, when the user wants to communicate information to a person named Mai, enter @Mai with the message content.
  • @here: This command is functionally the same as the @channel. However, when using the @here command, business messages will only be sent to people who are currently online.
  • DM: When the message content is private, the user can choose to send the message to a specific individual using the DM.
  • Private Group: Unlike Channel, in a Private Group, messages will only be exchanged between a certain group of people. This supports the security of important information within the organization.
  • /shrug: This command will add \_(ツ)_/¯ to the sent message.
  • /open: This command will open a new discussion room.
  • /leave: This command refers to leaving a Channel.
  • /collapse: When using this command, all normal gif files and images on the channel will be hidden.
Businesses need to understand the commands in Slack to use the software easilyBusinesses need to understand the commands in Slack to use the software easily.

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Ways to create more Channels 

Adding a new Channel to Slack has the main purpose of opening a conversation and connecting people together. The operation of creating a discussion room on the software is also extremely simple. Businesses just need to follow these steps:

Step 1: In the menu on the left of the Slack platform, click Add Channel and then Create a channel.

Step 2: Proceed to name the newly created Channel in the Name section. Users can describe the channel at Description. Choose to Make private if businesses want to create a private Channel. Finally, click Create.

Step 3: Invite members by entering members' emails, then click Add.

Slack allows creative many different Channels
Slack allows creative many different Channels.

Ways to set up and customize channels

After understanding what is Slack, users can already know the application gives them a lot of benefits. Customizing options in Slack creates a communication channel tailored to the needs of each business. Users can personalize the Slack platform by:

Step 1: Click on the Channel that you want to customize, then select the i icon.

Step 2: Click Add to add members. Next, select More, the screen will display the following settings:

  • Channel notification: Choose the notifications that appear in the chat channel.
  • Mute: Mute the conversation.
  • Rename Channel.
  • Jump to date.
  • Add app.
  • Additional options.
  • Manage posting permissions.
Businesses can customize the Slack app to fit their needs
Businesses can customize the Slack app to fit their needs.

Ways to send a private message

Sometimes, users will want to message a specific member. Because the content of the information is private, it is not appropriate to send it to the Channel. Understanding this, Slack supports sending private messages easily. In the Direct Messages section, just click on the recipient's name, then compose and send a message in the chat box.

Slack lets you send private messages
Slack lets you send private messages.

Ways to find messages and users

In a group, information is transmitted between many different people, causing complex sources of information. Slack software also has a feature assisting to find messages and colleague accounts when needed. The operation is extremely simple. Users only type the content they want to find in the search bar, then the results will appear immediately.

Ways to edit, delete and pin messages

As the information mentioned above, the software has a nifty function for editing messages. Users can use different options for messages like repair, permanently delete or pin the message. To do this, just point to the message, click on the three dots, select Edit message, Delete message, and Pin to this conversation.

In-app messages can be edited, deleted or pinned
In-app messages can be edited, deleted or pinned.

Customize notifications for Slack

Sometimes, members of the business are added to many different groups that they feel confused. In this case, customizing notifications will be extremely helpful. Users just need to right-click on a certain Channel, then select Channel notification.

Users can customize notifications in the Slack app
Users can customize notifications in the Slack app.

How to leave Channel

During the operation, the enterprise will have temporary and short-term projects. Once complete, the group chat between individuals in the project will no longer exist. At this time, some of the group members would like to leave the channel to avoid receiving irrelevant notifications. Users can right-click on the Channel they want to leave, then select Leave channel.

Slack users can leave channels at any time
Slack users can leave channels at any time.

How to Add and Use Emoji

Slack allows users to add the Emoji they want to the conversation. Even members can design their own interesting icons. To insert Emoji, just place your mouse over the message, then select the cog icon in the right pane and add the suitable emoji.

Emojis will make the conversation more interesting
Emojis will make the conversation more interesting.

Customize Slack's Theme

Changing the Theme of the Channel will make the conversation more interesting. Customizing the Theme on the Slack application is also extremely simple. On the Preferences Menu, users just need to select the theme bar (sidebar theme) and then use the provided Theme or click on Customize in the bottom corner to design an individual theme.

Businesses can customize the Theme to their interests
Businesses can customize the Theme to their interests.

Besides Slack, businesses can refer to solutions for information exchange and communication within businesses with Viindoo Discuss. It can be said that Viindoo Discuss is an "internal social network" platform dedicated to businesses with outstanding features and advantages.

The most outstanding feature of Viindoo Discuss is the integration of the work exchange interface and chat frame on all software in the Viindoo enterprise management software system. Employees when performing any job - from creating purchase orders, sales orders, payments, invoices, etc. can exchange directly at the management interface of that job or task. Users can also send emails directly to customers right from the software interface itself. As a result, all work exchanges are centralized, not scattered or omitted on many social networks.

In addition, Viindoo Discuss also has other features such as:

  • Create chat channels, departments, projects and set privacy or public
  • Add emoticons to messages, attach documents, images ,and messages easily, etc.
  • Combine with Viindoo Project task management app to optimize work performance.
  • And many other features are waiting for businesses to experience with only $8/user/month.
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The above article by Viindoo has provided the necessary information to answer the question What is Slack? This software will help businesses a lot in communicating and communicating information between organizational levels. Hope readers have gained more useful knowledge to apply in business management. See you in the next posts.

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What is Slack? Tips for using Slack simply and effectively
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