Program to support businesses in digital transformation of the Government of Vietnam

Currently, the Government of Vietnam is implementing the program Support businesses in digital transformation to create motivation and promote economic development. With a clear and detailed roadmap, businesses will create conditions to carry out digital transformation. Let's learn more about this program in the following article Viindoo Please!

Programs to support businesses in digital transformation of the Vietnamese Government

To support domestic businesses to keep up with the development of the world economy, the Vietnamese Government has approved the Support Program Digital Transformation in Business, Cooperatives and Individual businesses in the period 2021-2025. The goal of the Program is to promote digital transformation in businesses by helping organizations and individuals raise awareness about digitalization, develop digital vision and strategy.

The project has proposed a series of activities for implementation in the Digital Business Support Program, including:

  • Form and organize a network of digital transformation consultants for production and business organizations
  • Organize training courses and seminars to provide knowledge and skills about digital transformation for businesses.
  • Support the implementation of digital technology solutions and provide consulting services on digital transformation
  • Capital support to help businesses apply technology and digital transformation
  • Facilitate businesses to access and use national databases, helping to optimize business operations.
  • Provide support programs so businesses can access and use cloud computing services and information technology solutions.

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Roadmap of activities to support businesses in digital transformation

The business support process within 5 months will be carried out as follows:

  • Come up with a plan to work with the business.
  • Evaluate the situation of implementing digital transformation of the enterprise
  • Discuss with businesses about directions, goals and development strategies for business activities
  • Establish a roadmap to improve information systems for businesses, including:
    • Determine a roadmap consistent with the business strategy of the enterprise.
    • Assign tasks to each department of the business participating in the program, with specific goals and performance indicators (KPI).
    • Assess possible risks and challenges, propose solutions to resolve them
    • Develop a preliminary estimate of financial resources for programs and projects.
    • Recommend the digital transformation solutions and the right technology platform for each stage of the transformation process
  • Develop reports on the enterprise's digital transformation strategy and implementation process.
Roadmap of activities to support businesses in digital transformationRoadmap of activities to support businesses in digital transformation

Viindoo - Unit supporting Vietnamese businesses in their digital transformation journey

On October 9, 2022, Viindoo was honored to receive the Vietnam Digital Transformation Award 2022 (Vietnam Digital Awards - VDA 2022) in the field of typical digital products, solutions and technology. This is one of the most prestigious awards in the field of digital transformation in Vietnam, organized by the Vietnam Digital Communications Association (VDCA) and the Ministry of Information and Communications.

The Viindoo award is a recognition of the Viindoo team's continuous efforts in developing and providing high-quality enterprise management software (ERP) solutions that meet the needs of Vietnamese businesses. Men in the era of digital transformation.

With many years of experience implementing digital transformation, Viindoo has deployed resource management software for businesses of many different sizes. Viindoo's team includes experts with extensive understanding of the field of digital transformation and can confidently bring businesses the best services. digital transformation consulting and excellent transformation implementation.

Viindoo supports businesses in implementing digital transformationViindoo supports businesses in implementing digital transformation

Viindoo's digital deployment process includes the following steps:

  • Research: Viindoo will identify working methods, processes and existing difficulties in the business. At the same time, the unit also researches the business activities of the enterprise to prepare for the implementation process.
  • Implementation: At the implementation stage, Viindoo conducts data planning and process testing, provides user manuals, training, and transfers the enterprise's data storage system. The unit will also adjust and update data to prepare for the Go-live phase - trial experience.
  • Go-live: Viindoo will guide and support users according to plan, fix errors (if necessary), and resolve any problems that arise.
  • Final report: Viindoo will provide a report on project reality and timesheets, as well as an acceptance report for the business.

Programme Support businesses in digital transformation of the Government of Vietnam is an important step in promoting the country's economic development. This program also creates conditions for businesses to participate in the digital revolution and keep up with global trends. Let's read the next articles of Viindoo to learn more useful economic knowledge!

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