What is Agile Project Management and its Methodology

What is Agile project management? What is its effect? These are questions of those who are approaching the concept for the first time. Therefore, this article by Viindoo is going to help readers to find answers.

What is Agile project management?

Agile Project Management is about a product development roadmap with small tasks to achieve long-term goals. It facilitates teamwork and collaboration with feedback on products.

What is Agile project management?

What is the Agile project management process?

Basically, an Agile project management process includes the following 5 main steps:

Project planning

Starting any project requires full planning including the timeline, Project milestones, all feasible options, hidden risks, etc. for the most comprehensive view of the project.


A good determination of the roadmap is key to the success of any project.

You have to prepare for the immediate future, as well as the next steps to bring about big wins while keeping the risk as low as possible.

Determine the roadmap before starting work

Assigning tasks

After knowing everything that needs to be done, it's time for the leaders to hand over the work to members.

Working together makes us stronger and the solidarity among the members will create the driving force for a successful project.

This stage requires project leaders’ ingenuity to ensure that all members receive the task fairly and in accordance with their expertise and ability.

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Updating progress

In each project, regular team meetings should be organized for continuous updates on the work progress.

These daily meetings are to communicate what team members have achieved and what remains to be done. Therefore, everyone will be able to closely collaborate with others and come up with suitable solutions for difficult problems.

The manager should keep these meetings brief to avoid slowing down the project but not too short so that team members can gain valuable information.

Interacting with customers

Make sure you can deliver valuable results of each project’s phase to the client. These results are good materials that help them decide how to make suitable changes.

Project members should togetherly discuss improvement, ensuring the highest possible level of customer satisfaction with the end result.

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What are the benefits of Agile project management?

Here are some of the benefits that lead to many managers applying Agile project management:

Lower risk

Agile project management originated in the software industry. The concept is formed as programmers realized the need in automating the project management process and gradually found suitable technological solutions.

The division of tasks to complete the project of Agile allows the development team to control the operation of the project as well as anticipate possible risks. This greatly supports bringing timely solutions.

Better products

Agile project management increases interaction between the project team and customers.

This helps the project team clarify the customer's expectations of the product. At the same time, customer feedback on the product will be recorded in order to improve the end result.

Stronger cooperation

The five steps of the Agile management process will improve collaboration frequency between companies and customers, as well as among team members.

Quicker project progress

Automated project management process in Agile project management significantly reduces the burden on team leaders.

As a result, instead of spending a lot of time tracking tasks one by one with the usual management method, the team leader can now go supporting other members’ work. This brings faster and more efficient task completion.

what is agile project management benefits

The benefits of Agile project management

A successful project is the contribution of many meaningful factors, of which finding a suitable management method is one of the decisive factors. Hopefully, through the above article by Viindoo, leaders have a better understanding of what is Agile project management and can start applying it successfully in practice.

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What is Agile Project Management and its Methodology
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