12+ effective and sustainable strategies to increase customer retention

Customer retention is the business strategy of each enterprise. This will help the businesses maintain and stabilize the number of loyal customers. So which is the most impressive of customer retention art? Learn more about the 12 secrets to retaining customers in this Viindoo article.

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Use a loyalty program

The loyalty program is also one of the best ways for companies to effectively and quickly retain customers and expand their loyal customer base, thanks to the benefits:

  • Motivate customers to purchase, increasing revenue effectively.
  • Expand the loyal customer segment for businesses.
  • Collect and manage customer information.
  • Create a new channel for customer acquisition!

Some popular loyalty programs that businesses can apply:

Earn points by order value

One of the most popular variations of the loyalty program is based on the order value paid by customers in every purchase at your stores. This program calculates and devises the score that your customers can receive with each of their purchases.

customer retention
Set up rules for accumulating points, with Viindoo Loyalty Program

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Earn points by the number of purchased products

To encourage customers to buy and use a wider range of products, you can build a program to accumulate points according to the number of products that customers have bought.

customer retention strategy

Set up rules to accumulate points according to the number of products purchased,
with Viindoo Loyalty Program

Earn points by store visits

To encourage customers to visit your stores more frequently, let them earn points for each visit, regardless of their order values. This makes your store their frequent place.

customer retention

Set up rules to accumulate points on orders by store visits, with Viindoo Loyalty Program

Besides, businesses can provide attractive rewards for loyalty programs

Reem gift points

Accumulating points to receive gifts is a simple, popular, and highly appealing way to attract customers. You should make a redemption rule comprising milestones, for example: Redeem 1000 points for a flower vase, Redeem 1500 points for lighting equipment, etc.

customer retention

Set up a redemption rule by the number of visits with each order with Viindoo Loyalty Program

Redeem points for coupons or discounts

Besides gift exchange, direct discount on orders using loyalty points is also a widely-applied method.

customer retention strategy

Accumulate gift points with Viindoo Loyalty Program

Redeem points for a favorable price

When the required milestone points is reached, customers can buy one or multiple products at a much more favorable price than the original price. It not only encourages customers to earn more points to reach the important milestone, but also drives sales for complementary products.

Receive feedback with a positive attitude

Receiving customer reviews with a positive attitude is the first Customer retention secret. Through this, businesses can also draw lessons from existing shortcomings. From there, the businesses can come up with solutions to solve and overcome the above problems for longer-term customer retention.

art of customer retention

The positive service attitude of the business will bring satisfaction to customers

Besides, a positive attitude when receiving reviews also helps businesses create a good impression on customers. People attach not only great importance to the quality of products and services, but also pay great attention to the service style of the business. Therefore, always be a receptive business and always be grateful for customer reviews.

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Always say thank you and keep a warm attitude

As mentioned above, the working style of the business is very important to customer retention. Whenever receiving a thank you or being treated warmly, anyone is very happy and satisfied. So put yourself in the shoes of more people to provide the best services and experiences.

customer retention

Always say thank you whenever possible

Customer categorization to serve more attentively

Customers always want to find products that match their personal preferences and needs. Therefore, customer categorization will help businesses provide better quality services. This secret is also a way to maintain a stable and long-term customer base that businesses should apply.

customer retention strategy

Customer categorization makes it easy for businesses to serve

Customers can be grouped based on age, gender, income, interests, geographical location, etc. After completing the customer information, businesses will know how to serve each object accordingly.

Products and services are always synchronized and consistent

The synchronization of products and services is important both in appearance and quality. In fact, customers are always looking for a brand that can meet user requirements. At the same time, businesses bring the best at any time and put customers in the first place.

customer retention

Customers prefer to choose high-quality products and services

Synchronization and consistency of products and services also need to be maintained throughout the operation of the business. Just like that, customer retention old and new can achieve the best effect.

Use email marketing campaigns

The other secret to customer retention is to use an Email Marketing Campaign. This form of marketing serves as a way to periodically remind customers of the service's availability. Besides, this option can also help businesses become closer to customers, thereby increasing the rate of customer retention.

customer retention

Using email is an effective way to retain customers

With the support of today's technological devices, sending periodic marketing emails to customers is not a waste of time. Businesses only need to schedule and email content, then the system will automatically send emails. The email content is not necessary only to remind about the product, but can also be inquiries, health wishes, and promotional information, etc.

Develop incentive programs according to deadlines

Businesses can customer retention by building incentive programs, and discount codes. Customers will feel more cared about, noticed, and prioritized. Not only that, but the incentive programs also create surprises, and stimulate customers to buy and use the company's products more. Incentives should be made to suit different occasions.

art of customer retention

Customers prefer to choose products with many incentives

Personalize the customer experience

Each customer is an individual, so the way to experience services and products will also be different. This requires that the service also needs to be different. Businesses also need to pay attention to personalizing the experience for each object. At this time, customers will realize their own position in the business.

customer retention

Customer experiences are different

This interest can come from small actions such as reminding customers by name, sending birthday wishes, and sending personalized emails with appropriate content, etc. These services will create a better impression in the heart of each customer. It can be said that personalizing customer experience is one of the unique methods that businesses should not miss.

Build a refund policy, return goods quickly for customers

Building a refund policy for customers is also one of the best ways to customer retention. However, in the process of implementing this policy, enterprises need to ensure punctuality, without wasting both parties' time. When the refund mode is delayed, customers will feel slighted and indifferent, thereby creating a bad impression about the business.

customer retention

Customers are very attentive to the business's refund time

Amazon is one good example of a refund policy for long-tern customer retention. If packages from Amazon are defective or damaged, customers can make an exchange within 30 days of receipt. Note that the package may be unopened or opened, but still have the stamp on the product. Once processed, the customer's money or goods will be refunded on time.

Build a loyal customer community

Building loyal customer communities is also an essential task for businesses. Long-term customers will enjoy many attractive incentives such as points programs, discount codes, accompanying services, etc. Besides, this community is also the basis for establishing beautiful images for the brand. of the enterprise.

Always create surprises to attract customers

The surprises will make a deep impression. Therefore, businesses also do not forget to create surprises to attract customers. Depending on the conditions and types of products of the business, these incentives can be adjusted accordingly. Although these actions may be small, they are still the excellent art of customer retention.

art of customer retention

Unexpected gifts will make an interesting impression on customers

Empowering customers

Businesses can let customers take the initiative when buying or using services. Let customers feel the care of the business. At the same time, the people using the service will feel more comfortable. Some examples of this option can be mentioned such as booking a table in advance, paying online, self-service, etc.

customer retention

Customers like to shop and experience the service by themselves

Above are 12+ customer retention art that businesses should not miss. This is an important strategy to maintain loyal customers and build a new customer base. Hopefully, with the above Viindoo article, businesses have more optimal solutions to retain customers for a longer time.

12+ effective and sustainable strategies to increase customer retention
Annie Do June 10, 2022