Gamification - A method to create inspiration for employees

Gamification for employees is a good idea that helps boost internal motivation and work inspiration. Together Vindoo Find out the details.

Gamification for employees is a method that helps businesses motivate and improve employee performance. So what is Gamification? Why is this method effective? How to apply Gamification method in human resource management successfully? Together Vindoo Learn more in the following article!

Gamification is? Why help motivate employees?

Gamification is the process of applying game elements and mechanics to activities such as work or study. The goal of gamification is to create a more fun and engaging work environment that encourages employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention. Gamification uses elements such as scores, badges, leaderboards and challenges to promote positive morale and behavior at work, creating strong motivation for employees in the organization.

Gamification for employees

Gamification for employees (Source:

According to a TalentLMS survey, nearly 90% of workers reported gamification motivated and increased their work performance. Gamification also reduces stress, creates a positive work environment, and improves training effectiveness.

The global gamification market has increased from 14.87 billion USD to 18.63 billion USD in the past year, and is expected to reach 30.7 billion USD by 2025. This number also partly reflects the positive impact of this method for businesses.

How to apply Gamification in human resource management

Application in recruitment

Employers today are competing fiercely to attract talent. So, Gamification for employees has become an effective tool, helping to attract and evaluate candidates more effectively, especially generation Z.

Organizations such as Google, Apple and BKAV use processing and coding challenges to evaluate candidate capabilities. Companies such as Vinfast, FPT, Toyota,... apply recruitment games such as experience, role play or tourline, allowing candidates to visit the factory and observe actual work before interviewing.

Gamification for employees

Gamification method is useful in human resource recruitment (Source: The Talent Games)

Gamification is a useful method to create a unique recruitment process, bringing great benefits to both companies and candidates. This method helps candidates better understand the job and working environment before joining. From there, the risk of inappropriate recruitment is also significantly reduced. 

Application in training

Using gamification makes the learning process interesting and the ability to remember information is also significantly improved. Dr. Yamazaki Kyoko, former Human Resources Director of Hermes Japan, has researched and applied gamification to human resource training. At Hermes, management training courses are organized in the form of games lasting 3-7 days. This process will help students "realize" the theories and improve their skills through interaction and practice. 

Gamification for employees

Gamification for employee training (Source: Elofon)

Large corporations such as Samsung, Intel, Honda, Canon,... also apply gamification in onboarding new employees, capacity building training and team building training. According to the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD), 25% of HR managers have integrated gamification into training programs to motivate and engage learners. 

Application in emulation and reward

Gamification is widely applied in incentive and competition programs to recognize and engage employees. This method is successful in attracting employees because it combines entertainment elements with the desire for recognition. When applying gamification, business activities become more interesting. This helps align employees with organizational goals and create an effective rewards program.

Gamification for employees

Gamification turns going to work into an enjoyable experience (Source: TechRepublic)

With the working environment, Gamification turns going to work into an enjoyable experience, where employees are both praised and rewarded. Samsung has succeeded in designing an incentive program by setting clear goals and development directions, making employees excited to participate. The weekly updated leaderboard helps employees keep track of their rankings, motivating them to actively participate in the organization's programs.  

Application in labor performance

Gamification is a powerful tool that helps stimulate productivity by creating intrinsic motivation. Leading companies such as FPT, Vinfast, Toyota,... have succeeded in turning jobs into games with different levels of difficulty and excitement. Each employee's performance is evaluated through a scoring and ranking system. This will encourage them to improve their performance voluntarily and actively.

Gamification creates motivation from within employees (Source: HR Magazine)

Scoreboards in gamification are a visual way for employees to self-assess their performance. For example, in manufacturing factories, electronic boards display the number of completed products for each worker, encouraging them to compete and improve their working skills. In the banking sector, scores are based on customer satisfaction, motivating employees to quickly resolve issues and provide the best service. 

Build a Gamification program for employees with a set of solutions Vindoo HRM

Viindoo HRM is a comprehensive suite of human resources management software solutions designed to meet all human resource management and development needs for businesses. With the spirit of "taking people as the center", Vindoo HRM focuses on managing employee information effectively, helping businesses build a more positive working environment.

Gamification for employees

Viindoo HRM software for businesses

In particular, the Gamification feature is integrated Vindoo HRM is a powerful tool to motivate and increase employee engagement in the organization. This feature sets OKR goals and scoring system. From there, employees are encouraged to contribute and develop their skills through participating in activities and tasks associated with attractive rewards.

Thus, it can be seen Gamification for employees is an effective method to increase strong internal motivation and is extremely useful for businesses. If you have any questions about the Gamification feature in Viindoo 's suite of HR solutions, please contact us Via hotline +84 225 730 9838 for more specific advice.

Gamification - A method to create inspiration for employees
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