Calista Jewelry chooses Viindoo Software - creating a digital work environment, seamless information flow

On July 1, 2024, Calista Jewelry Co., Ltd. (Calista Fine Jewelry) and Viindoo signed a contract and kicked-off the Digital Transformation Project to implement the Viindoo Enterprise Management Solution for Calista. This marks a significant technological investment, providing a centralized working platform, creating a digital work environment, and ensuring seamless information flow across the company's entire system.

Calista Jewelry - Over 15 Years on the Happiness Journey

Calista Jewelry originated as a jewelry production and processing workshop, established in 2007 by CEO Truong Thi Hanh, who has nearly 20 years of experience working in Japanese jewelry manufacturing companies. Initially, Calista operated with only 5 skilled jewelers, providing jewelry for major domestic enterprises and exporting to the Japanese market.

Currently, after more than 10 years of operation with the philosophy of Omotenshi - the spirit of exceeding customer expectations, Calista Jewelry has become one of the "top of mind" jewelry brands and a trusted partner of many major domestic and international brands.

Calista Jewelry Co., Ltd.

  • Industry: Production, processing, and export of jewelry made from gold, silver, and gemstones.
  • Company size: More than 100 employees
  • 01 Calista Jewelry Manufacturer.
  • 02 luxurious, modern showrooms at Aeon Mall Hai Phong and Vinhomes Imperia.
  • Website:
Calista's luxurious and modern showroom at Aeon Mall Hai Phong
Calista's luxurious and modern showroom at Aeon Mall Hai Phong 

Calista's Management and Operational Challenge

The unique nature of Calista's business involves not only trading jewelry but also production and processing, resulting in a large daily workload across all departments, from production to operations. The most challenging issue faced by Calista's leadership is ensuring seamless information flow. To operate efficiently and optimally, Calista needs to automate its operational processes and unify data from various applications into a single system. This will enhance information transparency, minimize errors, and optimize employee working time.

Trusting Viindoo's experience in successfully consulting and implementing for manufacturing enterprises, Calista Jewelry chose Viindoo as a partner after extensive research and trials.

Speaking at the project launch, CEO Truong Thi Hanh emphasized that for Calista, the software solution must be "easy to use" for employees, "easy to buy" for customers, and widely accepted in the market. After careful consideration of various solutions, and while many can handle operational and sales features, only Viindoo has a module that meets Calista's production requirements.

Calista Jewelry and Viindoo at the Project Kick-off

Calista Jewelry and Viindoo at the Project Kick-off

Both parties agreed on the implementation roadmap for Calista, focusing on digitizing the enterprise while ensuring business operations continue smoothly. The goal of phase 1 include:

  • Digitizing all data and business processes.
  • Planning and building a new enterprise data set to support planning and resource optimization.
  • Establishing basic business processes on the Viindoo software platform.
  • Enhancing internal information management: ensuring seamless information flow, improving coordination and collaboration to increase work efficiency.
  • Enhancing the team's working capacity on the digital platform.

Ms. Pham Thi Xinh, Head of Consulting and Customer Support at Viindoo, and Project Manager for Calista's Digital Transformation, shared that Viindoo will focus primarily on implementing production and supply chain features. Other operational and sales functions will be deployed according to Viindoo Software's standard features, ensuring ease of use and implementation. This approach will help Calista quickly digitize all data, transition to a digital platform, and move towards the next goal of unifying all of Calista's activities on a single platform.

Both parties believe that after the implementation and handover period, the project will bring many successes in the journey of digital technology application, laying the foundation for Calista's sustainable development and solidifying its position in the international market!

Calista Jewelry chooses Viindoo Software - creating a digital work environment, seamless information flow
Hue Nguyen July 1, 2024