10+ Financial statement form according to the latest Circular 133, 200 Excel

Your business needs to find financial statement template Fit? So please referright financial statement templates according to circular 133, 200 Excel files, local, internal and English trade union financial statements introduced in this article of Viindoo. See now!

1. Financial statement form according to Circular 133

Financial statement form according to Circular 133 is applied to enterprises meeting the continuity assumption consisting of 2 samples:B01a-DNN and B01b- DNN.

  • B01a-DNN: Assets and liabilities are written in order of liquidity decrease and specifically going from the most liquid to the least liquid.
  • B01b-DNN: Assets and liabilities are presented under short term and long term.

Depending on the operation characteristics, enterprises choose to prepare financial statements B01a-DNN and B01b- DNN. Usually, newly established businesses choose the financial statement form BB01a-DNN. For businesses that are operating, you need to check which form last year you declared, you must submit this report form this year.

Load financial statement form B01a- DNNhere: Financial statement form B01a-DNN.

Load financial statement form B01b- DNNhere: Financial statement form B01b-DNN.

Financial statement form B01a- DNNFinancial statement form B01a- DNN
Financial statement form B01b- DNNFinancial statement form B01b- DNN

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2. Financial statement form according to Circular 200

2.1. Accounting balance sheet

The balance sheet is one of the most important financial statements of a business, showing the allocation of assets, liabilities, and capital at a given point in time. This form helps managers assess the financial position of the business and identify risks, opportunities or future development strategies.

Load Accounting balance sheet here: Accounting balance sheet.

Accounting balance sheetAccounting balance sheet

2.2. Business performance report

The income statement is prepared once each accounting period (usually a quarter or year) and provides an overall picture of a business's consolidated profit or loss for a specific period of time.

Download the business results report here: Business performance report.

2.3. Statements of cash flows

The statement of cash flows shows the cash flow of a business over a certain period of time, through its operating, investing and financing activities. This report helps readers better understand the origin and use of the business's money, thereby making an assessment and forecast of future financial performance.

Download the cash flow statement here: Statements of cash flows.

Statements of cash flowsStatements of cash flows

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2.4. Notes to financial statements

The notes to the financial statements are documents that provide and supplement detailed information about important figures and events that have affected the financial position of the company during the reporting period. The note includes items such as an explanation of assets, liabilities and equity, information on organizational structure, business strategy, risk factors and future development opportunities. future.

Download the notes to the financial statements here: Financial statement notes.

Notes to financial statementsNotes to financial statements

3. Financial statement form of Circular 133, 200 Excel:

Financial statement form Circular 133, 200 designed in the form of an Excel file, helping businesses ensure legality and save time in preparing annual report forms.

Load Financial statement form Circular 133 Excel here: Circular 133 Financial Statement Template Excel.

Load Financial statement form Circular 200 Excel here: Circular 200 Financial Statement Template Excel.

4. Form of grassroots trade union financial report

Basic union financial statement form used to measure the financial performance of a trade union.

Download the financial statement form of the grassroots union here:

Report on the trade union's financial revenue and expenditure estimates.Report on the trade union's financial revenue and expenditure estimates.

5. Consolidated financial statement template

The consolidated financial statements are prepared on the basis of aggregating the single financial statements of business units related to the group or parent company. Thereby, the manager can assess the financial situation of the entire system and make accurate business decisions.

Download the Consolidated Financial Statement Form here: Consolidated financial statement template.

Consolidated balance sheetConsolidated balance sheet
Consolidated income statementConsolidated income statement

6. Financial statement form according to IFRS

The IFRS financial statements are standardized in accordance with the International Financial Information Standard, providing a legal format for public companies to prepare and present.

Download the IFRS Financial Statement Form here: IFRS financial statement template.

7. Financial statement form in English

Financial statement template in English is a necessary report form for businesses operating in an international environment, or needing financial reports to foreign agencies and organizations.

Download the Financial Statement Form in English here: Financial statement template in English.

Financial statement template in EnglishFinancial statement template in English

8. English-Vietnamese bilingual financial statement template

English-Vietnamese bilingual financial statement template allows businesses to easily convert information from English to Vietnamese or vice versa, helping to create consistency and accuracy in information transmission.

Download the English-Vietnamese Bilingual Financial Statement Form here: English-Vietnamese bilingual financial statement template.

English-Vietnamese bilingual financial statement templateEnglish-Vietnamese bilingual financial statement template

9. The financial statement form of the newly established company does not arise

Financial statements for new businesses do not incur debt and income, help businesses understand their financial situation and ensure transparency in the business process.

Download Sample Financial Statement of a newly established company here: The newly established company's financial statement template does not arise.

Newly established company's financial statement template does not ariseNewly established company's financial statement template does not arise

10. Sample financial statements of business households and individuals

The sole proprietorship or sole proprietorship financial statement template is a simple report template designed to help individual business owners or sole proprietors meet basic financial reporting requirements. .

Download the financial report form for individual business households or business individuals here: Sample financial statements of individual business households, business individuals.

Financial statements of individual business households, business individualsFinancial statements of individual business households, business individuals

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