Maintenance in production: Classification and process optimization

How to optimize maintenance processes in production? Find out in this article with Viindoo.

Maintenance in production plays an important role, helping to ensure machinery and equipment operate effectively, safely and prolong their lifespan. So how many types of maintenance are there in production? The answer will be revealed in Viindoo's next article. Let's see now!

Six common types of maintenance in manufacturing

The following are the six most common types of maintenance in manufacturing:

Maintenance and repair

Corrective maintenance, also known as corrective maintenance, is a maintenance method performed when a production system has a problem, failure or malfunction. The main goal of corrective maintenance is to restore normal system operation as quickly and effectively as possible. This type of production maintenance often includes the main tasks of disassembly; repair; adjust; replace; Rearrange equipment, parts, machinery lines, etc.

Maintenance in production

Maintenance and repair are performed when the system has problems

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance, also known as routine maintenance, is a maintenance method performed according to a specific schedule or plan. The purpose of this type of maintenance is to prevent damage to equipment and machinery and maintain the best operating condition for the production system.

Maintenance in production

Preventive maintenance helps reduce the risk of problems occurring

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance is a data-driven proactive maintenance method that predicts when equipment failures will occur and plans maintenance accordingly. This is an advanced maintenance method that helps businesses improve production efficiency, reduce costs and ensure labor safety.

Maintenance in production

Predictive maintenance saves time and maintenance costs

Conditional maintenance

Condition-based maintenance is a maintenance method that focuses on monitoring and evaluating the actual condition of equipment through measurements or observations to determine when maintenance is needed. Condition-based maintenance costs are relatively low because they are only performed when there are signs of damage. However, this type of maintenance still requires following a plan/schedule to monitor equipment condition and promptly detect potential problems.

Maintenance in production

Conditional maintenance uses data collected from sensors and monitoring equipment

Emergency maintenance

Emergency maintenance (or breakdown maintenance) is a production maintenance method that is performed immediately when an unexpected problem occurs with equipment or machinery, leading to operational risks or interruptions. manufacture. Currently, this maintenance method is gradually becoming outdated and has many potential risks for businesses such as increasing downtime in production, affecting equipment life, increasing troubleshooting costs...

Maintenance in production

Emergency maintenance is an outdated and potentially risky method in the Industry 4.0 era

Predetermined maintenance

Predetermined maintenance is a maintenance method based on the rules and recommendations given by the original machine equipment supplier. These rules and recommendations are based on test results and data collected during equipment operation.

Maintenance in production

Predetermined maintenance is a maintenance method based on expert recommendations

Simplify the maintenance process in production with Viindoo Maintenance

Today, with the development of technology, businesses can apply many new technologies and software to optimize maintenance plans and processes, contributing to improving operational efficiency and saving costs. One of the advanced solutions trusted by many businesses is Viindoo Maintenance software.

Viindoo Maintenance is comprehensive maintenance management software designed specifically for manufacturing businesses, helping to optimize maintenance processes, improve operational efficiency and save costs. This software provides many powerful features, is easy to use and is suitable for many different types of businesses such as:

  • Digitize all device information
  • Automatically plan maintenance, ensuring equipment operates continuously without interruption
  • Manage activities during maintenance scientifically and easily
maintenance process in production

Viindoo Maintenance is an effective maintenance management solution that helps businesses optimize maintenance processes

Above is an article sharing about the types of maintenance in production that are commonly applied today. Hopefully businesses will find the right type of maintenance for their production process. If you want more detailed advice about Viindoo Maintenance, please call +84 225 730 9838 immediately!

Maintenance in production: Classification and process optimization
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