Location-based warehouse management software easily controls inventory

Warehouse management software by location is a useful solution for businesses to optimize goods and human resource management processes. However, choosing an effective warehouse management software is not simple. Understand that, Viindoo Share information with businesses about the criteria and how to choose location-based management software in the following article!

Benefits of warehouse management software by location

Warehouse management software Location shopping is a useful tool for many businesses. The benefits that this software brings to businesses include:

  • Detailed management of product location: The software allows users to control the location of each product in the warehouse in detail and accurately.
  • Search products quickly: Both managers and warehouse staff have the ability to check the company's goods information at any time. This saves time and effort, eliminating the need to check each product individually. At the same time, employees can also locate products in the warehouse easily, eliminating the risk of errors such as forgetting or misentering information.
  • Optimize personnel in the warehouse: Product location management software helps businesses save personnel in the warehouse. The number of warehouse management staff will be significantly reduced.
  • Take advantage of warehouse space: Location-based warehouse management software helps businesses update product information, including import date, export date, batch number, location and quantity, continuously and consistently. . This helps businesses make the most of warehouse space by arranging products effectively. Employees and managers can easily check the status of goods, avoiding shortages when leaving the warehouse.
  • Easily export and pick up goods: When needing to release or pick up goods, businesses just need to look up on the software. The system will display detailed information about the location and status of the product the user is looking for. This helps users save time preparing orders and ensures that products reach customers quickly, enhancing the customer's shopping experience.
Location-based warehouse management software helps businesses control goods effectivelyLocation-based warehouse management software helps businesses control goods effectively

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Criteria for choosing warehouse management software by location for the manufacturing sector

Choice Warehouse management software by location requires businesses to consider and consider carefully. Below are some criteria to help businesses choose appropriate warehouse management software according to location:

  • Software features: Location-based warehouse management software requires features such as Multi-warehouse management capabilities, management by serial/lot number, integration with barcodes, export history management warehousing, importing and exporting warehouse reports,...
  • Price of warehouse management software and trial mode: The software needs to have a reasonable cost, suitable for the business's budget. In addition, businesses should also prioritize choosing providers that allow trials before officially registering. This is an extremely important factor for businesses to consider the suitability of the software for existing warehouse management.
  • Supplier's reputation: First of all, businesses consider the software project that the supplier has implemented... A supplier with a significant number of customers is usually a reputable unit. Businesses should consider which customers they have been providing services to and whether they have had success in implementing solutions for businesses similar to themselves.
  • Level of support from supplier: Customer care is an important factor in maintaining a location-based warehouse management system. Therefore, when choosing a software provider, businesses need to consider their support capabilities. Is the supplier willing to support after the transition period? Is there 24/7 customer support? Do they offer systems training and warehouse management knowledge enhancement? Businesses should consider these factors before signing a contract.
Businesses need to choose a reputable software providerBusinesses need to choose a reputable software provider

Viindoo Inventory - Provider of warehouse management software by location

Viindoo is a modern and flexible business management solution, designed to meet all business requirements in the digital age. Each Viindoo application is powerful independently, but when combined, these solutions create breakthroughs and optimal performance.

In there,Vindoo Inventory is a powerful inventory and merchandise management tool. This is software that helps businesses optimize inventory and supply chain management, thereby improving their competitiveness in the market.

Barcode warehouse management software

Warehouse management software by location helps businesses synthesize all information about products and services, including details, actual inventory quantities, import/export forecasts, locations and arrangement rules. Based on this information, businesses can classify products by group, product code, lot number, serial number, size, and condition of goods to easily use filters and groups to customize according to needs. .

In addition, the software also helps businesses control product usage time and lifespan, as well as warn about safe times to ship goods.Vindoo Inventory also supports businesses in managing multiple units and converting units according to needs.

Phần mềm quản lý kho theo vị tríViindoo Inventory supports businesses in effective inventory control

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Manage goods in warehouse and trace products by Serial Number/Batch Number

With the feature of managing goods by serial number and batch number, businesses can manage and control goods more closely and effectively, such as tracking the history of that item from the time it is received into the warehouse to the end. When delivering goods, clearly understand the location of each product, trace the origin of goods conveniently, assign import and export activities for each batch,...

Easily track and trace products by location with batch and serial numbersEasily track and trace products by location with batch and serial numbers

Quick data entry and control operations

With Viindoo Inventory, businesses can easily trace the origin of all products and services. The system combines Lavoisier and Double Bookkeeping methods, accurately recording every movement of goods, including source location, destination, quantity details, exchange history, transaction time and person in charge. This helps businesses effectively manage inventory, inventory and product traceability.

Viindoo Inventory automatically updates data quicklyViindoo Inventory automatically updates data quickly

Manage multiple warehouses on the same platform

Viindoo Inventory allows businesses to manage many different warehouses on a single platform, based on a genealogical structure. This system automatically consolidates data and provides instant, accurate management and reporting. Besides,Vindoo Inventory also automatically suggests moving goods between warehouses to ensure businesses can quickly and promptly respond to demand for goods.

Viindoo Inventory has cross-platform integration capabilities
Viindoo Inventory has cross-platform integration capabilities
Viindoo Inventory Software

Viindoo Inventory Software


Improves the efficiency of inventory & supply chain management, and intensifies competitiveness of enterprises.

Warehouse management software by location is becoming an important tool in the inventory management process of businesses. With this solution, businesses not only simplify the inventory control process effectively but also save a lot of costs. Hopefully the above article by Viindoo has brought your business a lot of useful knowledge!

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