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A money receipt is a document template used in financial transactions. If businesses want to learn more about this printed statement for the money amount, please refer to this article by Viindoo

What is a money receipt?

Up to now, there is no official document or regulation to explain the concept of money receipt. However, a money receipt can be simply understood as a type of document that shows and verifies the money transaction among parties through a confirmation signature.

In some cases, the money receipt is attached to increase reliability. After both parties fill in the receipt, one party will pay in cash and the other party will receive the full amount.
A money receipt

A money receipt

When the receiver informs to receive the full amount of money, he will sign the receipt. The money receipt will be made in two copies and each party will be responsible for keeping each of them. 

The money receipt serves as proof of a successful financial transaction and a foundation for solving any arising problem. In addition, the testimony part in the receipt will emphasize its value in the event of a dispute.

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How to Create Money Receipts

Creating money receipts is easy and straightforward. Here are some steps to follow:

  • Include Relevant Details

Ensure that all relevant details are included in the receipt, such as the name of the seller, the buyer, the amount paid, the mode of payment, and the date of payment.

  • Use a Template

Using a template can make the process easier and ensure that all necessary information is included in the receipt.

  • Keep Copies

Always keep a copy of the receipt for your records and provide a copy to the customer.

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The most commonly used money receipt templates

Here are two commonly used money receipt templates. Each of them is used depending on the case and needs.

Money receipt template 01

Money receipt template 01

Link to download money receipt template 01: Here

Money receipt template 02

Money receipt template 02

Link to download money receipt template 02: Here  

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Features of a money receipt

Normally, a money receipt includes information about the location, the date on which a receipt is made, full names and identity cards or identification papers of both parties, and transaction contents. Besides, the value of the money receipt is increased in dispute when adding the testimony.

Features of a money receipt

Features of a money receipt

The witness is required to provide and specify personal information about their full name, and identity card on the money receipt. That witness should be present during the entire transaction. It is also necessary to confirm that the entire transaction is done voluntarily, not coercively in the testimony.

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Policies towards witnesses of money receipts

Currently, there is no specific regulation on witnesses of a money receipt. However, in Article 77 of the 2015 Civil Procedure Code, it is stipulated that:

People who do not have active legal capacity cannot act as witnesses.

Policies towards witnesses of money receipts

Policies towards witnesses of money receipts


It depends on the regulations in your country and the type of transaction. In most cases, providing a money receipt is mandatory for certain types of transactions.

Yes, you can create your own money receipt template. Ensure that it includes all necessary details and follows best practices.

It is recommended to keep money receipts for at least six years for tax purposes.

What should I do if I lose a money receipt?

If you lose a money receipt, try to retrieve a copy from the person who issued it. If that is not possible, you may need to provide other forms of proof ofpayment, such as bank statements or credit card statements. It is important to keep track of all financial transactions and maintain accurate records to avoid losing receipts in the first place.

Above are two money receipt templates that Viindoo highly recommends. Hopefully, this article provides readers with useful knowledge to apply in practical situations. If you have any questions, please contact Viindoo for specific answers!

Free Download Money Receipt Templates
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