10 Professional fleet and vehicle management software

Vehicle management software is built for any transportation business. These software programs support businesses to effectively manage delivery and shipment. Let's find out with Viindoo 10 popular transportation management software in the article below!

Software name

Supported platform

Viindoo Fleet

Windows, iOS, Android


Windows, iOS, Android


Windows, iOS, Android

Zoho Creator

Windows, iOS, Android 

Vehicle Management System

 iOS, Android


iOS, Android



TaaS Truck



Windows, iOS, Android

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Viindoo Fleet - Optimal vehicle management software

Viindoo Fleet is a professional and comprehensive vehicle management application that supports business owners/vehicle owners to optimize processes and operating time.

With Viindoo Fleet, businesses can quickly manage fleets as well as track vehicle-relevant information including contracts, driving records, vehicle brands, costs, services, insurance, speedometer indicators, etc. on one interface. Other useful features of the software are: 

  • Provide a friendly interface, allowing users to capture information visually through images, logos, and colors.
  • Support closely monitoring the activity and tracing the vehicle information such as driving records, contracts, costs, services, vehicle brands, speedometer index, insurance, etc.
  • Allow managing and tracking transportation activities anytime, anywhere with Internet-connected devices.
  • Offer a fast and convenient multi-dimensional analysis and reporting system. 
  • Combined with other useful applications of Viindoo, such as.

            -  Viindoo Expenses: Track and manage costs for vehicles and fleets.

         - Viindoo Employees: Support to manage drivers and employees; empower personnel to use vehicles; etc.

          - Viindoo Maintenance: Set up a regular maintenance schedule for the vehicle, ensure that the vehicle operates safely and follows the maintenance schedule, etc.


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Vietmap - Vehicle management system

Thanks to the journey monitoring platform applying GSM, GPS, and GIS technology, the software helps businesses manage every vehicle including containers, trucks, passenger cars, taxis, motorcycles, etc.

As compact black boxes on vehicles, the software works stably and reliably in all environments. Customers can feel completely assured that the management processes of the fleet and vehicles are effective.

Some typical features of the software:

  • Support for registration as well as badges for Grab, trucks, etc.
  • Provide high-speed Wi-Fi connection to satisfy the needs of music, Web-surfing, or entertainment.
  • Connect to the sensor.
  • Manage stations as well as set zone limits.
  • Provide a realistic image surveillance camera.
Vietmap vehicle management software

Professional Vietmap vehicle management application

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DVMS software

DVMS is a business specializing in software technology and solutions for transportation management, official vehicle management, etc. The DVMS software is set up with useful and optimal features for users. Besides, DVMS vehicle management software allows users to use it on mobile phones.

Some special features of the software:

  • Own an extremely user-friendly and easy-to-use software interface.
  • Support for quick and simple data entry operations.
  • Manage orders, rent cars, book cars accurately.
  • Has high security.
DVMS vehicle management software

DVMS vehicle management app on mobile phones

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GFMS - Fleet management software

GFMS is a professional vehicle management application powered by GSOFT. The software can greatly support users to manage fleets effectively. In addition, the software helps schedule maintenance and repair plans according to the technical process to maintain good conditions for vehicles.

Outstanding features of the software:

  • Own a simple and easy-to-use software interface.
  • Control cost effectively.
  • Manage fleet information in detail.
GFMS - Fleet management software

Professional fleet management software - GFMS

Vehicle management system - Free software on Android

Vehicle management system is free software on Android that helps users manage and track vehicles in real-time through smart mobile. With this system, managers can know exactly the speed, the position of the vehicle, vehicle status, temperature, or fuel level quickly.

Some typical features of the software:

  • Inform of the exact location and status of the vehicle.
  • Review the vehicle's route quickly.
  • Support to manage information about drivers, vehicles, alerts (SMS, email), and users.
  • View journey monitoring reports.
Transportation management software

Fleet management software on Android

Smartlog - Transportation management software

Smartlog the fleet management software is built for transportation and other businesses. The software supports efficient management of distribution, freight forwarding, etc. applying the modern technology platform. Therefore, Smartlog helps many businesses save more money and control delivery and shipping costs.

Some special features of the software:

  • Manage documents conveniently.
  • Monitor actual transit time with GPS, black box, mobile GPS, etc.
  • Manage problems related to arising costs such as bridges and roads, surcharges, etc.
  • Analysis and support to propose helpful solutions for cost allocation, for example, for gasoline, road trips, repairs, etc.
Truck management software

Smartlog the professional transportation management software

iParking software

iParking vehicle management system provides parking information and supports payment via smart mobile in Vietnam. With just a few basic steps on the phone, users can pay for parking quickly without having to use cash.

Some outstanding features of the software:

  • Create an account quickly in about 5 minutes.
  • Update vacancy information and accompanying services in real time.
  • Manage multiple vehicles on one account.
  • Allow payment via international cards.
Fleet management software

iParking vehicle management application on phones

TaaS Truck - Trucking management software

TaaS is a truck management software that allows businesses to connect with computers and mobile devices to manage orders in real-time. The manager can track the status, location and time of order as well as support drivers and customers when needed.

Some useful features of the software:

  • Support businesses to closely manage fleet vehicles.
  • Assist expense management.
  • Own an easy-to-use software interface.
  • Support close-knit connections between logistics businesses with customers or garages.
Vehicle management software

TaaS - Trucking management software for businesses

Zoho Creator Software

Zoho Creator transportation management software enables fleet managers to efficiently manage and customize transportation processes such as distributing, tracking, and monitoring movement.

Some outstanding features of the software:

  • Own a simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Manage fleets quickly with mobile devices.
  • Update continuously detailed transportation information.
  • Solve cost issues.
Trucking management software

Customizable fleet management application Zoho Creator

Drivvo - Vehicle management app

Drivvo is a vehicle management app that supports effective cost control for cars and motorcycles. The app helps users track refueling and maintenance, as well as generate reports and set reminders for important events.

Some outstanding features of the software:

  • Control all costs for vehicles.
  • Provide detailed reports on vehicle refueling, costs, and vehicle services.
  • Calculate costs for the vehicle directly in the software.
Vehicle management software

Drivvo vehicle management app helps control all costs of motorcycles and cars

The above article is about 10 vehicle management software for businesses to refer to. Hopefully, the article will help users choose the appropriate software for vehicle management needs. Follow Viindoo to update more useful information!

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10 Professional fleet and vehicle management software
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