Top 7 Manufacturing Automation Software

Manufacturing automation software is a widely adopted robotization technology in the manufacturing industry that can greatly enhance a company's productivity and operational efficiency. In this article, Viindoo will introduce to you the top 7 best manufacturing automation software to consider.

What is Automation in Manufacturing?

Automation in manufacturing refers to the use of technology to perform tasks and processes in a factory or production facility with little or no human intervention. 

It involves the integration of hardware and software to automate various stages of the manufacturing process, such as assembly, testing, inspection, packaging, and quality control. 

Manufacturing Automation Software

What is Automation in Manufacturing?

The goal of automation in manufacturing is to increase efficiency, reduce production costs, and improve the quality and consistency of products. Automated systems can perform tasks faster and more accurately than humans, leading to improved productivity and higher throughput.

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How can Manufacturing automation software help you?

By utilizing automated manufacturing processes, companies can improve efficiency, productivity, product quality, and revenue generation. These systems typically operate with minimal or no human intervention. Implementing such systems can provide numerous benefits for your company, including enhanced quality and flexibility, cost savings, increased safety, and improved productivity.

Manufacturing Automation Software

How can Manufacturing automation software help you?

Manufacturing automation software can help manufacturers in several ways, including:

  • Increased productivity: Automation software can streamline and automate processes, leading to increased productivity and throughput.
  • Improved quality: Automated systems can perform tasks with high accuracy and consistency, resulting in improved product quality.
  • Cost savings: Automation can reduce labor costs and minimize material waste, leading to significant cost savings.
  • Enhanced safety: Automation can eliminate or reduce the need for human involvement in dangerous or hazardous tasks, improving workplace safety.
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting: Automation software can provide real-time data on production processes, allowing manufacturers to monitor and analyze performance and identify areas for improvement.
  • Greater flexibility: Automation software can be customized and adapted to meet changing production needs and requirements, allowing manufacturers to respond quickly to market demands and changes.

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Top 7 Manufacturing Automation Software

Find the most suitable factory automation software for your business by comparing product reviews and pricing. For further assistance, refer to our buyer's guide.

SAP Manufacturing Execution

SAP Manufacturing Execution is a Manufacturing Automation Software solution that provides real-time visibility and control over manufacturing operations. It integrates with other SAP solutions such as SAP ERP and SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII) to deliver a comprehensive solution for manufacturing processes. 

Manufacturing Automation Software

SAP Manufacturing Execution

With SAP ME, manufacturers can:

  • Manage and monitor production processes
  • Optimize production schedules
  • Track production performance
  • Ensure compliance with regulations and standards. 

SAP Manufacturing Execution (SAP ME) plays a crucial role in manufacturing automation by providing real-time visibility and control over production processes. The software automates various aspects of the manufacturing process, including scheduling, tracking, and reporting, which helps to eliminate manual tasks and improve operational efficiency. 

With SAP ME, manufacturers can create and manage production orders, monitor work in progress, track material usage, and manage quality control processes. The software also enables manufacturers to optimize their production schedules and respond quickly to changing demand, thereby improving productivity and reducing costs. 

By providing real-time data on production performance, SAP ME empowers manufacturers to make data-driven decisions to enhance product quality and meet customer demand, which is a key goal of manufacturing automation.

Viindoo Manufacturing

Viindoo Manufacturing software is a complete solution designed to fulfill the production management requirements of modern enterprises. The software combines all the necessary features into a single platform to optimize performance and streamline processes from planning to supply. 

It allows for digitalization and management of all operations in manufacturing businesses and is capable of expanding with unlimited integration.

Manufacturing Automation Software

Viindoo Manufacturing automation software

Viindoo Manufacturing software provides automation in manufacturing feature by integrating with peripheral devices such as production machinery, measuring tools, and sensors. This allows for real-time monitoring and control of production processes, reducing the likelihood of errors and increasing efficiency. 

