What is IIoT? How is IIoT different from IoT?

What is IIoT? IIoT is a familiar term for many businesses in the 4.0 technology era. The application of IIoT to the production process brings many benefits to businesses. Let's learn about the concept of IIoT as well as the characteristics, benefits and applications of IIoT in the article below with Viindoo.

1. What is IIoT? How is IIoT different from IoT?

IIoT (short for Industrial Internet of Things) is a system that allows machines and devices to be connected to each other via the internet. IIoT can help businesses collect large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. This increases automation, reduces costs in manufacturing and service delivery.

Industrial Internet of Things

Industrial Internet of Things

How is IIoT different from IoT? IoT (Internet of Things) means connected things; as such, IIoT is a part of IoT. When applying IoT to the manufacturing industry, this system is called IIoT. IoT focuses on services delivered to consumers. IIoT, on the other hand, is more focused on enhancing safety as well as increasing efficiency in the production process.

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2. Features of IIoT

A system is called IIoT when machines and devices are connected to the internet and generate data for businesses to analyze, then offer specific activities. The IIoT system works based on a layered structure:

  • Devices: This is the visible part of the system including devices, machines, sensors, GPS navigators,...
  • Internet: The top is an internet that connects devices to the server through cloud storage or cloud computing.
  • Services: These are computer applications that analyze the data collected and processed to provide a specific service.
  • Content: The interface with the operator, which can be a computer or devices such as virtual reality glasses, augmented reality glasses.
The machines and devices are connected through the cloud

The machines and devices are connected through the cloud

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3. Benefits of IIoT

Businesses can envision the benefits of ‘What is IIoT’ from the concept to the characteristics of what IOT is mentioned above as follows:

  • Significantly improve connectivity, bring efficiency, high productivity, save time and costs for businesses.
  • Reduce equipment maintenance costs by a system with a high level of safety and many other operational efficiency criteria.
  • Allow businesses to access a huge source of data, connecting people, data, and processes from factories to managers.
  • Help business leaders get an overview of the work of the whole company and make more informed decisions.

Dramatically improve connectivity, bring efficiency, high productivity

4. How IIoT is applied in the manufacturing industry

Machines and production equipment will become "smarter" when applied IIoT. These tools are equipped with sensors, connected via the internet and managed by a system. This system control, collect and analyze data throughout the entire production process, thereby making the final decision.
Thanks to the sensor, products will be notified of problems that need to be addressed. Hierarchical modular systems allow some machines to have “autonomy”. A system of devices that work together over a wireless internet or in the cloud forms a dashboard that allows machines to communicate with each other, other systems, and people. 

The current and future application of IIoT is closely linked with the most recent technological developments such as:

  • Machine Learning.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • Big Data.
  • Quantum computing.
  • Digital twins.
  • Drones.

Machines and production equipment will become "smarter" when applying IIoT.

The above article has helped businesses better understand “What is IIOT?”, its characteristics, benefits and how IIoT is applied in production. Hopefully, businesses can apply the IIoT system in the production process to operate more efficient. Please contact Viindoo for consulting and providing business management software.

What is IIoT? How is IIoT different from IoT?
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