What is quality control? 4 popular methods

What is quality control? Why is quality management important in manufacturing? Find out with Viindoo

quality control (QC) plays an important role in the production and business process, ensuring that products and services always meet the highest standards. To learn more about QC, read the article below Vindoo!

What is quality control?

Quality control (Quality Control, abbreviated as QC) focuses on ensuring quality requirements are implemented according to standards. This is the process of controlling and evaluating factors related to the production of products and services, including people, machines, materials, methods, information and the working environment.

quality control

Quality control ensures the best products

The importance of quality control

Quality control plays an important role because:

  • Job quality control helps employees maintain a focus on quality throughout the production process, helping the company consistently achieve desired quality levels.
  • Quality control processes detect and correct substandard items, thereby minimizing production costs.
  • Quality control ensures products are free of errors or defects, enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • High-quality products that meet an organization's quality control requirements demonstrate a commitment to meeting customer needs, improving corporate reputation.
  • When employees see they are producing valuable products for consumers, overall company morale improves.
  • Quality control processes help streamline and improve manufacturing processes, increasing efficiency and productivity.
  • Consistent quality control helps build a reputation for quality, attract new customers and increase sales.
  • Quality control helps companies optimize resource use, minimize product and material waste, and increase production efficiency.
quality control

Quality control ensures defect-free products

Four common quality control methods

Taguchi method

Taguchi method in quality control focus on research and development, product design and development to minimize the occurrence of defective products and failures during the manufacturing process. This approach emphasizes design as a more important factor than the manufacturing process, with the goal of eliminating manufacturing variances before they occur.

quality control

The Taguchi method focuses on research and development

X-Bar chart

X-Bar chart is a popular tool in quality control, which helps track the level of variance of the attributes under test. The y-axis on this chart shows the tolerance of the variance, while the x-axis tracks the test samples. Analyzing the variance model through the X-Bar chart helps determine whether errors occur randomly or systematically, thereby providing appropriate improvement measures.

quality control

X-Bar charts help track the level of variance of attributes

100% inspection method

The 100% inspection method is a process quality control comprehensive, including reviewing and evaluating every part of the product to eliminate errors. This process requires production data and inventory analysis software to ensure efficiency.

However, this method can be challenging due to high costs and the risk of product instability. For example, when applying 100% inspection to organic strawberries, the product is easily bruised or damaged, affecting the distributor's ability to sell.

quality control

The 100% inspection method examines and evaluates every part of the product

Six Sigma method

Six Sigma is a method of quality management and manufacturing process improvement that aims to minimize deviations. This method measures and analyzes data about product quality and manufacturing processes to determine the cause of defects and find solutions.

With high accuracy, Six Sigma only allows about 3.4 errors per million products. Six Sigma focuses on optimizing and continuously improving the manufacturing process, ensuring product quality in the first place and preventing defects, rather than just dealing with defective products.

quality control

Six Sigma method manages quality and improves production processes

Effective quality management with Viindoo Quality

Viindoo Quality is software that supports platform setup quality control businesses, from production and operations to each specific product.

Advantages of the software:

  • Develop flexible quality criteria, suitable to the specific needs of the business.
  • Implement criteria-based processes, through creating and managing quality control sheets.
  • Proactively create quality alerts and make requests for prevention/correction.
  • Monitor multidimensional reports to develop appropriate improvement policies.

Software features:

  • Manage quality inspection through assigning and dividing control teams. Supports setting up a variety of criteria such as quality type, control type, suitable for each specific business/product. 
  • Allows dividing the stages of alarm processing from start to completion, classifying alarms by quality tag. Manage preventative/corrective action steps when handling quality alerts.
  • Automatically control the business's general process and product quality on each stage of production orders and warehouse movement tickets according to needs. 
  • Strict quality control thanks to a system of criteria that are automatically reflected on the quality inspection form. 
  • Create quality alerts when the business/product fails, from which necessary actions are given and assigned to handle the alert and complete the quality control.
  • Quality management software provides 3 types of reports with different interfaces such as charts, pivots, lists, kanban, calendars, including: Quality Inspection Report, Quality Warning Report, Analysis Report act.
quality control

Quality control is an indispensable element in every modern business, helping to ensure products and services always meet the highest standards. If your business is looking for a reputable, quality QC solution, please contact us immediately Viindoo for more detailed advice!

What is quality control? 4 popular methods
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