Is it possible to manage inventory by QR Code? Advantages and disadvantages

Warehouse management by QR Code is a method of warehouse management that is favored by many businesses today because of its high convenience. Not only saves time and costs but also helps businesses ensure maximum efficiency in warehouse management. Find out more information about this modern, smart management method in this article by Viindoo!

1. Is it possible to manage inventory by QR Code?

This is a question that many businesses are wondering about, wondering about warehouse management by QR Code. Viindoo's answer to this question is YES. QR codes are an effective way to manage warehouses and are commonly used in goods management and warehouse management.

QR codes are 2D versions of barcodes with different module configurations that store a variety of information of different lengths. The largest module configuration is approximately 177 x 177. As a result, enterprises can store inventory data with 4296 alphanumeric characters and 7089 numeric characters.

Warehouse management by QR Code
Is it possible to manage inventory by QR Code?

The biggest advantage of Warehouse management by barcode is that it is possible to glean a lot of information from a simple scan. A standard barcode stores about 25 characters.

On the other hand, a QR code can contain 100 times more characters. Information is also encrypted so that a more secure management system can be created. QR Code integrates up to 3 levels of error detection. This will make it easier for businesses to detect smaller errors.

The downside of using QR codes is that the barcode needs to be kept intact, at least 70%. If the sticker or print is torn, dirty or improperly made, it will not be usable.

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2. How is QR Code warehouse management different from barcodes?

Along with the development of technology, many businesses now no longer use traditional methods such as paper or excel sheets to memorize as well as store product information. Instead, use the information encoded with a QR Code stamp. And of course, there is still a difference between QR codes and traditional barcodes.

Both are barcodes, but QR Code is somewhat more modern and advanced than traditional barcodes. In a nutshell, a traditional barcode is a series of adjacent bars, up to 20 numeric characters. While QR Code has a larger capacity with a maximum of 4296 alphanumeric characters and 7089 numeric characters.

Thanks to that, the amount of information transmitted by QR codes is much larger than that of traditional barcodes. Not only that, but the QR Code is also much smaller in size than the traditional Barcode.

Compare the difference between QR Code and traditional barcode:

QR CodeTraditional barcodes
Hold a lot of inventory data (approximately 7000 characters)
Holds little inventory data (8-25 characters)
Can scan the code with many devices such as phones
Codes can only be scanned with specific devices
Scan range depends on the size of the code
Scanning range from 30cm - 5m
Can add logo and customize color
Can't add logo and customize color
High code scanning capability - can scan codes from multiple angles
Low code scanning

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3. Benefits of using QR Code to manage inventory

In today's era, the more efficient the warehouse management, the more optimally support the business performance of the business. Therefore, more and more businesses are looking for ways to warehouse management by QR Code for the following reasons:

  • Automatically generate import/export slips: When scanning the QR Code printed on the product, right after that, the input/output quantity will be integrated into the machine and sent to the software to automatically make the import/export slip. As a result, businesses will reduce some errors.
  • Superiors easily manage product information: When manual operations are switched to automatic, any errors or problems are updated at that time. As a result, businesses can
  • Easily make appropriate policies or adjustments.
  • Save time: Employees will not need to spend a lot of time locating the location of goods in the warehouse. In addition, it also helps businesses limit the loss or loss of goods. Through that, businesses will be able to manage many different locations of the warehouse.
  • Enterprises are active in production: When warehouse management by QR Code, businesses will easily grasp the status of goods in stock. Thereby, enterprises will be more proactive in production to avoid causing inventory or shortage of goods.
  • Reduce business operating costs: Cost is always the top concern of every business. Reducing operating costs will contribute to increasing working capital efficiency. Thereby the production efficiency of the enterprise will be increased. Therefore, warehouse management with barcodes is very popular in businesses.
  • Sales report: Warehouse management by QR Code It also helps businesses understand which products sell best, and which products bring high/low revenue,...
  • Don't worry about losing information: Used by modern cloud computing technology, all product data will be stored on the server. Therefore, businesses do not need to worry about damage or viruses when Warehouse management by barcode.
Warehouse management by QR CodeBenefits of using QR Code to manage inventory

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Here are the most detailed information about warehouse management by QR Code but Viindoo have been synthesized. Hope the above information will help you have a satisfactory experience!

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