Pros and Cons of Remote Working: Work Online from Home

The COVID pandemic has helped businesses gradually realize the pros and cons of remote working. This is a temporary form of work, but it is predicted to become a trend in the future. In the following article, Viindoo invites businesses to learn more about this issue.

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What is Remote Working?

Remote work means that employees and managers work together through online tools. The employee can choose any workspace outside of the company's office, such as working from home or a coffee shop. Managers can control and monitor the progress of employees' work through supporting tools such as software and remote management systems.

Pros and Cons of Remote Working

Remote Working

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Advantages and Benefits of Remote Working

Currently, many businesses use remote work or establish companies as remote work entities. Companies can see the outstanding advantages of remote work:

  • Better work-life balance

For employees who have families, work life balance is very difficult. Therefore, working from home helps reduce the pressure of time and allows employees to take care of their families. This helps reduce the stress and fatigue of employees.

  • Increased productivity

According to the Great Place to Work report, employees do not need to spend time commuting to the office when working remotely. In addition, long meetings and discussions are also limited. This helps increase and stabilize work productivity.

  • Timely

Benefits of remote work include limiting factors that cause delays and affect work such as traffic congestion, roadblocks, oversleeping, etc. When working from home, employees only need to step out of bed, perform personal hygiene, and quickly step into their workspace.

  • Cost savings

Businesses only need to rent a small office or can even work remotely entirely through supportive tools. This helps businesses save on office rent, electricity, and other related services.

  • Flexibility

Employees can work anywhere at any suitable time. In addition, remote work also helps employers attract a large amount of talented personnel.

  • Encourage technological innovation into work

Technology is always developing, and new software is being created to support businesses in remote personnel management and job management. Upgrading the system and improving remote employee management software will meet all the demands of businesses in the digital era as they are today.

Pros and Cons of Remote Working

Employees can work from anywhere

Disadvantages and challenges of Remote Working

Besides the outstanding advantages, this form of work also has some disadvantages:

  • Loss of concentration at home

When working in an office, employees only have one task, which is work. However, when choosing to work at home or in a cafe, employees are easily distracted by situations such as the sound of cars, barking dogs, phones, and socializing with people around them.

  • Isolated

Employees often do not have the opportunity to work directly with their colleagues or managers. Some people often choose places such as private rooms, sitting alone in cafes, etc. The conversations and exchanges between employees, as well as the sympathy and encouragement from managers, also do not occur regularly. Therefore, remote work makes employees more likely to feel lonely.

  • Imbalance between work and life

If employees do not focus on completing their work during working hours or have bad time management skills, they may have to work overtime at night. This makes employees' working hours increase, resulting in an imbalance between work and family time. Employees are also at risk of burnout, and their work motivation may decrease.

  • Increased demand for meetings

Managers cannot directly monitor the work of employees. The best way is to increase the frequency of meetings to receive work progress reports. Companies will have to schedule online meetings to discuss regular project management tasks. When there are too many meetings, it can lead to a feeling of boredom, fatigue, and excessive control.

  • Concerns about cybersecurity

In reality, there is no application or software that can ensure absolute safety for users. Therefore, ensuring cybersecurity is an important task for businesses that work remotely. Therefore, businesses must regularly provide security knowledge to employees to minimize cybersecurity risks.

  • Unstable / Inconsistent Internet Access

Internet connectivity stability depends on many factors, and not all employees can always have access to it. In densely populated areas or with poor network coverage, poor internet quality, sound, and video connectivity issues are common. In the case of unforeseeable events such as power outages, employees cannot work during that time.

  • Inconvenience for new employees

Usually, new employees have a period of time to get acquainted with their colleagues and their job. However, the challenges of remote work is that new employees will have a hard time getting used to and socializing in a new environment. In addition to receiving work, employees also have to access new technologies, learn how to use them, and apply support tools to their work processes.

challenges of remote work

Employees easily lose focus

Efficient solutions for remote work management

Effective remote working brings many benefits to businesses, but this form of online working also causes many disadvantages for management levels. It is difficult for businesses to understand who is in charge of the work, what the results are, and face many limitations in solving problems and obstacles. To avoid distraction and minimize disadvantages during remote working, many businesses have applied some daily work tracking software .

One effective software that businesses can refer to is the Viindoo Project. With the Viindoo Project, businesses can easily track progress and control remote work processes. In addition, the software has a user-friendly interface, a modern design, and uses visual data charts.

Viindoo Project supports task allocation and collaboration between departments. In addition, the software also features demand forecasting, resource planning, and comprehensive reporting to reduce the workload of HR managers.

In particular, the software has the ability to track and closely monitor work progress, helping managers plan and manage work in order of priority. Enterprises are allowed to control and monitor the work progress of each employee. Besides, managers can easily divide work and coordinate implementation between departments through Viindoo Project work management software .

Pros and Cons of Remote Working

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Thus, the article has explained the pros and cons of remote working and effective methods of remote work management for businesses. It is our hope that Viindoo has provided valuable guidance in selecting the most suitable task management software for your company.

Pros and Cons of Remote Working: Work Online from Home
Jun Nguyen March 16, 2023