5S in Warehouse Management: Benefits and Application

The 5S principle is one of the effective methods to organize the warehouse effectively. How to apply 5s in warehouse management in factories or businesses? Refer to the article below of Viindoo for the answer!

What is the 5S in warehouse management?

The 5s in warehouse management originated in Japan and were first applied at Toyota. The purpose of the 5s principle is to help businesses manage materials and products, optimize order time, and perfect the warehouse management model. 

The 5S is an abbreviation of 5 words: Sort (seiri), Set in order (seiton), Shine (seiso), Standardize (seiketsu), and Sustain (shitsuke). In which: 

  • Sort (seiri): Sort and move unnecessary things that can be sold or reused. 
  • Set in order (seiton): Arrange products and materials in a scientific manner, so that they are easy to find, easy to get, and convenient to use.
  • Shine (seiso): Clean the warehouse regularly, ensuring there is no waste or dirt that interferes with work and affects the health of workers. 
  • Standardize (seiketsu): Regular inspection, maintaining the application of the 3S principle mentioned above. 
  • Sustain (shitsuke): Form the order and self-discipline in applying 5s to maintain a convenient working environment.
What is the 5s in warehouse management? What are the 5s in warehouse management?

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How to apply the 5S principle in warehouse management

Sort - Seiri

The first criterion of the 5s in warehouse management is sorting. This refers to the arrangement and classification of products or supplies based on each object, frequency, and purpose of use.

For example, depending on the existing warehouse management method (LIFO, FIFO, FEFO principles, etc.), businesses can determine which products should be prioritized to be delivered first. These products should be arranged on easy-to-access shelves or at the entrance of the warehouse so that they can be easily retrieved as soon as the delivery note is available.

Sorting plays a vital role in the warehouse management of any business. The reason is, this stage allows businesses to easily manage inventory according to their main business goals.

In addition, sorting also refers to removing unnecessary items, damaged furniture, or equipment to optimize the area used in the warehouse. 

Step of sorting items and products Step of sorting items and products 

Set in order - Seiton

Setting in order is one of the factors mentioned in the 5s in warehouse management. In this stage, businesses arrange equipment, products, and supplies in the warehouse in an optimal way.

When arranging products, businesses should also pay attention to complying with important criteria such as visibility, easy to find, easy to get, and easy to return. Warehouse staff should use stickers to note the information on goods so that they can be easily searched whenever needed. 

Besides, if the warehouse space is used optimally, the export of goods will also be faster. As a result, businesses also reduce the waiting time between stages on the production line as well as import and export.

Steps to arrange goods and items in the warehouseSteps to arrange goods and items in the warehouse

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Shine - Seiso

"Shine" here implies the implementation of cleaning all items and products regularly, in order to remove all agents that cause dirt and hinder work in the warehouse.

This is vital for warehouses that store products or technology equipment to be clean, as dirt can cause damage, reducing the life of the machine. 

Meanwhile, for warehouses containing food and foodstuffs, it is imperative to keep the environment clean because it affects human health. Dirty environments also reduce food quality. 

Thus, keeping the warehouse clean not only helps to increase product quality but also contributes to showing the prestige of your business. 

Keeping the warehouse clean Keeping the warehouse clean

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Standardize - Seiketsu

This “standardize” phase will help businesses maintain the continuous implementation of 3S standards (Seiri, Seiso, Seiton) before. This is considered an important premise to help businesses move forward to develop and perfect 5s in warehouse management.

At this stage, the business must set the goals and requirements at the warehouse area depending on the logistics unit. 

In addition, businesses need to develop a detailed action plan for each warehouse area and general production area to easily adapt to any situation.

Maintain continuous implementation of the 5s in warehouse management Maintain continuous implementation of the 5s in warehouse management

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Sustain - Shitsuke

The 5s principle is not merely a disposable method but must be maintained and implemented continuously to achieve the ultimate benefit. Therefore, managers need to train employees to employ self-discipline. 

The 5s in warehouse management are effective only when there is serious coordination between managers and their subordinate staff. All members of the organization play an important role to ensure activities comply with the plan.

Maintain 5S implementation for all warehouse employeesMaintain 5S implementation for all warehouse employees

Benefits of applying 5S in warehouse management

Here are some benefits that businesses will get when applying 5S standards in warehouse management: 

  • Increased labor efficiency for employees working at the warehouse 
  • Strict warehouse management, minimizing the loss of goods
  • Balance in import and export of goods, be more proactive in business activities
  • Building a clean, professional, safe working environment for employees
  • Cultivate and improve the professional working style of warehouse staff 
  • Save costs for supply chain management activities, thereby maximizing the profits of businesses. 
Enterprises will gain many benefits when applying 5s in warehouse management Enterprises will gain many benefits when applying 5s in warehouse management 

Warehouse Management Solution - Viindoo Inventory

Today, the advent of warehouse management software has helped businesses to improve the application of the 5s. Warehouse management software helps businesses improve the efficiency of supply chain management and their competitiveness. In other words, this application will help warehouses achieve 5s more quickly.

Viindoo Inventory & supply chain management software is the bright solution that your business should apply to perfect its 5s standards. Let's take a look at some of the advantages and features available in the Inventory Management Software of Viindoo Inventory.

  • Real-time inventory tracking and updates
  • Capture items to replenish, items to sell, and the right time & quantity
  • Manage goods information based on factors including actual inventory quantity, detailed parameters, rules & arrangement position, import-export forecast, product life, and usage time.
  • Sort products by group, batch number, serial number, size, product code, stock status, etc with custom filters.
  • Trace the origin of goods with the fast and accurate Lavoisier & Double Bookkeeping method.
  • IoT integration helps to quickly manipulate, and standardize automated processes and minimize errors.
Viindoo Inventory is the leading technology solution for every business Viindoo Inventory is the leading technology solution for every business 

Contact Viindoo for advice and a 15-day free trial:

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Above is all information about 5s in warehouse management that Viindoo has collected. If your business is ready for a revolution in the warehouse management process, please contact us immediately via 0225 730 9838 for direct advice and support.

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5S in Warehouse Management: Benefits and Application
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