4 free and effective data and customer data management software

Refer to 4 effective customer data management software in this article with Viindoo.

Customer data management software is an essential tool to help businesses organize and optimize customer information effectively. Capturing and managing customer data helps maintain good relationships with current customers and facilitates the development of potential customers. Learn more about customer management support software in Viindoo's following article!

Viindoo CRM customer data management software

Viindoo CRM provides a comprehensive view of customers, helping businesses manage the entire journey and sales team, while supporting sustainable revenue growth. The software helps businesses manage all customer data on a single platform, automatically creating and storing leads and entire interaction history.

Customer data management software

Viindoo CRM helps businesses manage the entire journey and sales team

Outstanding features of Viindoo CRM:

  • Manage data on a single platform:  
    • Viindoo CRM provides a single platform for all services, multi-channel integration to interact with customers via email, website, live chat...  
    • Customer data is standardized and displayed according to specific target groups, helping to segment and fully exploit.
  • Effective customer relationship management: 
    • The software supports routine care scheduling and timely reminders so you don't miss any customers or tasks that need to be done.  
    • Save time with a library of auto-updating email templates that are easy to use and customize. 
    • Easily track status and set customer priorities to tap into effective and relevant information.

Viindoo CRM


Provides 360-degree customer persona as well as optimizes customer journey for revenue growth.

Zoho CRM customer data management software

Zoho CRM collects customer information from many different sources such as websites, social networks, emails, and events. The process of synthesizing and managing data is automated, minimizing duplication and ensuring consistency, helping businesses easily process customer information. 

Zoho's CRM software helps businesses effectively classify customers, take advantage of data sources to build remarketing, upsell and cross-sell strategies suitable for each audience, ensuring high performance in their campaigns. marketing strategy.

The ability to store all customer data on Zoho CRM including the interaction and exchange process between customers and staff in charge. This eliminates data fragmentation and dependence on sales staff, focusing on one source of accurate and continuous information.

Free customer data management software

Zoho CRM helps businesses collect customer information

Hubspot CRM software manages customer data

HubSpot is the world's leading CRM software unit, providing comprehensive solutions to improve customer relationship management efficiency for businesses. With diverse features and powerful integration capabilities, HubSpot CRM is a powerful support tool for Marketing, sales and customer care departments, along with a convenient CMS content building tool.

HubSpot stores and records complete customer information, helping you understand their needs and preferences. Details of calls, emails, and notes related to each customer are carefully recorded, creating a comprehensive picture of their interactions with the business. In particular, HubSpot also helps improve the efficiency of Marketing, sales and customer care activities.

Customer data management software

Customer data management software

Insightly customer information management software

Insightly CRM is a customer relationship management solution from technology company Insightly, Inc., headquartered in California, USA. In the Insightly CRM system, you can access these features through the Contacts and Organization interfaces. 

The Contacts section allows businesses to store detailed information about individual and customer organizations, including contact, position and work location. Insightly CRM also integrates search tools and data categorization through tags, lists and times, making information retrieval quick and efficient. In addition to basic information like name, phone number and email, you can also update information about partner businesses, notes and related documents. 

Free customer data management software

Insightly CRM stores detailed information about individual and customer organizations

Use customer data management software helps businesses enhance management capabilities, optimize business processes, improve work efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. If you need more detailed advice about the software, please contact us immediately Vindoo.

4 free and effective data and customer data management software
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