The software's ability to plan and schedule production, material needs, machinery, and human resources also contributes to automation in manufacturing by streamlining processes and optimizing performance in all production steps. Overall, Viindoo's comprehensive management solution for production management in the 4.0 era is designed to help manufacturing businesses achieve automation and digitalization in their operations.


DAQFactory is an all-in-one HMI/SCADA software that enables you to run your manufacturing process, create an interface for your operators, and supervise control and data logging for quality assurance using a single application. The software features a robust scripting language that supports multithreading, allowing you to design separate control loops that run concurrently within your control system.

Manufacturing Automation Software


With DAQFactory, you can use the following benefits and features:

  • Make Changes without Stopping
  • Device Support
  • Custom Screens
  • Graphing/Trending
  • Data Logging
  • Scripting
  • Function Parser


Fulcrum is a field inspection management tool that offers automated inspection processes with end-to-end workflows. With Fulcrum, it is possible to create seamless, measurable, and repeatable inspection processes in a matter of minutes. The tool is designed to be user-friendly and can be used by anyone. 

Manufacturing Automation Software Fulcrum

Fulcrum Manufacturing automation software

Fulcrum is a tool that enables the digitization of inspection processes, making it easier for field inspections to be conducted. The software offers user-friendly checklists, team-wide issue and task management, and customizable inspection processes that can be created in a few minutes. 

The tool is also designed to drive intelligent automation for inspection teams, with configurable workflows, task templates, and out-of-the-box issue management framework for quality and safety process validation. With real-time reports, performance dashboards, and location-aware analytics, Fulcrum helps promote organization-wide improvement by providing actionable insights that allow for effective decision-making.


FactoryTalk software is designed to support a range of advanced industrial applications, including IoT. It begins at the edge of manufacturing and can be scaled from on-premise to cloud. 

Manufacturing Automation Software FactoryTalk

FactoryTalk Manufacturing automation software system

This software can enhance your industrial environment with cutting-edge design, increased operational efficiencies, and predictive and augmented maintenance benefits. The combination of Rockwell Automation software, hardware, and services can solve even the most complex challenges, from process to batch to discrete applications.

Siemens Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Siemens Manufacturing Execution system enables manufacturers to achieve maximum visibility of production information and optimize manufacturing processes. 

It helps monitor and synchronize manufacturing operations, achieve paperless high-quality manufacturing, model and adjust complex processes, track and trace production, and identify and quickly resolve manufacturing issues. 

Manufacturing Automation Software Siemens Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Siemens Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

MES provides complete visibility of multiple production lines, manufacturing plants and supplier networks, and communicates quality checks and monitors yield and other key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time. With MES, manufacturers can cut through the complexities of today's products and production processes, ensure products are built as planned, on time and cost-effectively, and quickly resolve production issues.

HashMicro Manufacturing Automation

HashMicro is an ERP solutions provider that offers a range of software solutions, including manufacturing automation, enabling manufacturing companies to adopt Industry 4.0 principles. Their suite of solutions includes ERP, CRM, inventory, accounting, procurement, supply chain, and HRM. The software integrates manufacturing operations through cloud-based systems and provides real-time information in a single source.

Manufacturing Automation Software HashMicro Manufacturing Automation

HashMicro Manufacturing Automation

For manufacturing businesses seeking to increase productivity and profitability, Hash Manufacturing Automation offers up-to-date systems, automatic scheduling, and cost control features. These features simplify all manufacturing jobs with fast and accurate results while saving time by automating various manufacturing processes. 

Over 350 users trust HashMicro, and 500+ companies have successfully optimized their production processes with the company's software. With HashMicro's Manufacturing Automation software, businesses can create a customized automation system that meets their unique needs.

In conclusion, manufacturing automation software is essential for modern manufacturing businesses to increase efficiency and profitability. The top 7 software solutions offer a range of features such as real-time monitoring, process automation, and data analysis. Choosing the right software can help businesses streamline operations and optimize performance to stay competitive in the industry.

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Top 7 Manufacturing Automation Software
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