10 Best Marketing Software Platforms for Today’s Businesses

Marketing software has been and is changing the way we approach and interact with customers significantly. This article will introduce the top marketing software on the market today, from popular and easy-to-use tools to powerful solutions that support automation and integration of marketing activities. Let's explore with  Viindoo right away!

1. Introduction to Marketing Software Platform 

Marketing software is a system or set of tools and services used to manage and implement marketing strategies and plans for businesses or organizations. Marketing software helps promote your products, services, or brand to your target audience more effectively and quickly.  

phần mềm marketing

What are marketing systems and types?

There are many different types of marketing software, each designed to address specific marketing needs. Here are some of the most popular types:

  • ​​Email marketing software: This software helps businesses send marketing emails to their subscriber lists. This software also helps track email opens, clicks, and conversions, as well as measure the effectiveness of email campaigns.  
  • Social media management platform: This platform helps businesses manage their social media accounts, schedule posts, track engagement levels, and analyze performance metrics.
  • Content management system (CMS): This system helps businesses create, publish, and distribute content across various channels, including blogs, social media, and email.
  • Marketing Automation Software: This software helps businesses automate marketing tasks, such as email campaigns, lead generation, and nurturing potential customers, based on user behavior, preferences, and level of interactions.
  • SEO Software: This software helps businesses optimize their websites for search engines, track search engine rankings, and monitor keyword effectiveness.

2. Benefits of Marketing Software

Marketing software brings many important benefits to businesses and organizations in implementing their marketing strategies. Here are some key benefits of marketing software:

lợi ích của phần mềm marketing

​​What are the benefits of Facebook marketing software?

  • ​Increase efficiency

Automated marketing applications solve monotonous and time-consuming marketing tasks such as sending emails, managing social networks, and tracking potential customers. This automated process saves time and financial resources for businesses.

  • ​Better optimization goal

These platforms provide customer segmentation tools, allowing businesses to focus on target audiences based on demographics, preferences, and specific behaviors,... This enhances the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by delivering personalized messages to the right people.

  • ​Increased ROI

By automating many marketing tasks and targeting campaign performance evaluation, these software platforms help businesses attract more potential customers and generate more sales transactions. As a result, the return on investment increases.

  • ​Detailed data analysis

Marketing applications provide powerful data analysis tools, providing businesses with specific and valuable information about marketing performance. This data can be used to optimize campaigns, improve customer interactions, and make data-driven decisions.

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3. The best Marketing Software​

3.1 Viindoo Software

Viindoo provides a range of tools and features to support businesses in optimizing their marketing strategies based on specific requirements. With this platform, marketers can easily build and deploy marketing campaigns, creating more appeal for customers and increasing sales.

phần mềm marketing Viindoo

Viindoo marketing tool software

Viindoo accompanies a range of integrated strategic applications, including:

  • Viindoo Website: Building SEO-optimized websites and providing quality content to attract audiences.  
  • Viindoo Social Marketing: Managing marketing strategies on various social media platforms on a single platform.
  • Viindoo Live Chat: Customer care, understanding them better through each interaction on the website.
  • Viindoo Email Marketing: Easily manage marketing activities through email, providing personalized experiences through engaging emails.
  • Viindoo Customer Relationship Management (Viindoo CRM) system: Helps manage customer relationships and provide effective care services, creating positive experiences.
  • Viindoo Project: Track and manage marketing campaigns across multiple platforms using a single platform.
  • Viindoo Event: Event marketing software helps track and evaluate the effectiveness of event campaigns conveniently.

In addition, Viindoo also provides other supporting applications and modules that are suitable for the specific needs and characteristics of each business and marketing campaign. With prices starting from $8/person/month, Viindoo supports marketers in implementing marketing campaigns conveniently, helping optimize the performance of each campaign.

