6+ Simple and effective Excel customer management file template

Viindoo CRM customer relationship management software chosen by many businesses.However, to optimize the customer management process, owning standard Excel forms is essential. Therefore, in this article, Viindoo will share with readers 6 most effective customer management file samples.

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1. How to create a customer management file using Excel

The file for management and customer care in Excel needs the following information:

  • Customer's full name.
  • Client's date of birth.
  • Phone number or Email.
  • Customer's code.
  • Address.
  • Transaction history (experienced items/services, order value, customer reviews/reflections)
  • Contact History: A list of the employee's contacts with the customer, including contact date and content.
  • Notes: Other notes about customers.

How to create a form Manage customers using Excel It's very simple, just follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Open Excel and create a new workbook.
  • Step 2: Name the columns in the spreadsheet, for example: Full Name, Address, Phone Number, Email, Date of Birth, Customer Code, Notes... depending on your needs.
  • Step 3: Enter customer information into each cell in the spreadsheet.
  • Step 4: Use the data filter feature to search for customer information by criteria such as name, address, phone number...
  • Step 5: Use the Sort feature to sort customer information in alphabetical order, date of birth....
  • Step 7: Save the customer management file and name it appropriately for easy searching later.

Hope the above instructions will help you create an effective customer management file using Excel. However, for more convenience, you can use the available quality file templates, please refer to the next section!

Viindoo CRM customer relationship management softwareHow to create a customer management file with Excel

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2. Customer management file template using Excel

Below is a link to download some management file templates including basic information fields, readers can add, delete and edit again to suit the business.

Basic customer management file template using ExcelBasic customer management file template using Excel

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3. Sample file for managing customer information using Excel

DHere are some files Manage customers using Excel sample that readers can refer to.


Viindoo CRM customer relationship management softwareCustomer data management with Excel template No.1
Customer information management form No. 2Customer information management form No. 2
Customer information management form number 3Customer information management form number 3

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4. Sample file to manage customer list with Excel

With a simple and easy-to-use interface, the Excel customer information list management template allows users to create data tables, store and update information about customers, including name, address. , phone number, email, date of birth, notes and more.


Viindoo CRM customer relationship management softwareManage customers as a list in Excel

5. Excel file to manage Spa customers

The Spa customer management template in Excel allows users to sort and filter customer information by various criteria such as name, address, date of birth, or phone number. In addition, the software can also automatically calculate the total number of customers, revenue or statistics on the number of visitors by area.


Viindoo CRM customer relationship management softwareExcel file to manage Spa customers

6. Advantages and disadvantages of using free customer management software using Excel

6.1 Advantages

Manage customer information using Excel Save a lot of time and improve compared to the traditional record management and record keeping. Advantages of Microsoft Excel:

  • Free: Businesses do not need to pay any startup fees or annual fees;
  • Easy to use: Excel is easy to use for basic data management. However, to meet the needs of revenue calculation, you need to have quite solid knowledge of office computing because the Excel calculation functions are easy to confuse;
  • Unlimited data storage: Excel allows you to manage information in multiple sheets or separate Excel files. Excel has the ability to store large amounts of data and connects to Drive allowing you to work offline and online depending on your needs;
  • Smart filters: Excel has smart filters that help you find information quickly. Just select the "search" command, type exactly the information you are looking for, Excel automatically checks the relevant data and returns the results quickly.
Excel is the best basic information management utility to dateExcel is the best basic information management utility to date

6.2 Cons

Besides the above advantages, the way Manage customers using Excel also have many disadvantages. Some of the disadvantages include:

  • Complex algorithms: Excel has many complex functions and algorithms, making it difficult for users and leading to dependence on some individuals. If you accidentally delete a function or a data cell, the entire file will be damaged.;
  • Incorrect input: The user input process often encounters errors such as widths, numbering or references that affect calculation results. This can directly affect the management and customer care of the business;
  • Size limit: If you do not split customer information to save in different files, the Excel file will be very heavy, need a highly configured machine and take a lot of time to open the file. This affects the management and use of customer information;
  • No data synchronization between departments: Excel customer management files can only be used on computers, so cross-checking information takes a lot of time and effort of sales staff. This leads to a delay in advising clients;
  • Easily lost or stolen: The security of Excel files is not high, businesses need to be especially careful to avoid revealing customer information.
Viindoo CRM customer relationship management softwareSome disadvantages of managing information through Excel

How CRM software can help?

Realizing many inadequacies when managing customers with Excel, Viindoo has developed and launched Viindoo CRM software. Where CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management or customer care management. This is a tool to help businesses support management and customer care thanks to the collected data to increase revenue and impression on customers.

Viindoo CRM helps to solve the problem of customer data loss thanks to a professional customer data management system. Not only supporting customer exchange and care, the software also automatically recognizes potential customers and segments them according to many criteria and then automatically stores them in the customer library.

Viindoo CRM software brings readers to an overview of customers from many different locations. From here, not only the management department but all other departments will also be aware of the next plan to support customer management on a single platform.

Viindoo CRM customer relationship management softwareViindoo CRM customer relationship management software

Currently, businesses are implementing a new price policy, giving away a free package to use one software on the system (unlimited users). If you have a need, register now to experience all the features at the most attractive price.

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Customer management using Excel has assisted many businesses in taking care of their customers. Contact now with Viindoo If readers are looking for an effective tool to help "upgrade" your business' customer care and management processes!

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