3.2 Nutshell

Nutshell is a leading Marketing management software that helps businesses optimize their sales and marketing activities on a single platform. This platform provides various features such as customer segmentation, lead generation, process management, and detailed reporting. By using Nutshell, businesses are able to increase the conversion rate from potential customers to actual customers and accurately track sales performance.

phần mềm marketing tắt

Free Nutshell SMS Marketing software interface


  • Easy to use interface
  • Advanced process management ability
  • Comprehensive reporting and analysis


  • Limitations in email marketing
  • No support for social network management

3.3 HubSpot

HubSpot is a famous and popular Marketing software in Vietnam, providing a comprehensive set of tools for businesses to manage marketing, sales, and customer care activities. This platform offers many useful features such as email marketing, social media management, lead generation, and performance analysis. With HubSpot, businesses have the ability to automate marketing activities and enhance customer interactions.

phần mềm marketing tool Hubspot

Hubspot is one of the best email marketing software


  • Powerful features for Inbound marketing
  • Analysis and quality report
  • Flexible integration


  • Expensive price plan
  • Long learning curve

3.4 Marketo

Marketo is an automated marketing software platform that supports businesses in automating all marketing activities from generating potential customers to interacting with customers. This platform provides capabilities such as email marketing, lead scoring, segmenting customers into different segments, and analyzing performance. Based on Marketo, businesses have the ability to improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and maximize ROI.

phần mềm marketing Marketo

The interface of visual reporting of marketo software


  • Impressive marketing automation
  • Advanced potential customer score tool
  • Comprehensive reporting and analysis


  • Expensive price plan
  • Complex setup process

3.5 Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one of the popular software tools for email marketing management, allowing businesses to create and distribute targeted email campaigns. This platform provides many useful features such as email templates, automation, segmentation, and analytics. With Mailchimp, companies can optimize the performance of their email marketing campaigns and attract interest from subscribers.

phần mềm email marketing Mailchimp

Marketers can make email marketing conveniently with Mailchimp


  • User friendly interface
  • Reasonable price package
  • Advanced email automation feature


  • Customer support is limited
  • Integrated options are limited

3.6 Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a software platform specifically designed for managing social media, supporting businesses in controlling social media accounts, scheduling posts, and monitoring community interactions. This platform provides many important capabilities such as social media analytics, content management, and team collaboration. By using Hootsuite, businesses are able to optimize their presence on social media and attract attention from followers.

phần mềm marketing Hootsuite

Hootsuite software provides meaningful features for social marketing campaigns


  • Integrated comprehensive social network management feature
  • Reasonable price package
  • Excellent group cooperation


  • Limitations in analytical features
  • Lack of email marketing features

3.7 Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics software platform that provides businesses with the ability to track website traffic, user behavior, and conversion processes. This platform offers features such as real-time data, audience segmentation, and conversion tracking. With Google Analytics, businesses can optimize website performance and improve the effectiveness of their online marketing campaigns.

phần mềm sms marketing Google Analytics

Get meaningful reports to Google Analytics


  • Free use
  • Diverse web analysis feature


  • Long learning curve
  • Custom options limited

3.8 SEMrush

SEMrush is a comprehensive marketing solution that provides an all-in-one platform with SEO optimization features. This platform allows businesses to track competitive strategies, improve website rankings on search engines, and optimize advertising campaigns. This helps businesses gather valuable information about their online marketing performance.

SEMrush là một phần mềm marketing SEO

Semrush is an online platform that supports SEO


  • Comprehensive digital marketing function
  • The ability to analyze high -end competitors
  • User friendly interface


  • Expensive price plan
  • Limited social network management feature

3.9 Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a software that supports SEO and content marketing. This solution helps businesses optimize their website rankings on search engines and enhance their ability to attract organic traffic. This platform provides functions such as backlink analysis, keyword research, and content optimization. With Ahrefs, businesses have the ability to improve their online visibility and attract a large number of potential customers.

Giao diện phần mềm marketing tool Ahrefs

The interface of Ahrefs


  • SEO features and comprehensive content marketing
  • Advanced backlink analysis
  • User friendly interface


  • Expensive price plan
  • Limited social network management feature

3.10 Pardot

Pardot is an automated marketing software platform, specifically designed for B2B businesses to automate the process of attracting and interacting with customers. This platform provides a range of features such as email marketing, nurturing potential customers, and scoring potential customers. With Pardot, businesses have the ability to optimize sales performance and achieve more successful transactions.

phần mềm marketing tool PArdot

PARDOT software


  • Feature of scoring and fostering quality customers
  • Comprehensive reporting and analysis
  • Flexible integration


  • Expensive price plan
  • Complex setup process

The article has provided necessary information about Marketing Software. Hopefully, the information is useful and helps businesses stand out in a competitive market. Please continue to follow Viindoo to learn more about business management.

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10 Best Marketing Software Platforms for Today’s Businesses
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